'''''Alice''''' can refer to the following works:

* ''Series/{{Alice|1976}}'', the CBS work com running from 1976-85, starring Linda Lavin.
* ''Series/{{Alice|2009}}'', the 2009 Syfy miniseries, loosely based on Lewis Carroll's ''Literature/AlicesAdventuresInWonderland''.
* ''Film/{{Alice}}'' (''Něco z Alenky''), a 1988 Czech film by Creator/JanSvankmajer.
* ''Alice'' (1990), a Creator/WoodyAllen film. [No page yet.]
* ''Theatre/{{Alice}}'', a musical by Sydney theatre group Mac MS.
* ''Literature/{{Alice}}'', a horror novel by Avalon Roselin.
* The ''Literature/AliceSeries'' of young adult books.
* ''Webcomic/{{Alice}}!'', a webcomic by Michael Fleming.

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