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[[caption-width-right:290:[-Most people will hardly find someone they have never seen before in this movie.-] ]]

->''"Would it have been faster to say who ''isn't'' in this movie? Jesus, it's like the ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros'' of Hollywood!"''
-->-- '''[[WebVideo/TheQuestForGeekdom Arthur Knowledge]]''' on ''Film/MarsAttacks''
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Any show, movie, etc., where the majority of the lead roles are played by big-name actors. They don't have to be A list. B, C, and even D will do, although in that case, relying on their talents is preferable to relying on their names. If the character list is ''[[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters really]]'' big, this can spill over into supporting roles as well.

In the days of the studio system, this was easy to do, but once actors' salaries started rising, this practice gradually declined. Compare the casts at the beginning of the DisasterMovie Era with those at the end of it.

These days, you'd either need a lot of money to pull this off, convince the actors that this is just a fun breather film or be willing to settle for loads of {{cameo}}s. The exception is animated films, where stars are willing to get paid a lot less just to do voice work.

A good way of being able to tell if it is an all star cast is by an examination of the theatrical poster, if it has more than five names listed on it it is usually ''big'' names.

Creator/RogerEbert referred to films with All-Star Casts as "Box Pictures" due to the tendency (at least in the '70s) to display headshots of the cast in little boxes on the poster.

Compare MassiveMultiplayerCrossover, CelebrityVoiceActor, DreamTeam. Contrast AmateurCast.


* Disney's Creator/StudioGhibli dubs are probably the best example of this, in that they cast well known Hollywood actors to do the voices. Among the actors featured in Studio Ghibli films are Creator/ChristianBale, Creator/ShiaLaBeouf, Creator/KirstenDunst, Creator/AnneHathaway, Creator/CarolBurnett, Creator/BettyWhite, Creator/AnnaPaquin, Creator/JamesVanDerBeek, Creator/ClorisLeachman, Creator/MarkHamill, Creator/PatrickStewart, Creator/RonHoward, Creator/JamieLeeCurtis, Creator/TimCurry, Creator/AmyPoehler, Creator/TinaFay, Creator/MattDamon, Creator/MollyShannon, Creator/LaurenBacall, Creator/DakotaFanning, Creator/PhilHartman, Creator/UmaThurman, Creator/DebbieReynolds, Creator/BradGarrett, Creator/MichaelKeaton, Creator/JonathanTaylorThomas, Creator/BrittanySnow, Creator/AshleyTisdale, Creator/ClaireDanes, Creator/JadaPinkettSmith, Creator/BillyBobThornton, Creator/AndyDick, Creator/JimBelushi, Creator/JohnRatzenberger, Creator/EmilyMortimer, Creator/JoshHutcherson, Creator/BillyCrystal, Creator/TimothyDalton, Creator/CateBlanchett, and Creator/ChristinaHendricks.
* A lot of anime dubs done by Creator/{{Studiopolis}} (''Manga/{{Bleach}}'', ''Anime/TigerAndBunny'', ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'', ''Manga/ZatchBell'', and ''Anime/BloodPlus'') usually have top veteran voice actors that are highly recognizable by many anime and cartoon fans. They even did this in a [[Manga/KyoKaraMaoh yaoi title]] as well.
* ''Manga/{{Saki}}'', where majority of the Japanese voice actors are well-known and are in a "higher tier" in terms of popularity and skill. Famous seiyuu in ''Manga/{{Saki}}'' include: Creator/RieKugimiya, Creator/ShizukaIto, Creator/JunFukuyama, Creator/KanaUeda, Creator/AmiKoshimizu, Creator/YuiHorie, Creator/MinoriChihara, Creator/DaisukeOno, Creator/MaiNakahara, Creator/NatsukoKuwatani, Creator/RyokoShiraishi, Creator/YuuKobayashi, and Creator/RyokoShintani.\\
The spinoff ''Manga/SakiAchigahen'' continues the trend with Creator/AoiYuuki, Creator/KanaHanazawa, Creator/{{Mako}}, Creator/NaoTouyama, Creator/SatomiArai, and the entirety of [=StylipS=].
* ''Anime/QueensBlade'', where every female character is voiced by someone famous, eg. Creator/RieKugimiya, Creator/MamikoNoto, Creator/AyaHirano... Someone at the Anime News Network forum even described it as "its like having all the A-list Hollywood Actress starring in a porn film".
* ''Anime/PaniPoniDash'' has both dubs as this. The Japanese version has the whole class of 1-C as this already, even Sayaka Suzuki's vocie actress, who's next successful role wouldn't be until the infamous ''VisualNovel/YosugaNoSora'' anime. While the dub version for class 1-C had notable VA's such as Creator/HilaryHaag and Creator/MonicaRial, it did have 3 notable breakthrough debuts for Creator/MelissaDavis, Creator/BrittneyKarbowski and Creator/MaggieFlecknoe. Creator/BrittneyKarbowski already had a lead role months before in ''Jinki:Extend''. Although she's been in dubs since at least Ganz, where she had some small roles.
* ''Anime/DogDays'' has Creator/NorioWakamoto, Creator/NanaMizuki, Creator/YokoHikasa, Creator/YuiHorie, Creator/TetsuyaKakihara, Creator/KanaHanazawa and more.
* ''LightNovel/ACertainMagicalIndex'' features the voice talents of Creator/SatoshiHino, Creator/RinaSato, Creator/HitomiNabatame, Creator/YoshihisaKawahara, Creator/MamikoNoto, Creator/JunjiMajima, Creator/YukariTamura, Creator/ToshihikoSeki, Creator/KeijiFujiwara, Creator/AtsukoTanaka, Creator/SayakaOhara, Creator/YumiTouma, Creator/KanaUeda, Creator/AmiKoshimizu, Creator/YukaIguchi, Creator/AyakoKawasumi, Creator/KisshoTaniyama, Creator/ShizukaIto, Creator/KosukeToriumi, Creator/RieKugimiya, Creator/NorioWakamoto, Creator/TomokazuSugita, Creator/JojiNakata, Creator/KenjiNomura, Creator/KikukoInoue, and Creator/KentaMiyake.
* ''Anime/{{K}}'': One of the few things known in advance despite the mystery during the promotional stage was that the voices would be done by a lot of [[NamesToKnowInAnime notable voice actors]]. Creator/DaisukeNamikawa, Creator/MiyukiSawashiro, Creator/MamoruMiyano, Creator/TomokazuSugita, Creator/TakahiroSakurai, Creator/JunFukuyama, Creator/YuiHorie, YuukiKaji, Creator/TetsuyaKakihara, to name a few.\\
For the English Dub; Creator/SamRiegel, Creator/MatthewMercer, Creator/StephanieSheh, Creator/KeithSilverstein, Creator/PatrickSeitz, Creator/BenDiskin, Creator/ToddHaberkorn, Creator/ColleenOShaughnessey, Creator/TaraPlatt, Creator/JohnnyYongBosch, Creator/CarrieSavage and Creator/GrantGeorge among others. Of course, the dub was done by ''Creator/{{Studiopolis}}'' as mentioned above.
* ''Manga/AttackOnTitan'' features many of Creator/{{Funimation}}'s staple voice acting talent, including Creator/JMichaelTatum, Creator/CaitlinGlass, Creator/ChristopherSabat, Creator/TrinaNishimura, and others, including two big name voice actors from California who aren't regular members of Funimation: Creator/BrycePapenbrook as Eren Jaegar, and Creator/MatthewMercer as Levi.
* ''Manga/KamisamaKiss'' features the voice talents of Creator/JunichiSuwabe, Creator/HirokiTakahashi, Creator/AkiraIshida, Creator/HyoSei, Creator/NobuhikoOkamoto, Creator/YuiHorie, Creator/SatomiSato and more. \\
The English dub features Creator/MonicaRial, Creator/RobertMcCollum, Creator/JoshGrelle, Creator/JadSaxton, Creator/JMichaelTatum, Creator/MicahSolusod, Creator/AlexisTipton, and Creator/TiaBallard.
* ''Anime/SaintSeiyaOmega'': Only in the main cast we have the likes of Creator/HikaruMidorikawa, Creator/KatsuyukiKonishi, Creator/SatsukiYukino, Creator/TetsuyaKakihara and Creator/MamikoNoto. Not counting the minor appearances of even more famous ones, like Creator/ToshioFurukawa, Creator/{{Yukana}}, Creator/TomokazuSeki, Creator/AyaHisakawa, Creator/AkiraIshida, Creator/MamoruMiyano, Creator/HiroshiKamiya and Creator/ToruFuruya once again voicing the titular character.
* ''Anime/SpaceBattleshipYamato2199'': A legendary cast to remake a legendary series: Creator/DaisukeOno, Creator/HoukoKuwashima, Creator/KenichiSuzumura, Creator/AkioOhtsuka, Creator/AyaHisakawa, Creator/KeijiFujiwara, Creator/KikukoInoue, Creator/KoichiYamadera, Creator/RieTanaka, Creator/JojiNakata, Creator/ShigeruChiba and the list goes on. Some of them have at least 15 years of experience with famous anime series under their belts.
* The English dub of the two-season anime adaptation of ''VisualNovel/EfAFairyTaleOfTheTwo'' is full of well-known veterans -- even Creator/SentaiFilmworks declares so in its marketing materials. We have Creator/GregAyres, Creator/LuciChristian, Creator/ChrisPatton, Creator/BrittneyKarbowski, Creator/MonicaRial, Creator/HilaryHaag, Creator/IllichGuardiola, and Creator/DavidMatranga.
* More recently, ''Manga/GekkanShoujoNozakiKun''. The main cast of the show contains the voices of Creator/YuuichiNakamura, Creator/NobuhikoOkamoto, Creator/YukiOno, Creator/MiyukiSawashiro, Creator/RyoheiKimura and Creator/MaiNakahara (Who is also PlayingAgainstType here). The supporting cast contains Creator/MamoruMiyano, Creator/DaisukeOno, Creator/AyakoKawasumi and Creator/KentaMiyake.
* The dub of ''Anime/PrincessMononoke'', with Creator/GillianAnderson, Creator/BillyCrudup, Creator/ClaireDanes, Creator/KeithDavid, Creator/MinnieDriver, Creator/JadaPinkettSmith and Creator/BillyBobThornton.

[[folder: Comic Books]]
* ''ComicBook/ElvisShrugged'': Music/ElvisPresley, Music/FrankSinatra, Music/{{Madonna}}, Music/MichaelJackson, Music/{{Prince}}, Sinéad O'Connor, Creator/StephenSondheim, Creator/AndrewLloydWebber, Music/RoyOrbison, Music/JohnLennon, Music/FrankZappa, Music/ElvisCostello, Music/MojoNixon, Creator/SammyDavisJr, [[Music/GunsNRoses Axl Rose]], Creator/SpikeLee, [[Creator/DavidLetterman Paul Schaffer]], Regis Philbin, Music/JamesBrown, Music/PaulSimon, Creator/JodieFoster, Creator/SeanPenn, [[Series/EntertainmentTonight Mary Hart and John Tesh]], Creator/SeanYoung, [[Series/{{Today}} Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric]]..... [[ItMakesSenseInContext And]] the disembodied, animate heads of Music/ColePorter and Col. Tom Parker.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* Any animated movie by Disney, Pixar, or Dreamworks, really. [[CelebrityVoiceActor Especially]] [[StuntCasting Dreamworks]].
* ''Disney/AtlantisTheLostEmpire'', save for the {{Princess}}, who is voiced by veteran voice actor Creator/CreeSummer.
* ''WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda'' features the voices of Creator/JackBlack, Creator/DustinHoffman, Creator/AngelinaJolie, Creator/LucyLiu, Creator/JackieChan, Creator/DavidCross, Seth Rogen, Creator/IanMcShane, and Creator/MichaelClarkeDuncan.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheThiefAndTheCobbler:'' Creator/RichardWilliams, director of the film, went to great lengths to secure not only the greatest voice cast of all time for a cartoon (Creator/VincentPrice, Creator/DonaldPleasence, Creator/AnthonyQuayle to name a few) but also the greatest team of animators:
** himself. Richard not only directed, he drew quite a significant chunk. [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome His crowning scene is Zig-Zag's card shuffling display for the One-Eyes]].
** [[NoteworthyDisneyStaff Art Babbitt]], responsible for Zeus and the Chinese mushrooms in ''Disney/{{Fantasia}}'', and infamous for organizing the 1941 strike against Creator/WaltDisney. For ''Thief'' he drew King Nod and the vulture Phido.
** [[NoteworthyLooneyTunesStaff Ken Harris]], number one animator in the Chuck Jones unit [[WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes during production on the original golden-era batch of Warner Brothers cartoons]]. Ken's animation of the Thief is similar to his work on Wile E. Coyote.
** Emery Hawkins, who worked for '''every single''' cartoon studio that existed in Hollywood between the 30s and the 50s. It is not exactly known what he animated on ''Thief'' (many animation buffs guess he drew [[DeletedScene the ogre-prince who isn't in the Recobbled Cut]]).
** Creator/GrimNatwick, responsible for ''ComicStrip/KrazyKat'', ''WesternAnimation/BettyBoop'', ''Disney/SnowWhite'' and ''WesternAnimation/MrMagoo'', and was in fact 90 years old when he tackled the drawings for the Mad Witch.
** For many of these actors and artists, ''Thief and the Cobbler'' was their final film; they poured in every ounce of blood and sweat they had left.
* ''WesternAnimation/ThePrinceOfEgypt'' includes the voice talents of Creator/ValKilmer, Creator/RalphFiennes, Creator/MichellePfeiffer, Creator/SandraBullock, Creator/JeffGoldblum, Creator/DannyGlover, Creator/PatrickStewart, Creator/HelenMirren, Creator/SteveMartin, and Creator/MartinShort. Phew!
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Antz}}'' includes the likes of Creator/WoodyAllen, Creator/SharonStone, Creator/GeneHackman, Creator/SylvesterStallone, Creator/JenniferLopez, Creator/ChristopherWalken, Creator/AnneBancroft, Creator/DanAykroyd, and Creator/DannyGlover.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Hoodwinked}}'' has the likes of Creator/AnneHathaway, Creator/GlennClose, Creator/JimBelushi, Creator/PatrickWarburton, Creator/DavidOgdenStiers, and Creator/AndyDick.
* ''WesternAnimation/TitanAE''' has an ''[[{{Pun}} out of this world]]'' voices of MattDamon, DrewBarrymore, BillPullman, JohnLeguizamo, JaneaneGarofalo, and NathanLane
* 'WesternAnimation/{{Barnyard}} has the [[{{Pun}} utterly amazing]] voice talents of [[Series/TheKingOfQueens Kevin James]], [[{{Series/Friends}} Courteney Cox]], SamElliott, DannyGlover, AndieMacDowell, WandaSykes, and DavidKoechner
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Epic}}'' features Creator/AmandaSeyfried as MK, Creator/JoshHutcherson as Nod, Creator/ColinFarrell as Ronin, Music/{{Beyonce}} as Queen Tara, [[Music/{{Aerosmith}} Steven Tyler]] as Nim Galuu, Creator/ChristophWaltz as Mandrake, Music/{{Pitbull}} as Bufo, and so on.
* The ''WesternAnimation/{{Curious George}}'' movie features WillFerrell as Ted the Man in the Yellow Hat, along with DrewBarrymore, DavidCross, EugeneLevy, JoanPlowright, and DickVanDyke.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheLEGOMovie'' features Creator/ChrisPratt, Creator/ElizabethBanks, Creator/MorganFreeman, Creator/WillArnett, Creator/WillFerrell, Creator/Liam Neeson, Creator/AlisonBrie, Creator/CharlieDay, and Creator/NickOfferman in main roles, with [[TheCameo cameos]] by Creator/JonahHill, Creator/ChanningTatum, Creator/CobieSmulders, Creator/WillForte, Creator/DaveFranco, Creator/JakeJohnson, Creator/KeeganMichaelKey, Creator/JormaTaccone, and [[AsHimself Shaquille O'Neal]]. There are also spoilery cameos from [[spoiler:Keith Ferguson, Billy Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels, and a live-action Will Ferrell.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/StrangeFrame: Love and Sax'' may have been an obscure title, but its voice cast includes Creator/ClaudiaBlack, Creator/TaraStrong, Creator/TimCurry, Creator/RonGlass, and Creator/CreeSummer, plus Claudia Christian, Alan Tudyck, and George Takei in smaller roles.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* The Cornelius Ryan books ''Film/TheLongestDay'' and ''Film/ABridgeTooFar'' both became films with all-star casts:
** ''Film/TheLongestDay'' (1962) - Creator/PaulAnka, Creator/RichardBurton, Creator/RedButtons, Creator/SeanConnery (pre-Bond, and a very small role), Creator/MelFerrer, Creator/HenryFonda, Creator/LeoGenn, Creator/JeffreyHunter, Creator/AlexanderKnox, Creator/{{Roddy McDowall}}, Creator/SalMineo, Creator/RobertMitchum, Creator/RobertRyan, Creator/GeorgeSegal, Creator/RodSteiger, Creator/RichardTodd (actually playing the Captain he served under on D-Day), Creator/RobertWagner (again, pre-fame) and Creator/JohnWayne, in addition to a number of French and German/Austrian actors who were already household names in their own countries, including future Bond villains Gerd "Goldfinger" Frobe and Curd "Stromberg" Jürgens.
** ''Film/ABridgeTooFar'' (1977) - Creator/DirkBogarde, Creator/JamesCaan, Creator/MichaelCaine, Creator/SeanConnery, Creator/EdwardFox, Creator/ElliottGould, Creator/GeneHackman, Creator/AnthonyHopkins, Hardy Krüger, Creator/{{Ryan ONeal}}, Creator/RobertRedford, Creator/LaurenceOlivier, Creator/MaximilanSchell, Creator/LivUllmann, Creator/DenholmElliott and minor roles for John Ratzenberger and Garrick "Biggs"
* ''Film/HowTheWestWasWon'': Creator/JimmyStewart, Creator/KarlMalden, Creator/DebbieReynolds, Creator/GregoryPeck, Creator/HenryFonda, Creator/LeeJCobb, Creator/CarrollBaker, Creator/GeorgePeppard, Creator/JohnWayne, Creator/RichardWidmark, Creator/LeeVanCleef, and Creator/EliWallach just to name a few.
* ''Film/{{Oceans 11}}'', its [[Film/OceansEleven remake]], and the Creator/StevenSoderbergh[=-=]directed sequels.
* ''Film/ItsAMadMadMadMadWorld''. The tagline was "Everybody who's ever been funny is in it!"
* ''Film/RatRace'' continued this with Creator/JohnCleese, Creator/RowanAtkinson, Creator/WhoopiGoldberg, Creator/SethGreen, Creator/JonLovitz,and Creator/WayneKnight.
* ''Film/PulpFiction'' features, among others: Creator/SamuelLJackson, Creator/JohnTravolta, Creator/UmaThurman, Creator/BruceWillis, Creator/HarveyKeitel and Creator/ChristopherWalken.
* The 1964 film ''The Yellow Rolls-Royce'' featured Creator/IngridBergman, Creator/RexHarrison, Creator/ShirleyMacLaine, Creator/OmarSharif, Creator/AlainDelon, Creator/ArtCarney, Creator/GeorgeCScott and Creator/JeanneMoreau.
* Also from 1964, ''Film/WhatAWayToGo'' starred Creator/ShirleyMacLaine, Creator/PaulNewman, Creator/RobertMitchum, Creator/DeanMartin, Creator/GeneKelly and Creator/DickVanDyke.
* ''Film/TheToweringInferno'' with Creator/PaulNewman, Creator/SteveMcQueen, Creator/WilliamHolden, Creator/FayeDunaway, Creator/FredAstaire, Creator/RobertVaughn, Creator/OJSimpson, Creator/SusanBlakely, Creator/RobertWagner and Creator/RichardChamberlain.
* ''Film/ThePoseidonAdventure'' with Creator/GeneHackman, Creator/ErnestBorgnine, Creator/RedButtons, Creator/ShelleyWinters, Creator/LeslieNielsen and Creator/PamelaSueMartin among others.
* ''Film/NationalTreasure'': Creator/NicolasCage, Creator/DianeKruger, Creator/JustinBartha, Creator/SeanBean, Creator/HarveyKeitel, Creator/JonVoight, and Creator/ChristopherPlummer.
* The ''Film/{{Batman}}'' movies got gradually more into this as they went on, until the ContinuityReboot.
* ''Film/TheDarkKnightSaga'' became probably the best modern use of this. Like Creator/{{Pixar}}, he was concerned with casting talent over name. It just happened that a lot of the talent cast were seasoned name actors. Scarecrow and Two-Face probably had the least famous actors cast in the major roles (Cillian Murphy and Aaron Eckhart, respectively), but again, it was their talent.
** ''Film/BatmanBegins'': Creator/ChristianBale, Creator/KatieHolmes, Creator/GaryOldman, Creator/CillianMurphy, Creator/LiamNeeson, Creator/MichaelCaine, Creator/TomWilkinson, Creator/MorganFreeman;
** ''Film/TheDarkKnight'': Creator/ChristianBale, Creator/MichaelCaine, Creator/HeathLedger, Creator/GaryOldman, Creator/CillianMurphy, Creator/AaronEckhart, Creator/MaggieGyllenhaal, Creator/MorganFreeman;
** ''Film/TheDarkKnightRises'': Creator/ChristianBale, Creator/MichaelCaine, Creator/GaryOldman, Creator/JosephGordonLevitt, Creator/AnneHathaway, Creator/TomHardy, Creator/MarionCotillard, Creator/MorganFreeman, Creator/BurnGorman, Creator/CillianMurphy.
* Likewise, the ''Film/{{X-Men}}'' films. Easier to do than Batman due to LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters. ''Film/XMenDaysOfFuturePast'' alone had:
** From the original ''X-Men'' film trilogy: Creator/PatrickStewart as future Charles Xavier, Creator/IanMcKellen as future Magneto, Creator/HughJackman as ComicBook/{{Wolverine}}, Creator/EllenPage as Kitty Pryde, Creator/HalleBerry as ComicBook/{{Storm}}, and Creator/AnnaPaquin as Rogue [[BillingDisplacement for three seconds]]. [[spoiler: Creator/JamesMarsden (as ComicBook/{{Cyclops}}), Creator/FamkeJanssen (as Jean Grey) and Creator/KelseyGrammer (as the older Beast) all made a cameo.]]
** From ''First Class'': Creator/JamesMcAvoy as Charles Xavier, Creator/MichaelFassbender as SelfDemonstrating/{{Magneto}}, Creator/JenniferLawrence as Mystique.
** New addition: Creator/PeterDinklage as Bolivar Trask. Fan Bingbing (Blink) isn't as well known in the West but she's the biggest actress in China.
** With the new additions and cameos from older casts, this comic book movie featured at least 10 Oscar nominees or winners.
* Most adaptations of ''Literature/AlicesAdventuresInWonderland'', in part because there are so many characters to work with and most don't appear onscreen for extended periods of time.
** Creator/TimBurton did the 2010 film adaptation of ''Film/AliceInWonderland'' in this way: Creator/JohnnyDepp, Creator/HelenaBonhamCarter, Creator/AnneHathaway, Creator/AlanRickman, Creator/StephenFry, Creator/MichaelSheen, Creator/TimothySpall, and Creator/ChristopherLee. Creator/MiaWasikowska, who plays the title character, was not as well known prior to this film.
* ''Bobby'': Creator/HarryBelafonte, Creator/EmilioEstevez (also directed), Creator/LaurenceFishburne, Creator/HeatherGraham, Creator/AnthonyHopkins, Creator/HelenHunt, Creator/AshtonKutcher, Creator/ShiaLaBeouf, Creator/LindsayLohan, Creator/WilliamHMacy, Creator/DemiMoore, Creator/SharonStone, Creator/NickCannon, Creator/ChristianSlater, Creator/MartinSheen, Creator/JoshuaJackson and Creator/ElijahWood.
* Several Creator/AgathaChristie adaptations, such as ''Film/MurderOnTheOrientExpress'' (1974), which had the {{Tagline}} "The Who's Who in the Whodunit!"
* ''Film/MurderByDeath''
* ''Film/{{Clue}}'' has Creator/TimCurry, Creator/MadelineKahn, Creator/ChristopherLloyd, Creator/MartinMull, Creator/LeslieAnnWarren, Creator/MichaelMcKean, Creator/EileenBrennan, Creator/LeeVing, Creator/ColleenCamp, and a cameo by Creator/JaneWiedlin.
* ''Film/TheGreatestStoryEverTold'' (1965) is an interesting case: most of the A and B-list actors are in supporting and cameo roles, many because they asked to be in the film in some capacity. Most infamously, Creator/JohnWayne [[{{Narm}} appears as a Roman centurion at the crucifixion.]]
* On the Biblical theme, ''Series/JesusOfNazareth'', which has a cast list that would make your eyes spin: Creator/LaurenceOlivier, Creator/AnneBancroft, Creator/DonaldPleasence, Creator/IanHolm, Creator/IanMcShane, Creator/MichaelYork, Creator/ErnstBorgnine, Creator/RodSteiger.
* ''Film/GosfordPark'' has quite an impressive cast: [[Film/HarryPotter Dame Maggie Smith]], [[Film/HarryPotter Michael Gambon]], [[TheEnglishPatient Kristin Scott Thomas]], [[Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean Tom Hollander]], [[{{Literature/Emma}} Jeremy Northam]], [[Film/AMightyWind Bob Balaban]], [[CruelIntentions Ryan Phillippe]], Creator/StephenFry, Creator/KellyMacdonald, [[KingArthur Clive]] [[TheBourneSeries Owen]], Dame Creator/HelenMirren, [[Series/{{Cranford}} Eileen Atkins]], Creator/EmilyWatson, [[{{Hamlet}} Alan Bates]], Creator/RichardEGrant, and Sir Creator/DerekJacobi. And those are just SOME of the characters.
* In a slight inversion of this, the main characters of ''TheMagnificentSeven'' included Creator/SteveMcQueen, Creator/CharlesBronson, Creator/JamesCoburn, Creator/EliWallach and Creator/RobertVaughn -- but at the time the film was made, only Creator/YulBrynner was really an established star.
* ''Film/TheGreatEscape'', starring Creator/SteveMcQueen, Creator/CharlesBronson, Creator/JamesCoburn. Oh and of course Creator/RichardAttenborough, Creator/DonaldPleasence, Creator/JamesGarner and many more...
* Just about every adult in the ''Film/HarryPotter'' films is played by a renowned British character actor. Try to find a decently-budgeted, British movie made within the last twenty years which ''doesn't'' include at least one actor who appeared in the ''Potter'' series. In fact, actor Creator/BillNighy once quipped that he played Rufus Scrimgeour in the seventh film was because he didn't want to be the only actor in England to not appear in a ''Film/HarryPotter'' film.
* Several pop/rock musicals of the 1970s went out of their way to bring in as many music and/or movie stars as possible, even if many of them only got one song/scene as a result: see ''Music/{{Tommy}}'', ''Film/SgtPeppersLonelyHeartsClubBand'', and ''TheWiz''.
* ''Film/TheBluesBrothers'' and ''The Blues Brothers 2000'' played this trope for blues musicians.
** ''Film/ASongIsBorn'' did the same with swing musicians.
* To most of the world, Baz Luhrman's ''Film/{{Australia}}'' stars Creator/NicoleKidman and Creator/HughJackman, supported by Creator/DavidWenham, Creator/BenMendelsohn and a bunch of nobodies. Inside Australia itself, it is considered an amazing star-studded extravaganza, where even tiny roles are filled by locally-renowned stars such as Creator/BruceSpence and Creator/JohnJarrat.
* ''Film/TrueRomance'' manages to cram Creator/PatriciaArquette, Creator/BradPitt, Creator/DennisHopper, Creator/ChristopherWalken, Creator/GaryOldman, and Creator/TomSizemore into its cast, with Creator/JamesGandolfini, Creator/SamuelLJackson and Creator/SaulRubinek playing backup. There were also roles for D-list actors Creator/ChristianSlater and Creator/ValKilmer.
* Creator/KennethBranagh's Shakespeare films:
** ''Theatre/{{Hamlet}}'' threw in a bunch of {{flashback}}s and {{imagine spot}}s in order to have more parts to cast stars in. Apart from Branagh himself: Creator/DerekJacobi, Creator/JulieChristie, Creator/KateWinslet, Creator/TimothySpall, Creator/BillyCrystal, Creator/RobinWilliams, Creator/BrianBlessed, Creator/GerardDepardieu, Creator/JohnGielgud, Creator/JudiDench, Creator/CharltonHeston, Creator/JackLemmon, and Sir Creator/RichardAttenborough.
** ''Film/MuchAdoAboutNothing'' has (besides Branagh himself) Creator/EmmaThompson, Creator/DenzelWashington, Creator/MichaelKeaton, Creator/KeanuReeves, Creator/RobertSeanLeonard, Creator/KateBeckinsale and Creator/BrianBlessed.
** ''Henry V'' has Creator/DerekJacobi, Creator/JudiDench, Creator/EmmaThompson, Creator/RobertStephens, Creator/PaulScofield, Creator/IanHolm, Creator/ChristianBale and Creator/BrianBlessed.
* The remake of ''Literature/TheStepfordWives'' has Creator/NicoleKidman, Creator/MatthewBroderick, Creator/GlennClose, Creator/BetteMidler, Creator/ChristopherWalken and Creator/FaithHill.
* ''Film/MarsAttacks'' is an almost ridiculous example. Creator/JackNicholson (who gets two major roles), Creator/GlennClose, Creator/AnnetteBening, Creator/PierceBrosnan, Creator/DannyDeVito, Creator/MartinShort, Creator/SarahJessicaParker, Creator/MichaelJFox, Music/TomJones as himself, Creator/LukasHaas, Creator/NataliePortman, Creator/PamGrier, Creator/JackBlack, Creator/ChristinaApplegate -- and Creator/FrankWelker voicing the Martians.
* ''Film/LoveActually'' has been described as heaven for Anglophiles.
* Suprisingly, both of the Creator/SteveMartin ''PinkPanther'' films are dripping with name talent: Martin himself, Creator/KevinKline, Creator/JohnCleese, Creator/AndyGarcia, Creator/LilyTomlin, Creator/JeanReno, Beyonce ... in fact love interest Nicole Nuveau is probably the only major character played by a non-name.
* Paul Thomas Anderson's earlier movies. ''Boogie Nights'' and ''{{Magnolia}}'' both feature large casts with lots of big names. Some of the supporting players (John C. Reilly, Don Cheadle, and most notably Phillip Seymour Hoffman) have even become bankable (or at the very least, highly respected) leading men since.
* ''Basquiat'': Jeffrey Wright, Creator/BenicioDelToro, Creator/GaryOldman, Creator/DennisHopper, Creator/WillemDafoe, Music/DavidBowie (as Creator/AndyWarhol!), Claire Forlani, Creator/ChristopherWalken, Creator/CourtneyLove, Creator/ParkerPosey, and Tatum O'Neal. For the character-actor inclined among us, there's also Michael Wincott, Rockets Redglare, Michael Badalucco and a cameo from pre-name SamRockwell.
* Creator/FrancisFordCoppola's ''Film/BramStokersDracula'' does sport an amazing array of big names. GaryOldman as the Count is just the tip of the iceberg. AnthonyHopkins plays vampire slayer Van Helsing, with WinonaRyder as Mina Harker, and KeanuReeves as Jonathan Harker (a part that Coppola planned to give Creator/JohnnyDepp before the studio intervened). The supporting cast has Cary Elwes, Music/TomWaits, Creator/RichardEGrant, Billy Campbell, and a brief appearance by a VERY nude Creator/MonicaBellucci.
* In 1983, ''The Outsiders'' was a pretty big deal, what with C. Thomas Howell, Matt Dillon, Ralph Macchio, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, TomCruise, LeifGarrett, Tom Waits, a twelve year-old Sofia Coppola, S.E. Hinton herself as a nurse and Diane Lane as Cherry Valance! Though for most of those first 7, it was very early in their careers, so this is much more of a RetroactiveRecognition, but many of them weren't that famous at the time (Howell and Cruise - 2 prior total appearances, bit parts for Swayze). Actually the best known (of the first seven) may have been Macchio for his role in ''Eight is Enough''.
* The movie adaptation of the musical ''Theatre/{{Nine}}'': The lead male role was originally offered to Javier Bardem, who turned it down and was subsequently replaced by Daniel Day-Lewis, thus providing perhaps the only instances where NOT putting Javier Bardem in your movie was the better choice. It also stars Creator/MarionCotillard, Creator/PenelopeCruz, Creator/JudiDench, Creator/NicoleKidman, Kate Hudson, Sophia Loren, and... Fergie of the Music/BlackEyedPeas.
* The ''Franchise/{{Scream}}'' movies certainly count, particularly [[Film/{{Scream 2}} the second one]], which features performances by Jada Pinkett-Smith, Omar Epps, Liev Schreiber, Courteney Cox, [[Creator/SarahMichelleGellar Buffy Summers]] herself, David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Timothy Olyphant, Portia de Rossi, Laurie Metcalf, Jerry O'Connell and of course Jamie Kennedy.
** ''Film/{{Scream 3}}'' has well known actors in even the relatively small roles (Carrie Fisher, Patrick Dempsey, Lance Henriksen, Creator/KevinSmith, Parker Posey, Jenny [=McCarthy=], Creator/PatrickWarburton) along side the already star-studded main cast.
* ''Literature/TheHouseOfTheSpirits'' has Creator/JeremyIrons, Creator/WinonaRyder, Creator/MerylStreep, Creator/AntonioBanderas, Creator/GlennClose, Creator/VanessaRedgrave and Creator/MariaConchitaAlonso.
* And then there's ''Film/TheShootist''. When word got out that Creator/JohnWayne was doing what everyone assumed would be his final movie, people were nearly begging for parts. Wayne personally selected Creator/LaurenBacall for the female lead, with Creator/RonHoward and Creator/JimmyStewart in the two main supporting roles. Presumably the director was too scared of Creator/JohnCarradine to ask him to leave. Harry Morgan shows up for two scenes, Scatman Crothers for one. Richard Boone and Hugh O'Brian were also smuggled onto the set. Ricky Nelson is also shown briefly in flashback (actually a clip from a previous film).
* ''Film/RobinHoodPrinceOfThieves''. *Deep breath* Creator/KevinCostner, Creator/MorganFreeman, Creator/AlanRickman, Creator/ChristianSlater, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and Michael [=McShane=]. Less highly billed were Creator/BrianBlessed, Michael Wincott, and Creator/SeanConnery (in a cameo that [[OneSceneWonder stole the movie]]).
* The ''Film/NightAtTheMuseum'' films.
* ''Theatre/MammaMia'' starred [[Creator/MerylStreep Sophie Zawistowska]], Film/JamesBond, [[Film/HarryPotter Molly Weasley]], [[PiratesOfTheCaribbean Bootstrap Bill Turner]] and [[PrideAndPrejudice Mr Darcy]].
* ''Film/TheMonumentsMen'': Creator/GeorgeClooney, Creator/MattDamon, Creator/BillMurray, John Goodman, Jean Dujardin, Bob Balaban, Hugh Bonneville, and Creator/CateBlanchett
* ''[[http://rinkworks.com/movieaminute/m/thinredline.shtml The Thin Red Line]]'', because Terrence Malick spent 20 years away, and almost any male in Hollywood wanted to be a part of his new movie. Many (Gary Oldman, Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Sheen...) even had to be cut!
* ''Film/SavingPrivateRyan'' has many famous faces, and others who became famous after the movie (such as VinDiesel, [[Series/{{Lost}} Daniel Faraday]], and [[Series/{{Firefly}} Malcolm Reynolds]]).
* ''Film/TheExpendables'': Creator/SylvesterStallone, Creator/JasonStatham, Creator/JetLi, Creator/DolphLundgren, Creator/MickeyRourke, Terry Crews, and cameos by Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger and Creator/BruceWillis. Most of the trailers didn't even show any hint of the premise - [[RatedMForManly listing the male leads with brief shots of them in action was enough]]. The sequel also includes Creator/ChuckNorris, Creator/JeanClaudeVanDamme and Liam Hemsworth, and the third movie includes Creator/HarrisonFord, Creator/MelGibson, Creator/AntonioBanderas, Wesley Snipes, and Creator/KelseyGrammer, along with professional boxer Victor Ortiz and UFC champion Ronda Rousey.
* The ''Film/{{Hairspray}}'' musical movie. [[Film/HighSchoolMusical Zac Efron]], Creator/ChristopherWalken, Creator/JohnTravolta, [[TheAmandaShow Amanda Bynes]], Music/QueenLatifah, Creator/BrittanySnow, [[Film/BatmanReturns Michelle Pfeiffer]], [[{{Enchanted}} James Marsden]]... in short, every major character, with the ironic exception of the main charcter, played by Nikki Blonsky.
* ''Film/{{Anaconda}}'', with Creator/JonVoight, OwenWilson, JenniferLopez, Ice Cube, Eric Stoltz, Kari Wuhrer, Jonathan Hyde, and a cameo by Creator/DannyTrejo, with only one or two other actors in the whole thing.
* Millionaire's Express (aka. Shanghai Express) starred a plethora of Hong Kong cinema stars, such as Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, Rosamund Kwan, Mei-sheng Fan and Hwang Jang Lee.
* The little-known superhero move ''Film/TheMeteorMan'' features a wide list of famous African-American actors.
* The 1994 remake of ''Film/TheLittleRascals'' showcased tons of cameos of well known child and adult actors.
* Creator/KevinSmith's ''Film/JayAndSilentBobStrikeBack'' certainly counts. Not counting Jason Mewes and Creator/KevinSmith, you have Shannon Elizabeth, Creator/ElizaDushku, Creator/WillFerrell, Creator/AliLarter, Creator/GeorgeCarlin, Creator/ChrisRock, Jamie Kennedy, Creator/MarkHamill, Creator/CarrieFisher, Deidrich Bader, Alanis Morrissette, Seann William Scott, Creator/JuddNelson, Jason Biggs, James Van Der Beek, [[Series/TheDailyShow Jon Stewart]], Tracy Morgan, directors Gus Van Sant and Creator/WesCraven, Brian O'Halloran and Jeff Anderson returning as Dante and Randal from ''Film/{{Clerks}}'', Adam Corolla cameos in a deleted scene, and Creator/JasonLee, Creator/BenAffleck AND Creator/MattDamon all pulling double duty. Hell, Marvel Editor-In-Chief Creator/JoeQuesada even cameos as a horny pizza delivery guy!
* ''Film/BlackHawkDown'': Creator/JoshHartnett, Creator/EwanMcGregor, Tom Sizemore, Creator/EricBana, William Fichtner, Music/SamShepard, Creator/JasonIsaacs, Creator/OrlandoBloom, Creator/TomHardy.
* Possibly because it's a {{Biopic}} incorporating several RealLife all-stars, ''Film/TheLifeAndDeathOfPeterSellers'' had Creator/GeoffreyRush in the title role, with EmilyWatson (as Sellers' first wife), Creator/CharlizeTheron (as Creator/BrittEkland), Stanley Tucci (as Creator/StanleyKubrick), John Lithgow (as Creator/BlakeEdwards), Creator/StephenFry (as a medium Sellers frequently consulted), and Miriam Margolyes (as Sellers' mother) in the key supporting parts. Steve Pemberton and Edward Tudor-Pole had minor roles as his fellow [[Main/TheGoonShow Goons]], and supermodel Heidi Klum had a cameo as Ursula Andress.
* ''GlengarryGlenRoss'' features Creator/JackLemmon, Creator/AlPacino, Creator/EdHarris, Creator/AlanArkin, Creator/KevinSpacey, Creator/AlecBaldwin, and Jonathan Pryce. Every single actor is a name.
* The HBO miniseries version of ''AngelsInAmerica'', with (among others) Creator/AlPacino, Creator/MerylStreep, Patrick Wilson, Jeffrey Wright, Mary-Louise Parker and Creator/EmmaThompson.
* ''Film/{{Species}}'': Creator/BenKingsley, Creator/AlfredMolina, Creator/MichaelMadsen, Forest Whitaker, Marg Helgenberger, Natasha Henstridge and a very young Michelle Williams.
* The 1956 film version of ''Film/AroundTheWorldInEightyDays'' featured Creator/DavidNiven and Creator/ShirleyMacLaine in the lead roles, and many cameos by celebrities, such as Creator/MarleneDietrich, Creator/BusterKeaton, Creator/PeterLorre, Edward R. Murrow, Cesar Romero and FrankSinatra. This was back when [[TheCameo cameo appearances]] were still a novelty and a ''big'' deal.
* The 1942 anthology film ''Tales of Manhattan'' features Charles Boyer, Rita Hayworth, Creator/GingerRogers, Creator/HenryFonda, Creator/CharlesLaughton, Edward G. Robinson, Paul Robeson, Elsa Lanchaster and Cesar Romero.
* The underknown British gangster flick ''The Hit'' stars Creator/JohnHurt and Creator/TerenceStamp, features Jim Broadbent in small role, and marks the first film role of Creator/TimRoth, who received a BAFTA nomination for Most Outstanding Newcomer to Film.
* ''Judgement At Nuremberg''. Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Maximilian Schell, Richard Widmark, Creator/MarleneDietrich, [[Series/HogansHeroes Werner Klemperer]], Creator/JudyGarland, Creator/WilliamShatner, and Montgomery Clift.
* ''Film/{{Troy}}''. Creator/OrlandoBloom, Creator/BradPitt, Eric Bana, Creator/BrianCox, Brendan Gleeson, Creator/SeanBean, Julie Christie and Creator/PeterOToole. Seriously, it's incredible the star power in it.
* The obscure 1976 made-for-TV movie ''Victory at Entebbe'' features AnthonyHopkins, Burt Lancaster, Creator/ElizabethTaylor, Richard Dreyfuss, Kirk Douglas and [[Film/{{The Exorcist}} Linda Blair]].
* The 1995 adaptation of ''Film/SenseAndSensibility'', starring such British powerhouses as Creator/EmmaThompson, Creator/AlanRickman, Creator/KateWinslet, Creator/HughGrant, Gemma Jones, Greg Wise, Imelda Staunton, and Creator/HughLaurie.
* ''Film/{{Armageddon}}'' : Creator/BruceWillis, Creator/BenAffleck, Creator/LivTyler, Billy Bob Thornton, Creator/OwenWilson, Creator/MichaelClarkeDuncan, Creator/SteveBuscemi, Creator/KeithDavid and William Fichtner.
* ''Film/{{Hook}}'': Creator/RobinWilliams, DustinHoffman, Creator/JuliaRoberts, and Bob Hoskins in the major roles. Dame MaggieSmith has a minor role. Music/PhilCollins, a [[RetroactiveRecognition then-unknown]] named Gwyneth Paltrow, David Crosby, and Glenn Close (in drag) make cameos, while Creator/GeorgeLucas, Carrie Fisher, and Music/JimmyBuffett play extras.
* The 2010 film ''Valentine's Day'' has Creator/AshtonKutcher, Jamie Foxx, Creator/JuliaRoberts, Creator/ShirleyMacLaine, Creator/KathyBates, Creator/JessicaAlba, Creator/JessicaBiel, Creator/AnneHathaway, Creator/BradleyCooper, and about a dozen more.
* ''Film/TropicThunder'' parodied this in its script, while playing it straight with the casting. Creator/BenStiller, Creator/JackBlack, Creator/RobertDowneyJr., Nick Nolte, MatthewMcConaughey and TomCruise all had a great time lampooning the things that go along with this.
* ''Film/TheLordOfTheRings''. Creator/ChristopherLee, Creator/CateBlanchett, Creator/HugoWeaving, Creator/OrlandoBloom, Creator/SeanBean, Creator/IanMcKellen, John Rhys-Davies, Creator/LivTyler, plus a reboot for Sean Astin. Oh, plus actors like Elijah Wood and Viggo Mortensen, who became A-list after the movie.
* The 1982 film adaptation of ''[[{{Film/Annie1982}} Annie]]'' cast its net wide for stage and screen stars to fill the adult roles: Carol Burnett as Miss Hannigan, Albert Finney as Oliver Warbucks, Ann Reinking as Grace, Creator/TimCurry as Rooster, Bernadette Peters as Lily, and Edward Herrmann as [=FDR=] (who had already played that president in two acclaimed [=TV=] movies in the late 1970s).
* ''Film/ThePrestige'' is headed by Creator/HughJackman, Creator/ChristianBale, Creator/MichaelCaine, Creator/ScarlettJohansson, Creator/AndySerkis and Music/DavidBowie.
* ''Film/TheDeparted'': Creator/LeonardoDiCaprio, Creator/MattDamon, Creator/JackNicholson, Creator/MarkWahlberg, Creator/MartinSheen, Creator/AlecBaldwin.
* ''Film/InfernalAffairs'' contains an star-studded cast of Hong Kong actors, with Creator/TonyLeung, Creator/AndyLau, Anthony Wong, and Eric Tsang.
* Uwe Boll's versions of ''Film/BloodRayne'' and ''DungeonSiege''. Sadly, neither achieved the same goal as the rest of the movies listed here.
* The ContinuityReboot of the ''Franchise/SpyroTheDragon'' series actually billed itself on its name talent, which included people like Creator/ElijahWood, Creator/GaryOldman, David Spade and Wayne Brady in its primary roles. Even the minor roles tended to be filled with well-known (among voice acting afficionados) cartoon voice actors.
* ''Film/IronMan'': Creator/RobertDowneyJr, Terrence Howard, Creator/GwynethPaltrow and JeffBridges star in the first. DonCheadle (replacing Howard), Creator/ScarlettJohansson, SamRockwell and Creator/MickeyRourke star in the second -- oh, and there's Creator/SamuelLJackson as NickFury. This film series has the highest Academy Award count for any superhero cast.
** And considering how Marvel Studios built up the MarvelCinematicUniverse this way, this was inevitable for ''Film/TheAvengers''. Specifically it added Creator/StellanSkarsgard, Creator/ChrisEvans, MarkRuffalo, Creator/JeremyRenner, Creator/CobieSmulders, Creator/ChrisHemsworth and Creator/TomHiddleston to the mix. Of course, the star power of several of them was created through appearing in the earlier Marvel films!
** Creator/RobertRedford has been signed to play the head of [=SHIELD=] in the second Captain America film.
* The 1978 ''Film/{{Superman}}''. Apart from the stars Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder, there's Creator/GeneHackman, Jackie Cooper, Creator/NedBeatty, Valerie Perrine, and Glenn Ford and Phyllis Thaxter (as the Kents). Susannah York, a pretty well-known British name in the '70s, appears as his mom. And of course, in perhaps the biggest cameo ever, MarlonBrando got ''top billing'' as his dad. Creator/TerenceStamp has a cameo as General Zod just to set up his role as the primary villain in the second film. Quite a few of these actors have received Oscar nominations and wins.
** This continues into later installments. ''Film/SupermanIII'' features topflight comedian Richard Pryor as a computer programmer who falls in with a CorruptCorporateExecutive played by Robert Vaughn, aka ''TheManFromUNCLE''. The spinoff ''Film/{{Supergirl}}'' surrounds then-newcomer Helen Slater with Faye Dunaway, Creator/PeterOToole, Brenda Vaccaro, Peter Cook, and Mia Farrow, all performers comparable to ones in the main franchise.
* ''Film/TheQuickAndTheDead''. It's damn full of stars, including Creator/SharonStone as the lead, Creator/GeneHackman as the BigBad, then Creator/RussellCrowe, Creator/LanceHenriksen, Creator/LeonardoDiCaprio, Gary Sinise and Creator/KeithDavid.
* ''Film/{{Inception}}'': Creator/LeonardoDiCaprio, Creator/EllenPage, Creator/MarionCotillard, Creator/JosephGordonLevitt, Creator/MichaelCaine, Creator/CillianMurphy, Creator/KenWatanabe, Creator/TomHardy, and Tom Berenger.
** By this point, it's pretty much a given that Creator/ChristopherNolan will find some role for Michael Caine, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, and Ken Watanabe in almost anything he directs. He has his repertory and he's happy with it.
* ''Film/CloudAtlas''. Holy crap. Possibly one of the first movies with an ''international'' All-Star Cast, including Creator/TomHanks, Creator/HalleBerry, Susan Sarandon, Jim Broadbent, HugoWeaving, Jim Sturgess, Ben Whishaw, James D'arcy, Hugh Grant, Bae Doona, Zhou Xun, and Keith David. Maybe the only main actor who's not at least well known in his country of origin is David Gyasi.
* The movie adaptation of ''Film/{{Red}}'': Creator/BruceWillis, Creator/MorganFreeman, Mary-Louise Parker, Creator/JohnMalkovich, John C. Reilly, James Remar, Creator/HelenMirren, Julian [=McMahon=], Brian Cox, Creator/ErnestBorgnine, Karl Urban and Creator/RichardDreyfuss.
* ''TheFirstWivesClub''. Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, Stockard Channing, Sarah Jessica Parker, Heather Locklear, Bronson Pinchot, [[Series/{{Alias}} Victor Garber]], [[SeventhHeaven Stephen Collins]], [[Film/HarryPotter Maggie Smith]], Marcia Gay Harden and [[{{Showgirls}} Elizabeth Berkley}}]].
* ''Film/GrownUps'' starring Creator/AdamSandler, Creator/ChrisRock, Creator/RobSchneider, Creator/KevinJames, Creator/DavidSpade, Creator/SalmaHayek, Creator/MariaBello and Creator/MayaRudolph.
* The documentary ''America: The Story of the U.S.'' interviewed various celebrities from Creator/MerylStreep to Bill Gates to Brian Williams to the co-founder of {{Wikipedia}}.
* ''Film/{{Sneakers}}'' , to an almost ridiculous extent. Creator/RobertRedford as the lead, Creator/BenKingsley as the AntiVillain, and a supporting cast featuring Creator/SidneyPoitier, Creator/DanAykroyd, David Strathairn, Mary [=McDonnell=], and Creator/RiverPhoenix -- plus a OneSceneWonder appearance by Creator/JamesEarlJones.
* ''Film/HotFuzz'' has roughly as many famous British and Irish actors as the average Film/HarryPotter movie (indeed, with much crossover between them). Throw in Peter Jackson and Cate Blanchett for good measure.
* ''Film/WaitingToExhale'', starring Whitney Houston, Lela Rochon, Angela Bassett, and Loretta Devine. Also features Dennis Haysbert, Gregory Hines, and Wesley Snipes (in an uncredited role). Also directed by Forest Whitaker.
* ''Film/{{Shanghai}}'', which features a mix of big-name actors from both Hollywood and Asian cinema, including John Cusack, Chow Yun Fatt, Gong Li, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Franka Potente and David Morse.
* ''Yellowbeard'' (1983), a pirate comedy, had [[Creator/MontyPython Graham Chapman]] in the title role, and a colorful lineup of comic and character actors supporting him: in alphabetical order, Peter Boyle, Cheech & Chong, John Cleese, Peter Cook, Marty Feldman, Michael Hordern, Eric Idle, Madeline Kahn, Kenneth Mars, James Mason, Spike Milligan, and Beryl Reid. ''And'' an unbilled cameo by [[spoiler: David Bowie]]!
* ''Film/TheFaculty'' provides a strange example. Several of the adult actors were already well-known at the time, including [[Series/TheDailyShow Jon Stewart]], Creator/RobertPatrick, Creator/SalmaHayek, Creator/FamkeJanssen, Piper Laurie, Creator/BebeNeuwirth, Creator/Christopher/McDonald, and Daniel von Bargen. The students' actors were largely unknown at this point, but many [[RetroactiveRecognition went on to bigger and better things]], such as Creator/ElijahWood, Creator/JoshHartnett, Music/{{Usher}} Raymond, [[Film/TheFastAndTheFurious Jordana Brewster]], Clea Duvall, and Creator/LauraHarris.
* Most, if not all of Creator/TylerPerry's movies, have quite a few stars in them, even if they are just cameo roles.
* The 1988 comedy ''Film/WorkingGirl'' has an All-Star Cast retroactively. The only big stars in the film at the time were Creator/HarrisonFord and Creator/SigourneyWeaver, but the movie also has Melanie Griffith as the lead, Alec Baldwin, Creator/KevinSpacey, Oliver Platt, David Duchovny, Ricki Lake, Olympia Dukakis, and ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' alumna Creator/JoanCusack and Nora Dunn, in roles of varying size.
* ''Film/{{Machete}}'': We got Creator/DannyTrejo, Creator/StevenSeagal, Creator/RobertDeNiro, Michelle Rodriguez, Creator/JessicaAlba, Jeff Fahey, Don Johnson, Cheech Marin and Creator/LindsayLohan.
** The sequel, ''Film/MacheteKills'' adds Creator/CharlieSheen, Music/LadyGaga, Creator/AntonioBanderas, Creator/MelGibson, Cuba Gooding Jr., Amber Heard, and Creator/SofiaVergara.
* ''The Raven'': Creator/VincentPrice and Creator/PeterLorre battle Creator/BorisKarloff. [[RetroactiveRecognition Retroactively]], PeterLorre's son is JackNicholson. This being a Creator/RogerCorman film, that's literally a 40% star cast.
* ''Film/EvesBayou'' has Creator/SamuelLJackson, Lynn Whitfield and Meagan Good in starring roles, as well as minor roles for Diahann Carroll and Victoria Rowell.
* ''Film/{{Outbreak}}'' is Creator/DustinHoffman - assisted by Cuba Gooding Jr, and formerly married to Rene Russo who's now with Kevin Spacey - vs Donald Sutherland and MorganFreeman (who eventually switches sides and has Sutherland arrested by Dale Dye) in trying to manage a virus brought into the country by Patrick Dempsey.
* ''Film/{{Heat}}'': Creator/AlPacino, Creator/RobertDeNiro, Val Kilmer, Creator/NataliePortman, Jon Voight, Tom Sizemore, Ashley Judd, Amy Brenneman, Creator/HankAzaria, Jeremy Piven and HenryRollins. In the recognizable faces category, there's William Fitcher, Wes Studi, Creator/DannyTrejo, Tone Loc and Ted Levine.
* ''Film/EdWood'' : Creator/JohnnyDepp, Martin Landau, Creator/BillMurray, SarahJessicaParker, Lisa Marie, George "The Animal" Steele, Patricia Arquette.
* ''Film/GrandHotel'', which had Creator/GretaGarbo, John and Lionel Barrymore, Creator/JoanCrawford, Wallace Beery, Lewis Stone, and Jean Hersholt.
* ''Creator/DinnerAtEight'' (1933) had Marie Dressler, John Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore, Creator/JeanHarlow, Wallace Beery, Billie Burke and Jean Hersholt.
* ''Theatre/NoisesOff'' starring Creator/MichaelCaine, Carol Burnett, Christopher Reeve, John Ritter, Marilu Henner, Julie Hagerty, Denholm Elliott, Mark-Linn Baker and Nicollette Sheridan.
* The 2007 movie version of ''Film/SweeneyToddTheDemonBarberOfFleetStreet'' boasted Creator/JohnnyDepp, Creator/HelenaBonhamCarter, Creator/AlanRickman, Creator/TimothySpall, and Sacha Baron Cohen.
* There is a Creator/DisneyChannel Original Movie called ''Dadnapped'', featuring Creator/EmilyOsment, [[Series/KickinIt Jason Earles]] and Moises Arias from ''Series/HannahMontana'', Creator/JenniferStone and David Henrie from ''Series/WizardsOfWaverlyPlace'', and Phill Lewis from ''Series/TheSuiteLifeOfZackAndCody''.
* The French comedy ''Papy fait de [[LaResistance la Résistance]]'', down to the extras. The tagline said that it had cost more than the Normandy landings.
* ''Series/{{Damages}}'' has Creator/GlennClose, Ted Danson, William Hurt, Marcia Gay Harden, Campbell Scott, Martin Short, Lily Tomlin and John Goodman as part of the regular cast at one point or another along with up and comer Rose Byrne. That roster is enough to make the one off StuntCasting guest list of some series blush.
* The 1964 concert film ''The T.A.M.I. Show'' had a lineup of the biggest musical artists at the time perform one right after another on the same stage including: Music/ChuckBerry, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Music/MarvinGaye, Music/LesleyGore, Jan and Dean, Music/TheBeachBoys, Music/TheSupremes, Music/JamesBrown and the Famous Flames and Music/TheRollingStones. A young Teri Garr is even one of the go go dancers in the back.
* ''Film/SmallSoldiers'': Creator/DavidCross, Jay Mohr, Creator/DenisLeary, Creator/KirstenDunst, and Creator/PhilHartman all appear live, plus Creator/TommyLeeJones, Creator/FrankLangella, Creator/ErnestBorgnine, Jim Brown, Creator/SarahMichelleGellar, Creator/ChristinaRicci and all three members of SpinalTap (Christopher Guest, Michael [=McKean=] and Creator/HarryShearer) do voice work.
* The cast list of 2011 [[TheFilmoftheBook film]] ''Film/TinkerTailorSoldierSpy'' boasts Creator/GaryOldman, Creator/ColinFirth, Creator/TomHardy, Creator/JohnHurt, Toby Jones, Creator/MarkStrong, Creator/BenedictCumberbatch and Ciaran Hinds, not to mention Creator/KonstantinKhabensky who's very well known in Russia. The star power is almost blinding.
* In the 2011 film ''Film/{{Contagion}}'', Creator/MattDamon, Creator/GwynethPaltrow, Creator/KateWinslet, Creator/LaurenceFishburne, Creator/JudeLaw, and Creator/MarionCotillard all play large roles. On top of that, there are several HeyItsThatGuy moments, including appearances by Creator/DemetriMartin, Creator/BryanCranston, John Hawkes, Enrico Colantoni and Elliot Gould.
* The movie ''Film/NewYearsEveNew'' has Creator/HalleBerry, Jessica Biel, [[Music/BonJovi Jon Bon Jovi]], Creator/AbigailBreslin, Ludacris, Creator/RobertDeNiro, Josh Duhamel, Zac Efron, Cary Elwes, Katherine Heigl, Alyssa Milano, SarahJessicaParker, [[Series/{{Glee}} Lea Michele]], Til Schweiger and many more.
* ''Film/ThinkLikeAMan'', BasedOnAnAdviceBook by Steve Harvey called ''Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man'', stars Taraji P. Henson, Creator/MeaganGood, Creator/KevinHart, Gabrielle Union and Chris Brown.
* ''The Stolen Jools'', a 1931 crime spoof that featured cameos from the likes of Edward G. Robinson, Joan Crawford, Creator/BusterKeaton, Creator/LaurelAndHardy, TheLittleRascals, Loretta Young, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., and about 30-40 other big name actors.
* ''13'', the American remake of ''13 Tzameti'', features a surprising number of recognizable faces: Creator/JasonStatham, Creator/MickeyRourke, Ray Winstone, Ben Gazarra, Alexander Skarsgard, 50 Cent, ''Dexter'''s David Zayas, ''{{Entourage}}'''s Emmanuelle Chriqui and MMA fighters Don Frye and Forrest Griffin.
* ''Film/{{North}}'' included the likes of Creator/ElijahWood, Creator/JasonAlexander, [[Creator/JuliaLouisDreyfus Julia Louis-Dreyfus]], JonLovitz, Creator/AlanArkin, Creator/DanAykroyd, RebaMcEntire, Creator/LaurenTom, Creator/KathyBates, Creator/AbeVigoda ([[WhatTheHellCastingAgency ?!]]), Creator/JohnRitter, and Creator/BruceWillis. Oh, and Creator/ScarlettJohansson in her film debut.
* ''Film/QueensLogic'' has Joe Mantegna, Creator/KevinBacon, Creator/JamieLeeCurtis, Creator/LindaFiorentino, Creator/JohnMalkovich, Ken Olin, Chloe Webb, Tony Spiridakis and Music/TomWaits.
* Parodied in the RealTrailerFakeMovie Jimmy Kimmel put together called "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3NwB9PLxss Movie: The Movie]]". It's a film meant to have a piece of every popular genre, with the trailer featuring many celebrities such as Creator/SamuelLJackson and CameronDiaz.
* ''Film/{{Timeline}}'' features the likes of Paul Walker, Frances O'Connor, Creator/GerardButler, Creator/BillyConnolly, David Thewlis, Anna Friel, Creator/NealMcDonough, Matt Craven, Ethan Embry, Michael Sheen, Lambert Wilson, Marton Csokas and Rossif Sutherland.
* ''Film/TheManInTheIronMask'' has Creator/LeonardoDiCaprio, Creator/JohnMalkovich, Creator/GabrielByrne, Creator/JeremyIrons, Creator/HughLaurie, Creator/PeterSarsgaard, and french Creator/GerardDepardieu, Anne Parillaud and Judith Godrèche.
* ''Film/{{Movie 43}}''. Many of which regret it now.
* ''Film/AfterHours'' features Griffin Dunne as the lead, along with Creator/RosannaArquette, Verna Bloom, Linda Fiorentino, Teri Garr, John Heard, Catherine O'Hara and Creator/CheechAndChong.
* ''Film/FourRooms'' has Creator/TimRoth as the main character, as well as containing Creator/AntonioBanderas, Creator/JenniferBeals, Creator/ValeriaGolino, Music/{{Madonna}}, Creator/IoneSkye, Creator/QuentinTarantino, Creator/LiliTaylor, Creator/MarisaTomei, Creator/TamlynTomita, Creator/AliciaWitt and Creator/BruceWillis in an uncredited role.
* ''Film/NowYouSeeMe'', featuring Creator/JesseEisenberg, Creator/IslaFisher, Creator/WoodyHarrelson, Creator/MichaelCaine, Creator/MorganFreeman, Creator/DaveFranco and Creator/MarkRuffalo.
* ''Film/TheWizardOfOz'' is one of the earliest examples of this. Creator/RayBolger (the Scarecrow), Creator/JackHaley (the Tin Man), Creator/MargaretHamilton (the Wicked Witch), Creator/BertLahr (the Cowardly Lion), and Creator/FrankMorgan (the Wizard)[[note]]The only member of the cast who didn't live to see the movie become the American institution it is today[[/note]] were some of the foremost actors in the early days of blockbuster talkies. Bolger, Haley, and Lahr in particular were also noted vaudeville performers.[[note]]Creator/JudyGarland (Dorothy) had appeared in a few movies before this one, but was still up and coming at the time.[[/note]]
* ''Film/AbbottAndCostelloMeetFrankenstein'', in addition to Creator/AbbottAndCostello themselves, includes a Who's Who of UniversalHorror stars: Creator/BelaLugosi as {{Dracula}}, Creator/GlennStrange as FrankensteinsMonster, Creator/LonChaneyJr. as [[Film/TheWolfMan1941 The Wolf Man]], and Creator/VincentPrice as [[spoiler:The Invisible Man]]. (Notably, this is the only other time Creator/BelaLugosi reprised his most famous role.)
* ''Film/PainAndGain'' features Creator/MarkWahlberg, Creator/DwayneJohnson, Creator/AnthonyMackie, Creator/EdHarris, Creator/TonyShalhoub, Creator/RobCorddry, Creator/RebelWilson, and even Creator/PeterStormare as OneSceneWonder.
* ''Film/KillYourDarlings'' stars Creator/KyraSedgwick, as Lucien Carr's mother, [[Creator/DaneDeHaan Dane DeHaan]] as Lucien Carr, Creator/DavidCross as Allen Ginsberg's father, [[Creator/MichaelCHall Michael C. Hall]] as David Kammerer, and Creator/DanielRadcliffe as Allen Ginsberg.
* ''Film/GoneInSixtySeconds'', the 2000 car heist movie, features a fairly loaded cast given the plot: Creator/NicolasCage, Creator/AngelinaJolie, Creator/GiovanniRibisi, Creator/ScottCaan, Creator/VinnieJones, Creator/DelroyLindo, Creator/TimothyOlyphant, Creator/ChristopherEccleston, Creator/RobertDuvall, and Creator/ChiMcBride.
* Creator/WesAnderson frequently pulls ensemble casts, but ''Film/TheGrandBudapestHotel'' takes it to extreme measures: led by Creator/RalphFiennes, the cast features Creator/JudeLaw, Creator/AdrienBrody, Creator/JeffGoldblum, Creator/WillemDafoe, Creator/EdwardNorton, Creator/FMurrayAbraham, Creator/HarveyKeitel, Creator/MathieuAmalric, Creator/TildaSwinton, Creator/OwenWilson, Creator/TomWilkinson, Creator/SaoirseRonan, Creator/JasonSchwartzman and Creator/BillMurray.
* ''Film/TheBigWedding'' contains Creator/RobertDeNiro, Creator/DianeKeaton, Creator/RobinWilliams, Creator/SusanSarandon, Creator/TopherGrace, Creator/KatherineHeigl, Creator/AmandaSeyfried and Creator/BenBarnes.
* The Hungarian version of ''Film/{{Carrie|1976}}'' has this; [[Anime/SailorMoon Kata Csondor]] as Carrie White, [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Tamara Zsigmond]] as Sue Snell, [[Anime/DragonBall Peter Bozso]] as Tommy Ross, [[WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfTheGummiBears Edina Somlai]] as Chris Hargensen, [[WesternAnimation/SouthPark Attila Kiraly]] as Billy Nolan, among others.
* ''Film/TheAviator'': Creator/LeonardoDiCaprio, Ian Holm, Creator/CateBlanchett, Creator/KateBeckinsale, Creator/AlecBaldwin, John C. Reily, Creator/JudeLaw, Creator/AlanAlda, Danny Huston.
* ''Film/{{Paddington}}'': Sally Hawkins, Hugh Bonneville, Creator/JulieWalters, Creator/PeterCapaldi, Jim Broadbent, Creator/NicoleKidman, Creator/BenWhishaw, Michael Gambon and Imelda Staunton.
* ''Film/IntoTheWoods'' features Creator/MerylStreep, Creator/JohnnyDepp, Creator/AnnaKendrick, Creator/EmilyBlunt, and much more, along with Broadway players Christina Baranski, Mackenzie Mauzy, Lilla Crawford, and Billy Magnusson. Talk show host Creator/EllenDegeneres pokes fun at the film's star studded cast by [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzIlBnQARIU creating her own trailer for the film]], which lists a comical assortment of celebrities as members of the cast.
* ''Film/PrideAndPrejudice'' features [[Creator/KeiraKnightley Elizabeth Swann,]] [[Creator/DonaldSutherland President Snow,]] [[Creator/JenaMalone Johanna Mason,]] [[Creator/CareyMulligan Daisy Buchannan,]] [[Creator/RosamundPike "Amazing" Amy Dunne,]] and, of course, [[Creator/JudiDench M]]. Takes HeyItsThatGuy UpToEleven, considering that half of them were completely unheard of before this movie came out.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* Many British costume dramas fulfil this trope to the letter, though occasionally the names are unknown in Hollywood but considered major stars in Britain.
** The 2005 version of ''Series/BleakHouse'' starred, among others, Gillian Anderson, Denis [[Franchise/StarWars "Wedge Antilles"]] Lawson, Charles Dance, Alun Armstrong, Pauline Collins, Ian Richardson and Anne Reid.
** The 1995 version of ''Film/PrideAndPrejudice'' has Creator/ColinFirth, Alison Steadman, Julia Sawalha and Creator/EmiliaFox.
** The 2007 ''Series/{{Cranford}}'' has Dame Creator/JudiDench, Simon Woods, Michael Gambon, Imelda Staunton, Julia Sawalha, Philip Glenister and Eileen Atkins, not to mention a host of beloved British character actors in supporting roles, among them Emma Fielding, Jim Carter, Deborah Findlay, Barbara Flynn, Greg Wise, and Francesca Annis. ''Return to Cranford'' upped the ante, adding names like Celia Imrie, Creator/TimCurry, Jonathan Pryce, Michelle Dockery, and a pre-''Film/TheAvengers'' Creator/TomHiddleston.
* ''{{Series/Deadwood}}'' has a pretty blinding cast for a TV show - Timothy Olyphant, Ian McShane, Powers Boothe, John Hawkes, Brad Dourif, Keith Carradine, Jeffrey Jones and Titus Welliver, with Brian Cox, Stephen Tobolowsky and Garret Dillahunt appearing as guest stars.
* ''Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre'' featured many well-known actors and actresses. There's Creator/RobinWilliams, Eric Idle, Paul Reubens, Mick Jagger, Howie Mandel, Peter Weller, Billy Crystal, and Vincent Price, to name a few. Directors of individual episodes included Creator/FrancisFordCoppola and Creator/TimBurton.
* ''MotherGooseRockNRhyme'' is practically filled with name talent, most of them in cameos: Shelley Duvall (the female lead), Cyndi Lauper, Bobby Brown, Woody Harrelson, Little Richard, Howie Mandel, Cheech Marin... In fact, protagonist Gordon seems to be the only major character to be played by a nobody (albeit in a role that was turned down by Jim Varney).
* Casting for ''Series/CriminalMinds'' tends to go this way. In the first two seasons, the cast had the drawing power of noted TV actors Creator/MandyPatinkin, Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore (well-known in the soap world as Malcolm on ''TheYoungAndTheRestless''). The second season saw the addition of TV veteran Paget Brewster, with the third season seeing Patinkin replaced by Joe Mantegna, with the eighth season seeing Brewster replaced by veteran actress Jeanne Tripplehorn (most famous previously for ''BasicInstinct''). The show has also become a StarMakingRole for Matthew Gray Gubler. A lot of guest stars on the show- especially lately- are name actors, with Creator/WilWheaton, Creator/JasonAlexander, Teri Polo and Michelle Trachtenberg, among others, all making appearances.
* Zig-zagged with ''Series/{{Glee}}''. When the show started most of the main actors were mainly unknown, but as time went on they all became hugely popular. They've been flanked by a respectable supporting cast (mainly musical theatre people) that includes Mike O'Malley, Creator/IdinaMenzel, Creator/NeilPatrickHarris, Carol Burnett, Whoopi Goldberg, Creator/KristinChenoweth, Ken Jeong, Gloria Estefan and Ricky Martin.

* This is the entire point of a posse cut in hip-hop. Some well-known examples:
** "Scenario" by A Tribe Called Quest & Leaders of the New School
** "Flava in Ya Ear (Remix)" the original was by Craig Mack, but the remix featured TheNotoriousBIG, LLCoolJ and BustaRhymes.
** DJ Khaled is known for these; some examples are "All I Do is Win", "We Takin' Over", and "Out Here Grindin'"
* The intersection of films and songs is of course concert movies, and Creator/MartinScorsese's ''The Last Waltz'', which documented and celebrated the last performance of Music/TheBand, assembled a murderer's row of talent. Aside from the group themselves, there were performances from Music/EricClapton, Music/JoniMitchell, Music/NeilYoung, Van Morrison, Muddy Waters, Dr. John, Paul Butterfield, and Bobby Charles ([[WTHCastingAgency Neil Diamond]] too, but we don't like to talk about him)--and of course, a set by Music/BobDylan, who brought The Band to prominence as his backing group before they went solo. Oh, and just for completeness sake, the last song adds in [[Music/TheBeatles Ringo Starr]] and [[Music/TheRollingStones Ron Wood]] as backing musicians.
* It's very common in jazz as the genre relies on the skill of their protagonists.
** Famous example is Music/MilesDavis' ''Kind of Blue'' from 1959 that features high-profile players like saxophonists Music/JohnColtrane, Cannonball Adderley and pianist Bill Evans. ''Bitches Brew'' from 1970 collected an impressive cast as well: guitarist {{John McLaughlin}}, pianists Chick Corea and Joe Zawinul as well drummer {{Jack DeJohnette}}. A bonus track from a reissue even had Billy Cobham! His two legendary quintets weren't far behind, so Miles definitly had a taste for a CastOfSnowflakes.
** Cannonball Adderley's 1958 album ''Somethin' Else'' had drummer Art Blakey, the "two Jones" Sam and Hank Jones (not related) and Miles Davis.
* This trope is the Raison d'être of the {{Supergroup}}, which assembles a group of famous musicians (or members of famous bands) and draws in fans with the promise of awesomeness by amalgamation. A special mention needs to go to Music/TheTravelingWilburys, who assembled an utterly unbelievable amount of talent (to quote its own trope page," BobDylan. Music/RoyOrbison. Music/TomPetty. Music/GeorgeHarrison and [[Music/ElectricLightOrchestra Jeff Lynne]]. Holy Shit.")-- and then released the entire thing under a StageName, with no reference to who they really were, because they were doing it to have fun and work with each other.
* {{Chickenfoot}} is composed of Music/JoeSatriani, [[Music/VanHalen Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony]] and [[Music/RedHotChiliPeppers Chad Smith]].
* This is a staple of the CharityMotivationSong genre, as seen in "Do They Know It's Christmas?" and "Music/WeAreTheWorld", and the charity benefit concert, as in the case of Live Aid.
* Music/KanyeWest's Music/MyBeautifulDarkTwistedFantasy, especially on All of the Lights.
* Jamie Foxx's video for "Blame It" both parodies this with its opening and plays it straight when you realize just [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blame_It#Music_video how many famous people]] are in the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfjtpp90lu8 video.]]
* MichaelJackson's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3V-7DEAgdc "Liberian Girl"]] which was literally just all his famous friends walking around a set talking and waiting for Michael to show up to the video shoot while the song plays in the background. That's the whole point.
* JohnnyCash's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJlN9jdQFSc "God's Gonna cut You Down"]].
* The song and video for "Bed Rock" by [[LilWayne Young Money]] features everybody in the Young Money group(and a few others) including LilWayne, NickiMinaj, {{Drake}}, Birdman and Lloyd.
* JayZ's [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Revmkhxu7dk "Roc Boys (And the Winner Is)..." video]] is packed with famous faces, some predictable (Diddy, Roc-a-Fella artists [[ThoseTwoGuys Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel]], Jadakiss, Freeway, Tru Life, and Young Gunz), some unexpected ones (rapper Rick Ross, singers MariahCarey, and Cassie, rap producers Swizz Beatz, Just Blaze, The-Dream, DJ Clue, and Irv Gotti, and ''Series/AmericasNextTopModel'' alum Yaya Dacosta), and a few downright surprising ones (former adversary {{Nas}}, ''Series/RockOfLove'' contestant Kristia Krueger, actors [[ThatsSoRaven Drew Sidora]] and [[BeverlyHills90210 Tristan Wilds]], athletes Zab Judah and Larry Johnson). Of this group, only Diddy and Cassie had a hand in creating the song. Ironically, the track's most famous contributors, KanyeWest and background vocalist BeyonceKnowles, are both absent.
* Music/DavidBowie's second and third videos from ''The Next Day'' (2013) attracted some name acting talent to shore him up: Tilda Swinton plays his wife in "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)", while Gary Oldman plays a Catholic priest and Marion Cotillard a prostitute in "The Next Day". (No links because neither clip is safe for work.)
* Slash's debut album was made on the theory that the guitarist would write whatever he wants in any genre he wants, then contacts the singer best suited for it when he's got a basic song laid down (most of them friends he's made throughout the years). This session ended up including Music/OzzyOsbourne, [[Music/TheStooges Iggy Pop]], [[Music/{{Soundgarden}} Chris]] [[Music/{{Audioslave}} Cornell]], [[Music/{{Motorhead}} Lemmy Kilmister]], Music/KidRock, an instrumental with Music/DaveGrohl and his old Music/GunsNRoses band-mate Duff [=McKagen=], and Music/AliceCooper doing a duet with [[Music/PussycatDolls Nicole Scherzinger]] among others. Two of the only names he wasn't able to get for various reasons were [[Music/{{Megadeth}} Dave Mustaine]] and [[Music/TheWhiteStripes Jack White]].
* Music/{{Megadeth}}'s 2013 Gigantour already included several bands with celebrity members, except they were playing in smaller or less famous bands. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nPDBGxgu2I Then one night in Texas]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L52eXjOFFuk they all]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9g9GwnQVFw got on stage together]] to perform "Cold Sweat" by Music/ThinLizzy while Slash was in the building. This ended up becoming a jam of David Ellefson and Music/JasonNewsted on bass, [[Music/{{Pantera}} Vinnie Paul]] on drums, Mustaine, [[Music/{{Mudvayne}} Chad Gray]] and [[Music/{{Disturbed}} David]] [[Music/{{Device}} Draiman]] on vocals, and Mustaine, Chris Broderick, Shawn Drover off his kit, Slash and [[Music/BlackLabelSociety Zakk]] [[Music/OzzyOsbourne Wylde]] on guitar. So basically, a number of famous names in metal ([[MyFriendsAndZoidberg and then the fellow from Death Division]]). For a {{metalhead}}, Dave Mustaine announcing these names quickly became SerialEscalation.
* Disney's Friends for Change's inaugural song "Send It On" features Music/MileyCyrus, Music/SelenaGomez, Music/DemiLovato, and Music/TheJonasBrothers - a rather modest lineup even by Disney's standards. The accompanying GreenAesop campaign recruited literally every star they had on their shows at the time.
* Creator/{{Sam Kinison}}s video for his cover of "Wild Thing" was a who's-who of 80's metal and rock stars. [[{{Music/Aerosmith}} Steven Tyler and Joe Perry]], Music/BillyIdol, the entire line-up of Music/{{Ratt}}, [[Music/GunsNRoses Slash and Steven Adler]], [[Music/BonJovi Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora]], [[Music/{{Poison}} C.C. Deville]] and [[Music/MotleyCrue Tommy Lee]]. All there to mostly get blitzed and sing back-up.
* The studio album version of ''Here Lies Love''. The music and lyrics were a collaboration between Music/DavidByrne and Music/FatboySlim. The guest talent they brought in to sing the album included [[Music/FlorenceAndTheMachine Florence Welch]], Music/CandiePayne, Music/StVincent, Music/ToriAmos, Music/MarthaWainwright, Music/NellyMcKay, Music/SteveEarle, Music/CyndiLauper, Music/AllisonMoorer, Music/CharmaineClamor, Music/RoisinMurphy, Music/{{Camille}}, Music/TheresaAndersson, [[Music/SharonJonesAndTheDapKings Sharon Jones]], Music/AliceRussell, [[Music/TheB52s Kate Pierson]], [[Music/{{Sia}} Sia Furler]], Music/{{Santigold}}, Music/NicoleAtkins, [[Music/TenThousandManiacs Natalie Merchant]], and [[Music/MyBrightestDiamond Shara Worden]].

[[folder:Puppet Shows]]
* Many Muppet films from ''Film/TheMuppetMovie'' onwards have a variation: the Muppets themselves are the stars, but most of the human supporting characters and cameos are name performers. And the first three films even work in cameos from ''Series/SesameStreet'' characters!

* A New York production of ''TheSeagull'' featured Creator/MerylStreep as Irina, Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Konstantin, NataliePortman as Nina, Kevin Kline as Trigorin, Creator/ChristopherWalken as Sorin, Marcia Gay Harden as Masha, Stephen Spinella as Medviedenko, Debra Monk as Polina, John Goodman as Shamraev and Morena Baccarin was Nina's understudy.
* ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8_%28play%29 8]]'', a play which recreates the Perry v. Schwarzenegger trial about the legality of gay marriage in California, features an incredible cast of Creator/GeorgeClooney, Creator/MartinSheen, Creator/BradPitt, Creator/KevinBacon, ChristineLahti, Creator/JamieLeeCurtis, [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Yeardley Smith]], JohnCReilly, GeorgeTakei, Creator/JaneLynch and more.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* The ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'' series sports an impressive cast, featuring Haley Joel Osment, David Gallagher, Creator/HaydenPanettiere, Jesse [=McCartney=], Brittany Snow, Creator/ChristopherLee, Creator/LeonardNimoy and Creator/MarkHamill. And that's not even getting into the crossover characters.
* ''VideoGame/MitsumeteKnight'', then aimed by Creator/{{Konami}} as the next ''VisualNovel/TokimekiMemorial''-like CashCowFranchise, benefitted of such a voice actor cast: among the main heroines can be found Creator/HirokoKonishi, Creator/YumiTouma, Creator/MarikoKouda, Creator/KikukoInoue, Creator/JunkoIwao, Creator/MichikoNeya, Creator/YukaImai, Creator/HoukoKuwashima, Creator/ShihoNiiyama, Creator/YukoMizutani, Creator/YukoMinaguchi, and Creator/WakanaYamazaki; the enemy characters count Creator/DaisukeGori, Creator/TakeshiAono, Creator/NobutoshiCanna, and Creator/YasunoriMasutani in their ranks; and the secondary characters have Creator/KazuyaNakai and Creator/HideoIshikawa as well.
* ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'''s voice cast includes Creator/DannyTrejo, Creator/YuriLowenthal, Creator/LauraBailey, Roger Cross, Zachary Levi, FeliciaDay, Creator/SteveBlum, Michael Hogan, Kris Kristofferson, Debra Wilson, Courtenay Taylor, Creator/KeithSzarabajka, etc.
* ''VideoGame/PlaystationAllStarsBattleRoyale'' goes to great lengths to maintain its cast's more iconic voices, pulling in actors from across 3 continents at times. The main roster includes Creator/NolanNorth, Sean Pertwee, Creator/TaraStrong, Creator/JamesArnoldTaylor, DavidKaye, Creator/JoshKeaton, Creator/QuintonFlynn, Creator/CoreyBurton, Creator/SanaeKobayashi, Creator/UnshoIshizuka and Creator/JenniferHale in the game's only [[TheOtherDarrin Darrin]] (of [[VideoGame/HeavenlySword Nariko]]). Secondary [=NPCs=] include Creator/StephenFry, Creator/DanGreen, Armin Shimerman, Music/GreyDeLisle, Jason Donovan and Creator/ClancyBrown.
* The ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'' series has definitely got an all star cast. For example, the overall voice cast includes Creator/RobinAtkinDownes, Creator/KeithDavid, Terrence Stamp, Creator/OrlandoJones, Creator/JenniferHale, Michael Wincott, Creator/MichelleRodriguez, Creator/RonPerlman, Zachary Levi, Ron Livingston, Creator/NathanFillion, Creator/AlanTudyk, Creator/SteveBlum, Creator/AdamBaldwin, Creator/NolanNorth, Creator/JonathanRoss, Tricia Helfer, Mark Rolston, Creator/KeithSzarabajka, Creator/YuriLowenthal, Main/GideonEmery, Creator/ConanOBrien, etc. Live action adaptations also add Creator/AnnaPopplewell, Daniel Cudmore, and Ty Olsson, among others.
* ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsOnline'' has big names like John Cleese, Bill Nighy, Kate Beckinsale, Michael Gambon, and Jim Cummings.
* ''VideoGame/KidIcarusUprising'' has big-time voice-acting talent behind its colorful cast of characters, including CreeSummer, AliHillis, NikaFutterman, KariWahlgren, TroyBaker, and FredTatasciore, among other talented voice actors.
* ''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening'' features voice acting by big names in the anime dubbing industry, with MatthewMercer frontlining as Chrom. He is joined by DavidVincent, MichelleRuff, Creator/LauraBailey, Creator/YuriLowenthal, Creator/KyleHebert, CindyRobinson, KarenStrassman, and many others.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* ''VisualNovel/CorpseParty'' has the following: Creator/HiroShimono, Creator/RinaSato, Creator/YuuichiNakamura, Creator/AsamiImai, Creator/EriKitamura, Creator/MiyukiSawashiro, Creator/TomokazuSugita, SatomiArai, Creator/IkueOtani and more.
* ''VisualNovel/{{Kanon}}'''s English dub has Creator/ChrisPatton, Creator/BrittneyKarbowski, Creator/JessicaBoone, Creator/MelissaDavis, Creator/MaggieFlecknoe, Tiffany Terrell, Creator/GregAyres, Natalie Arneson, Joanne Bonasso, Creator/CaitlinGlass and Creator/ColleenClinkenbeard. The latter two being Creator/FUNimation actors certainly surprised people that they would be featured in an Creator/ADVFilms release.
* ''VisualNovel/MajiDeWatashiNiKoiShinasai'' has an All Star Cast of Japanese seiyuu working together on an Eroge and its subsequent anime adaptation.
* ''VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry'': The cast is huge, but is filled with famous and experienced seiyuu. It features the talents of Creator/SayakaOhara, YuuKobayashi, Creator/RieKugimiya, Creator/YuiHorie, Creator/DaisukeOno, Creator/KenichiSuzumura, Creator/MarinaInoue, Creator/RinaSato, Creator/RikiyaKoyama, Creator/AtsukoTanaka, Creator/YukariTamura, Creatro/KikukoInoue, Creator/TomokazuSugita, Creator/MinoriChihara, Creator/YokoHikasa, Creator/AkiToyosaki, Creator/EriKitamura, Creator/MikiIto, Creator/AmiKoshimizu, and Creator/EmiShinohara. The PS3 version of ''Chiru'' adds Creator/MiyukiSawashiro, NatsukoKuwatani, Creator/ShizukaIto, Creator/MitsukiSaiga, Creator/MichikoNeya and Creator/AyakoKawasumi for good measure.

* ''WesternAnimation/TheScarletPumpernickel'' features Daffy, Sylvester, Porky, Elmer, Melissa Duck, Mama Bear, Henery Hawk, and J.L. Warner, an unusually large cast for the era.
* ''Carrotblanca'' tops that by including Bugs, Daffy, Yosemite Sam, Tweety, Sylvester, Penelope Pussycat, Foghorn Leghorn, and Pepe Le Pew. Plus, cameos by Pete Puma, Giovanni Jones, the Crusher, Porky Pig, Sam Sheepdog, Spike and Chester, Granny, Beaky Buzzard, Elmer Fudd, Rocky and Mugsy, and Gossamer.
* ''WesternAnimation/XiaolinShowdown'' has some of Western Animation's most famous voice acting names as well as some lesser-known but still-recognizable voices, including but not limited to: TomKenny as Raimundo and Hannibal Roy Bean ([[ManOfAThousandVoices and many other characters]]), Creator/JeffBennett as Clay and Master Monk Guan, TaraStrong as Omi, Music/GreyDeLisle as Kimiko, Wayne Knight as Dojo, Danny Cooksey as Jack Spicer, MauriceLaMarche as Master Fung and Tubbimura, Creator/JasonMarsden as Chase Young, Creator/JenniferHale as Katnappe, Creator/KevinMichaelRichardson as Pandabubba, and even [[Series/TheManFromUNCLE Susan]] [[WesternAnimation/TheLifeAndTimesOfJuniperLee Silo]] as Wuya.
* A good chuck of the talent in ''WesternAnimation/GreenLanternTheAnimatedSeries'' includes JoshKeaton, Creator/KevinMichaelRichardson, Music/GreyDeLisle, Creator/JenniferHale, Creator/TomKenny, BrianGeorge, Creator/CoreyBurton, Creator/JeffBennett, Creator/RobPaulsen, Creator/ClancyBrown, Creator/DeeBradleyBaker, Creator/DiedrichBader, Ian Abercrombie, Creator/JohnDiMaggio, JonathanAdams, Creator/KurtwoodSmith, Creator/RonPerlman, Creator/TaraStrong, and Creator/WillFriedle.
* Most of the historical figures in ''WesternAnimation/LibertysKids'' were played by well known actors. The most notable example is Walter Cronkite as Creator/BenjaminFranklin. Others stars on the show included Billy Crystal, Creator/BenStiller, Annette Bening, Creator/SylvesterStallone, Michael York, Creator/DustinHoffman, Aaron Carter, Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger, and Creator/WhoopiGoldberg.
* ''{{Creator/Rabbit Ears Productions}}'' had created many stories for VHS that were narrated by well known Hollywood actors and actresses which included Creator/MerylStreep, Creator/DenzelWashington, Creator/RobinWilliams, Creator/WhoopiGoldberg, {{Jonathan Winters}}, Creator/BenKingsley, Creator/MaxVonSydow, Creator/JeremyIrons, Creator/MegRyan, Creator/JackNicholson, Creator/SigourneyWeaver, and Creator/JohnHurt.
* ''WesternAnimation/TotalDrama'' in spades!
** The original English version (USA/Canada/Australia/NZ) has [[WesternAnimation/{{Sixteen}} Christian Potenza, Megan Falhenbock, Stephanie Anne Mills]], [[WesternAnimation/YinYangYo Scott McCord]], [[WesternAnimation/{{Cyberchase}} Novie Edwards, Annick Obonsawin]], and others to name.
** In Brazil, we have [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Mariana Torres]], [[Creator/JimCarrey Marco Ribeiro]], [[Film/HarryPotter Luisa Palomanes, Charles Emmanuel]], [[Film/CaptainAmericaTheFirstAvenger Clecio Souto]], [[Disney/{{Aladdin}} Silvia Goiabeira]], [[Disney/TheLittleMermaid Marisa Leal]], [[Film/TheLegoMovie Renan Freitas]], [[Film/TheHungerGames Gabriela Bicalho]], [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Rodrigo Antas]], [[Series/{{Glee}} Wirley Contaifer]], [[WesternAnimation/PlanetSheen Felipe Drummond]] and many more.