->''Last time aliens invaded all they did was force the most intelligent of us to pair off and mate continuously... Oh, yes...''
-->--'''Professor Hubert Farnsworth''', '''''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}''''', applying an AnticipatoryBreathSpray.
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A specific kind of AppliedPhlebotinum often used in {{Fanfic}}s to get two characters who have little motivation to have sex to [[{{PornWithoutPlot}} do so]].

In the most traditional use of this trope, aliens kidnap the characters and require them to have sex for scientific study or experimental purpose. The trope's meaning widened to include any case where an external force contrives, orders or [[MindControl forces]] the characters to have sex for its own purpose. The trope is parodied as often as used straight.

A {{Shipping}} trope. Often used in SlashFic, or with {{Crack Pairing}}s of characters who hate each other. May lead to MPreg justified by alien technology.

A variety of DeusSexMachina, and an extreme case of KissingUnderTheInfluence. Compare with MateOrDie.

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