->''"Let's just... sing! Yeah! Here's a fun song to sing when people die!"''
-->-- '''Carly''' stalling for time at a wake in the ''Series/ICarly'' episode "iPie"

Written in 1772 by John Newton, "Amazing Grace"--what with its positive messages of freedom and safety--is one of the most popular hymns in the Christian faith. It's so popular, in fact, that some people forget its religious context altogether. It's a standard at [[MeaningfulFuneral funerals]], and for this reason is highly likely to trigger cases of TenderTears or ManlyTears, especially for police, firefighter, and military funerals. In short, it's well, pretty ''amazing.''

And since it's [[PublicDomainSoundtrack not under copyright]], and everyone knows it, it's one of very few songs you're ever going to hear at a funeral on TV or film. (It's this or Danny Boy, people.) On a [[EverythingsLouderWithBagpipes bagpipe]] ("One of the three songs that sound good on the bagpipes," it's been called.)[[note]]The other two are 'Danny Boy' and 'Scotland the Brave'.[[/note]] No ifs, ands, or buts. Or in any other situation that requires a hymn, for that matter. Even though almost ''every other'' hymn is in the public domain, too.

Fun fact: Amazing Grace, like many hymns, was not married with the tune it's sung to now until sometime in the mid-19th century.[[note]]The tune is called "New Britain"[[/note]] Any example of it being sung to the same melody [[HollywoodHistory before then]] is an (admittedly understandable) case of artistic license. On rarer occasions, the final verse ("When we've been there ten thousand years…") may be heard in a setting before it was actually added in the late 1800s. (The original last verse was "The earth shall soon dissolve like snow, / The sun forbear to shine; / But God, who call'd me here below, / Will be forever mine.", and is rarely used today.) To hear what it would have sounded like in its old tune, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgSt5vnN3h4 check out this link]] of Sacred Harp singers (who also sing a lot of other old-timey hymns in a much more lively and bombastic fashion than what you might picture as typical dull church music).

The "Amazing Grace" melody, like many hymns, is composed completely on the pentatonic scale. Among other things, this means that even a completely unmusical {{Mook}} can plink it out on a piano by playing it on only the black keys. (Hint: start with C-sharp, the leftmost key on one of the groups of two.)

Another fun fact: It uses the CommonMeter, which is, naturally, very common. As such the same lyrics can be sung to the tune of ''Series/TheBeverlyHillbillies'', ''Series/GilligansIsland'', "Camp Town Races," "House of the Rising Sun," and "[[Disney/TheLionKing I Just Can't Wait to be King]]," along with many other songs.

[[RuleOfThree And another fun fact:]] The song is occasionally shown as being sung by American slaves prior to the Civil War, it being far more recognizable than any true "slave songs." Appropriately, it was [[http://www.snopes.com/religion/amazing.asp written by a slave trader]] after he [[TheAtoner gave up the business]] and [[HeelFaithTurn became a minister]], which is the reason for the line "That saved a wretch like me."

Compare SmallReferencePools. Not to be confused with ''Series/TheAmazingRace''. Nor with the film ''Film/AmazingGrace''. Nor with computer science legend Rear Admiral "Amazing Grace" Hopper.


[[folder:{{Anime}} and {{Manga}}]]
* The anime adaptation of ''Manga/SteamDetectives'' uses [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_5MUpFQZQ4 this]] in some intervals during the story, usually to great dramatic effects.
* The fourth opening theme of ''Anime/EurekaSeven'' 'sakura' includes an operatic version of Amazing Grace. The truncated openings of the English broadcast omitted that, but you can still hear Amazing Grace in the background of the main Japanese vocals, and it's next to impossible to miss.
* England from ''Manga/AxisPowersHetalia'' has this as his cellphone ringtone.
* Kagura sings this at Bob's nightclub (in English in both the dubbed and subbed versions, though while Monica Rial sang the song in the dubbed version, a different singer is used in the subbed version) in episode 5 of ''Anime/SpeedGrapher''.
* It's a DreamMelody in ''Anime/SoundOfTheSky''.
-->'''Kanata''':''"This sound strikes a chord. Whether in Rome or Helvetia, it is the same."''
* In ''Manga/DetectiveConan: Full Score of Fear'' movie, Amazing Grace played a crucial role as it's being sung on concert.
* In ''VisualNovel/UtaNoPrinceSama'' Tokiya sings it in the hospital with a chorus of {{Littlest Cancer Patient}}s.
* It's a favourite (theme)song of [[Manga/ADevilAndHerLoveSong Kawai Maria]], and later the whole class rehearses it for the choir performance.
* Used as the ending credits in the first film of the MardockScramble trilogy, and in the background of the third film.

* Parodied in ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsonsMovie''. They play a funeral version of Music/GreenDay's "Music/AmericanIdiot".
* This is actually a plot point in ''Film/{{Maverick}}'': someone works out that two characters are related when they both sing "Amazing Grace" and get the same words wrong.
* Famously used during [[TheSpock Spock's]] funeral at the end of ''Film/StarTrekIITheWrathOfKhan''. Presumably it was Scotty's request that it be a part of the service to allow him to [[TearJerker say his goodbyes]] [[ToAbsentFriends to an old friend]].
* It is used in the William Wilberforce biopic movie ''Film/AmazingGrace''. Since the original tune of the song is unknown, this is perhaps more an example of artistic license than a mistake.
* Averted: "Abide With Me" (itself a popular funeral hymn) is also used in the soundtrack for ''Film/TwentyEightDaysLater'' during the scene [[spoiler:where they find Jim's dead parents]], mostly because using "Amazing Grace" would make whoever chose the soundtrack sound like a colossal bastard. It's sung by a female soloist. No bagpipes in sight.
* The 1978 remake (the one before the re-remake and the even more recent ''re''-re-remake) of ''Film/InvasionOfTheBodySnatchers'' uses Amazing Grace (the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards version, which shot them to stardom) when [[spoiler:Matthew runs towards a ship, seeing it as a means of escape. The music here represents hope that he will get away. However, as he approaches, he sees that the ship is being loaded with pods-and the music stops as someone changes records.]]
* The Nixon-parody film ''Hail'' (AKA ''Hail To The Chief'') has Judy Collins' version of the song playing as the (fictional) President's army of paramilitary thugs storm a colony of hippie protesters. The song cuts off when a Jesus-lookalike [[FauxSymbolism is shot dead]].
* In the 2012 film ''Film/{{Chronicle}}'', this is played [[spoiler:at the funeral of Steve, one of the central characters in the story to this point]].
* ''Film/AmericanGangster'': A choir sings "Amazing Grace" while drug lord Frank Lucas and his brothers are arrested in a "round-em-up" montage.
* ''Film/MemphisBelle'': Bomber crews sing "Amazing Grace" as they drive out to their planes on jeeps. It segues into a military march arrangement, and a montage of the ground crews preparing the bombers for takeoff. And to make sure they were making full use of the trope, they sing "Danny Boy" as their plane is going down in a DarkReprise of a big band jazz version of "Danny Boy" at the hangar dance, sung by none other than Harry Connick Jr.
* Played during Tommy Callahan Jr's funeral in ''Film/TommyBoy'', on bagpipes. Tommy III (Creator/ChrisFarley) walks off into the distance after the funeral while the song plays.
* The revised cut of ''Film/HighlanderIITheQuickening'' inserts a bagpipe version of Amazing Grace [[spoiler:during Ramirez's final moments. [[ActorAllusion Considering he IS played by Sean Connery]]...]]
* The "New Britain" tune is used in ''Film/{{Braveheart}}'' during the funeral scenes. Considering the timeframe, probably a case of artistic license.
* An alien rendition is performed during Zed's funeral in ''Film/MenInBlack3''.
* ''Film/BatmanVSupermanDawnOfJustice'': Played on the bagpipes during [[spoiler:Superman's funeral]].
* In ''Film/TheBloodOfJesus'' it's sung at Martha's baptism. One of several hymns sung during the film.
* In ''Film/StrokerAce'', Lugs likes to sing this to himself. It's also his go-to song if he wants to show off his singing voice, but Pembrook is the only one who appreciates it.

* The song is used quite effectively in the climax of LAStory. Bonus points for making the bagpipes be a minor plot point.

* At the end of Creator/PiersAnthony's ''Literature/BeingAGreenMother'', this is sung at a wedding by the groom, to demonstrate his genuine love for his bride despite [[spoiler:the fact that he's Satan.]]
* Creator/AlanMoore's novel ''Jerusalem'' contains an entire chapter about the song, how John Newton came to write it, and a former slave trying to come to terms with the fact that the most liberating song he knows was written by a slave trader.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* Parodied in the ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000'' episode "Film/TouchOfSatan"; after a torch-bearing mob sings the song for a ''second'' time, Tom Servo sings, "This song is in/the public domain/that's why we used it twice!" Then it gets sung ''a third time''. Crow, meanwhile, is appalled:
--> '''Crow:''' You can't use Amazing Grace in a devil movie!
* Even though ''Series/{{Firefly}}'' is set in the year 2518 and almost everything about EarthThatWas is lost, guess what they're singing at the funeral at the end of "Heart of Gold"?
* Used at a mass in a recent ''Series/{{Eureka}}'' episode.
* Used in the horror series ''Series/NightVisions'', in one of the episodes made into the MadeForTVMovie ''Shadow Realm'', wherein an entire town with a pathological fear of music for fear of a man-eating monster known as The Beast, which can only be awakened by music, is convinced by the newcomer outsider that this monster is a superstition, and the entire town sings it. [[spoiler: The Beast, apparently a giant ghost head, comes and presumably eats them all in the funniest bit of tragic irony you ever saw. The female lead's last words were "Why did I ever listen to you?!"]]
* Played with in ''Series/JudgingAmy'', where Amy and her partner go to the funeral of a colleague that no one really liked. When they get there, they find that the funeral is attended by only three relatives, who are all in deep grief. To cover the inevitable silence, Amy's partner starts singing "Amazing Grace", which deeply touches the relatives.
* Reese sings an [[HollywoodToneDeaf out-of-tune]] version of it in one ''Series/MalcolmInTheMiddle'' episode. As quoted below, he doesn't know the right lyrics.
-->Amazing race, how sweet the taste\\
That saves a wrench for me,\\
I once was in the lost and found\\
Was blind but found my keys
* In the ''Series/{{Bones}}'' episode "The Double Death of the Dearly Departed", guess what they sing at the wake? And then there's an interesting aversion when they're loading the casket into the hearse and they begin singing his favorite song. The song? Lime in the Coconut.
* Sung at a memorial service for three murdered teenagers on ''Series/LawAndOrderCriminalIntent''.
* A truly unfortunate example from ''Series/{{Sliders}}'': washed-up R&B singer Rembrandt Brown is practicing for his "big comeback" (scat-singing the anthem at a Giants game), when his car intercepts a runaway wormhole and crashes on a parallel Earth. The initially self-absorbed character learns a lesson in patriotism when he's caught up in the war between the occupying USSR and the [[LaResistance American underground]] -- and at the end of the show, over the bodies of slain rebels, delivers a sober, heartfelt rendition of... Amazing Grace. (WordOfGod says that he would have performed the anthem in a less crucial scene that had to be cut for time.)
* ''Series/ICarly'': Sung at the pie maker's funeral in the episode "iPie". Carly sings it to distract from the fact that her friends are trying to steal his pie recipe.
* On ''Series/TheMentalist'', it's to be assumed Amazing Grace was played at a funeral, judging by the way they sing it afterward. Bagpipes are mentioned.
* Some ads for ''Series/{{Lost}}'' season six revolve around the Willie Nelson version.
* ''Cold Lazarus'' by Dennis Potter. A boy runs away from church where the choir is singing Amazing Grace -- the sweet music continues poignantly over the reveal that [[spoiler: all these are memories a semi-revived frozen head, far in the future is being forced to relive]]: ironically reaching "was blind but now I see."
* ''Series/TheAmazingRace'':
** In the Season 15 finale. By an Elvis impersonator. In a wedding chapel. In UsefulNotes/LasVegas. Seriously.
** Season 17 includes a pair of college students/a capella singers, and their introduction clips showed them singing "Amazing Race".
* Performed during a proposal on ''Series/TheSuiteLifeOfZackAndCody''. The groom requested it because the bride's name was Grace.
* Diane calms a crowd of angry mourners of one of Coach's friends in a second-season episode of ''Series/{{Cheers}}'', "Coach Buries a Grudge" with it.
* It gets sung by Maria at Alex's funeral in ''Series/{{Roswell}}'', although the writers did at least use some of the less well-known verses.
* The end is played in an early episode of ''Series/{{Dexter}}'' when [=LaGuerta=] goes to the funeral of [[spoiler: the suspected Ice Truck Killer, who turned out to be another victim]]. Only the end is heard, though, and the words "Amazing Grace" are never actually spoken.
* A Cherokee version is used in the ''Series/{{Wonderfalls}}'' episode "Totem Mole". The situation fits the song's lyrics very well, since a tough, cold-hearted lawyer has just found her way to spirituality.
* Used in ''Series/GeneralHospital'', when Brenda Barrett returned from the dead, as she encountered former lover Sonny in a church courtyard during a rainstorm.
* In the ''Series/CriminalMinds'' episode "A Real Rain," "Amazing Grace" is played on the bagpipes at a police funeral. Officer Nora Bennett, watching this on television, says, "I can never get that sound out of my head. It wakes me up at night. If there was any justice, cop killers would have to hear it for an eternity."
* ''Series/TheAdventuresOfBriscoCountyJr'': [[TheBigGuy Lord Bowler]] sings ''Amazing Grace'' to Brisco as he's dying, after being shot in the gut. (He gets better.)
* ''Series/RescueMe'': Amazing Grace is played on bagpipes for several funerals, Tommy {{lampshade|Hanging}}s it during his father's funeral.
--> '''Teddy:''' That sounds beautiful.
--> '''Tommy:''' I've heard that song a million times. If they could play ''In A Gadda Da Vida'', then I'd be impressed.
* In the ''Series/DeathValley" episode "Partners", "Amazing Grace" is played on the bagpipes at the funeral of the cops killed in the siege.
* ''Amazing Grace with Bill Moyers'' is an 80-minute documentary about the song and its impact on American culture. Many different performances of the song are included. It aired on PBS in 1990 and is available on DVD.
* In ''Series/TheStand'', Frannie sings it tearfully as she sews up her father's burial shroud.
* ''Series/{{Shameless}}'': During the Season 4 episode "Iron City," a woman at [[spoiler: the hospice that Frank visits]] delivers a folk rendition. We only get to hear a bit of it, though.
* The documentary series ''Stories from the Stone Age'' includes a scene depicting what a funeral from the Natufian culture (s people who existed roughly 14 thousand years ago) might have looked like. One Natufian begins playing on a bone pipe--and the first few bars are clearly the melody from Amazing Grace.

* "Sakura" by Nirgilis inserts a few bars prominently into the beginning, middle, and end of the song as well as having the same line repeated in the background now and then.
* Judy Collins reached #15 on the Billboard Top 100 in 1970 with her a cappella version of this song.
* An instrumental version by the band of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards was a huge international hit in 1972. In the UK, it was the best-selling single of the year and was in the UK's all-time top 100 best-sellers list until 2004.
* Music/CarrieUnderwood interpolates the entire first verse into the ending of the baptism-themed "Something in the Water".
* [[ChristianRock Contemporary Christian music]] artist Chris Tomlin shoehorned the melody into 4/4 time and tacked on a modern sounding praise chorus to create "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)". Interestingly, his rendition uses the rarely-heard original final verse.
* At a concert for Nelson Mandela's 70th birthday, {{Opera}} star Jessye Norman upstaged bands such as Music/GunsNRoses with a simple and dignified ''a cappella'' [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beJMovVXbf0 rendition of Amazing Grace]]. The crowd was gobsmacked.
* Music/ThePianoGuys incorporate the hymn in their cover of Rachel Platten's [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOO5qRjVFLw "Fight Song"]]. The video was filmed on location in Scotland with a pipe and drum corps playing in the background. Jon Schmidt slips in a couple bars of "Scotland the Brave" as well.
* Chris Squire of Yes incorporated an instrumental fuzz bass-and-bass pedals arrangement of the song into many of his live bass solo segments, starting from the mid/late 1970's and throughout his career until his illness and death in 2015. (Possibly incorporating a {{Stealth Pun}} - intentional or otherwise - of "Amazing Bass.")
* ''Music/KidsPraise'': They actually get to listen to the pastor who wrote Amazing Grace preach in the seventh album, which is a time travel plot. Then they sing it with him in his church.

* Subverted by ''Radio/APrairieHomeCompanion'': in one episode, Garrison Keillor and some other people sing "Amazing Grace" to the tune of Series/TheMickeyMouseClub Song (you know, the one that goes "M-I-C, K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E").
* [[UsefulNotes/DFWMetroplex Dallas-Fort Worth]] radio host Russ Martin uses a version of this song when performing humorous "eulogies" on his show. Case in point, his eulogy for [[http://youtu.be/h5ewyqHMyTI State Fair of Texas mascot Big Tex]], which was destroyed by fire in 2012.

* The song is sung on two occasions in Theatre/TheLaramieProject, one being Matthew's funeral.
* And now there's a musical on Broadway about the songwriter's spiritual journey from slave trader to abolitionist, entitled (appropriately enough) ''Amazing Grace''.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/BioShock''
** In ''VideoGame/BioShock1'', the Rosebud Splicer model sometimes sings the song to herself. Interestingly, she mainly sings the third verse ("The Lord has promised good to me", etc.) which is the one most commonly skipped over nowadays.
** A choral hymn in 8-6-8-6 meter greets you when you first walk into a church-with-a-capital-C? Must be "Amazing Grace"... [[SubvertedTrope wait, what's that]]? "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?" ''VideoGame/BioshockInfinite'', you sly dog, you![[note]]The tunes are nearly identical for the first couple of lines, aside from a difference in time signature.[[/note]]
* In ''VideoGame/DeadlyPremonition'', the song plays during the [[SoundtrackDissonance Original Raincoat Killer sequence.]]
* The GameOver screen in ''VideoGame/{{Wild 9}}'' has a bagpipe rendition of Amazing Grace playing over it. Followed shortly by the laughter of the little green men.
* ''Videogame/{{Yakuza}}'' plays this song during the credits sequence.
* One of the trailers for ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedIII'' features a version of this.
* ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'': In the Citadel DLC, Mordin's repertoire of songs and entertainment includes a rendition of Amazing Grace. He comments that he prefers patter songs.
* Ted sings it in episode 8 of ''[[Creator/ZapDramatic Ambition]]''.
* One of the {{Apocalyptic Log}}s in ''VideoGame/HorizonZeroDawn'' has a dying woman slowly, raggedly singing the original last verse ("The earth shall soon dissolve like snow" etc). Between the strain in her voice and the distortion in the recording the tune is less familiar than in many renditions.
* ''VideoGame/FarCry5'' has this as practically [[BigBad Joseph Seed's]] {{Leitmotif}}. It's made especially eerie in the opening, where Joseph sings it [[DissonantSerenity as the helicopter he and the marshals are in crashes]], and again where he prevents the Deputy from radioing for help after the crash. On the latter occasion, there's even an unseen choir singing it in the background, providing a chilling case of SoundtrackDissonance.
-->'''Joseph:''' No one is coming to save you.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* The song is mentioned in [[http://www.irregularwebcomic.net/850.html this]] ''WebComic/IrregularWebcomic'' strip in a reference to Spock's funeral.
* In issue #6 of ''Webcomic/TheDreamer", Alan sings Amazing Grace.
* In ''Webcomic/LifeWithLamarr'', it gets played by Cubbage and This One at [[spoiler:Lamarr's funeral]].

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Not sung, but quoted in Chapter 7 of ''WebAnimation/BrokenSaints'', when Raimi is going crazy due to a constant stream of lucid dreaming.
* Paw plays this song on a kazoo during [[spoiler: Ma-Ti's funeral]] in WebVideo/SuburbanKnights.
* In the ''[[Roleplay/GlobalGuardiansPBEMUniverse Global Guardians]]'' story "Two Towers", Dogfight is singing this hymn to himself as the World Trade Center collapses around him during his HeroicSacrifice that saved six first responders from sharing his fate.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Aversion: ''WesternAnimation/CloneHigh'' substitutes Music/FranzSchubert's ''Ellens dritter Gesang'' (a.k.a. "Ave Maria"). It turns out that Genghis Khan is an amazing tenor.
* Parody: in ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'', Fry's imagined death has his favorite song "I'm Walking On Sunshine", also played by the bagpipes.
* Used hilariously in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'', where the Joker [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ld0uIhst3TA eulogizes]] the believed-to-be-dead Batman, and [[TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou decides to murder his supposed killer]] by sealing him into a coffin and rolling it into an acid pool. The end of the scene is accompanied by Harley Quinn playing the song ''[[Funny/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries on a kazoo]]''. Given that this is Joker, both conveying genuine sadness and savagely funny mockery of funeral tropes at the same time was likely his intended goal. When they recorded this scene, they were only able to do one take because when Arleen Sorkin (Harley) had finished, everyone was laughing too hard to do another take.
* Parodied in the ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' episode "Ike's Wee Wee": At Ike's funeral, conducted by Father Maxi dressed as a rabbi, the piper plays [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hava_Nagila "Hava Nagila."]] As the boys walk away from the funeral, Kenny falls in an open grave and is crushed by the tombstone, and the funeral reconvenes around the grave, the priest changes to his normal appearance (Kenny's Catholic), and the piper plays... "Hava Nagila."
* Bottomtooth (the guy from ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' with the huge underbite) sings the song after he refuses to sign Brian's petition to legalise gay marriage in Rhode Island.
* In ''WesternAnimation/DrawnTogether'', an instrumental version plays in the background any time a character delivers a moral of some sort.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheRenAndStimpyShow'' played the song in, appropriately enough, "Terminal Stimpy".

[[folder:Real Life]]
* A lone bagpiper will show up for many a funeral for police, firefighter, or public servant who dies in the line of duty. And "Amazing Grace" ''will'' play.
* UsefulNotes/BarackObama referred to the hymn during [[https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2015/06/26/remarks-president-eulogy-honorable-reverend-clementa-pinckney his eulogy for the fallen victims of the June 2015 Charleston Church shooting]]. He even tries [[https://youtu.be/IN05jVNBs64 singing the hymn]], with the rest of the attendees joining in.