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In UsefulNotes/{{Alchemy}}, there are believed to be four elements: [[BlowYouAway Air]], [[MakingASplash Water]], [[DishingOutDirt Earth]], and [[PlayingWithFire Fire]]. These four elements have corresponding elementals that are associated with each element: '''Sylph''' (sometimes known as Silpheed), '''Undine''', '''Gnome''' (often replaced with Golems), and '''Salamander''' (sometimes replaced with Efreet), respectively.

Except for the [[FierySalamander Salamander]][[note]]See the Myths section for a detailed explanation on that one[[/note]], they first appeared in the alchemical works of Paracelsus. From there, these elementals took root in popular imagination, and frequently appear as a set representing their respective elements. They are the most common form of ElementalEmbodiment for the classical elements.

Subtrope of ElementalEmbodiment. May be a kind of NatureSpirit. See also ElementalPowers.


[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''{{Manga/Aria}}'': The gondoliers who act as tour guides are called Undines. Those who crew the weather stations that regulate Mars's weather and keep it warm enough are called Salamanders. Those running the underground relativistic machinery that keep Mars's gravity at 1G are Gnomes. And those who ride one-man anti-gravity flyers to provide delivery services are called Sylphs.
* ''{{Manga/Berserk}}'' eventually features elements once Schierke shows up. She is able to commune with the elemental spirits (the Earth spirit appears to be a golem), and gives the others elemental weapons: Isidoro gets a fire dagger crawling with tiny lizard-shaped things, Serpico gets a wind-infused cloak and rapier, and presumably Guts would have gotten an earth-infused axe if he hadn't turned it down in favor of his Dragonslayer.
* In ''Anime/DigimonFrontier'' the "main character" Takuya's digimon forms are all fire based of a dragon nature. Two of his Human Form's attacks are (in Japanese) Burning Salamander and Salamander Break, and his [[{{Leitmotif}} Character Theme]] is titled ''Salamander''.
* Natsu 'Salamander' Dragneel of ''Manga/FairyTail''. Although he's the only example thus far.
* In ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'', the original transmutation array for Roy Mustang's Flame Alchemy, [[spoiler: which he later destroyed by scarring Riza Hawkeye's back, which it had been tattooed to]], features a salamander, as do the simplified transmutation circles on his gloves.
* In ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'' Chao summoned fire spirits are called salamanders, surprisingly the wind equivalents are called valkyries.
* ''Anime/MonsterRancher'': The Undine and Salamanders show up as villains.
* In ''Anime/YuGiOhZEXAL'', Yuma received some support monsters that are based on these beings [[spoiler: as part of a BatmanGambit on the part of [[GreaterScopeVillain Vector]]]]. There are some more examples in the card game in the Tabletop Games folder.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* A group of superheroes known as "The Elementals" appear in ''{{WesternAnimation/Superfriends}}'', the members are one man and three women named Gnome, Undine, Sylph, and Salamander, whose powers are controlling earth, water, wind, and fire respectively.

* In {{Literature/Deverry}} they are collectively known as the Wildfolk, and are InvisibleToNormals. There's also a fifth type for the fifth element of Aethyr. Commanding Wildfolk is one of the most common ways a Dweomermaster (sorceror) influences the physical world - lighting or extinguishing fires by gesturing to Salamanders, encouraging Gnomes or Sylphs to lift or push objects, asking Wildfolk of the Aethyr to create a glowing aura, etc.
* Creator/MercedesLackey's ''Literature/ElementalMasters'' series has all four. They will serve those who have a talent for their respective elements, and cooperate with mages with a complementary element, but dislike and avoid those with opposing elemental affinity.
* Books of Creator/ETAHoffmann present all types. Some of whom were [[InterspeciesRomance in very close relationships with humans and other creatures]]. Generally, upsetting even benign ones is a catastrophically bad idea.
* Creator/RobertAHeinlein's short story "Literature/MagicInc" mentioned all of the standard 4 types (undine, salamander, gnome, and sylph).
* In L. Jagi Lamplighter's ''Literature/ProsperosDaughter'' trilogy, at one point, one character sneers at Paracelsus for having gnomes instead of oreads. Eramus explains that the original document had had oreads, and the Circle of Solomon had tampered with it to prevent that knowledge getting out -- you see, gnomes don't cause earthquakes. Other than that substitution, they are the typical four.
* All four are mentioned as possible afterlives for women in ''Literature/TheRapeOfTheLock'', depending on personality.
* Creator/TanyaHuff's ''Quarters'' series has them all, as well, as a kind of NatureSpirit. They can be "sung" (controlled) by those with the proper elemental affinity. Most have only one or two affinities, but some rare individuals can control three or even all four kinds.

[[folder:Myths and Folklore]]
* The Salamander is a special case, as one may have noticed, of the listed creatures, as it's the only one that is an existing animal. The Salamander and its associations with fire is one of the longest lasting myths in western civilization. The Romans believed Salamanders could extinguish fires by touching them. Literature/TheTalmud lists the Salamander as a creature of fire, whose blood makes one immune to fire. Creator/LeonardoDaVinci wrote that Salamanders have no digestive organs, only needing fire to feed themselves and regenerate. The exact reason for all these stories and the length of times through which they survived is often theorized to be due to a behavior of RealLife Salamanders. Being amphibians, they seek lair in humid locales, like stacks of wood kept outdoors. People would then use that wood to make fires, which would wake the Salamanders and cause them to flee for their lives, leaving people convinced the creatures had been "birthed" by the flames through abiogenesis. As wood remained a primary source of heating for humans till the industrial revolutions, such events, though rare, would keep reoccurring, ensuring that the myths of the fiery Salamander would live on.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* Several of Creator/{{Chaosium}}'s games had them.
** ''TabletopGame/{{Stormbringer}}/Elric'': The standard 4 types.
** ''TabletopGame/RuneQuest'': The standard 4 plus Shade (darkness)
* ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'' had the Elemental-Kin, which included the salamander and sylph. Gnomes and Undines aren't included, but they're plenty of other strange elemental beings to fill in the gaps.
* Salamanders appear as fiery serpentine spirits in ''TabletopGame/{{Shadowrun}}''. One in-universe point of view on why no one sees the other three types of elementals is that they have all been corrupted by human pollution into vicious toxic spirits.
* Various ''TabletopGame/YuGiOh'' card feature one of the alchemic elementals as monsters. The most notable one is Genex Undine, a SteamPunk version of Undine.
** Speaking of ''Yu-Gi-Oh!'' there are two [[OurMermaidsAreDifferent Mer]][[MakingASplash mail]] monsters named [[ThemeNaming Abyssdine and Abyssmander]].

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/ArcRiseFantasia'' has the four elementals as enemies, but in this game all of them take the form of floating magic wands that casts spells of their respective elements.
* Marin from ''VideoGame/BraveSoul'' can summon all four of them. Undine is spelled "Windy" due to a tranlation error.
* Appear in ''VideoGame/{{Drakengard}}'' as your allies' pact-creatures. Leonard gets a sylph (a SmallAnnoyingCreature), Arioch gets Undine and Salamander (who appear as a glowing blue/red orb respectively), but Seele gets a golem so huge its fists fill up the screen.
* In the ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' series, Salamander and Sylph appear as [[SummonMagic summons]] periodically, especially in the Ivalice games. Undine and Gnome have never appeared in the series; the honor of water elemental summon almost always goes to Leviathan and the earth domain is typically split between Titan and Golem.
** The exception being ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII'', which features the Entite class of enemy, in which all four alchemic elementals are represented.
** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIIRevenantWings'' features Salamander, Sylph and Gnoam as Rank 1 espers (fire, non-elemental and earth respectively), with Rank 2 water esper Siren possibly standing in for the Undine.
** In the UsefulNotes/{{PlayStation}} version of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyI'', the Earth Elemental was translated as "Gnoma".
* Averted in ''VideoGame/GoldenSun'', where the elementals are called Djinn, {{Mon}}-like creatures with different appearances depending on their effect (in ''Dark Dawn'', the previous games gave all those of the same element the same appearance). However, the standard elementals (gnomes, salamanders, faeries and a merman) do appear as enemies. The Mars lighthouse represents each element with fish (water), humans (earth), birds (wind), and dragons (fire).
* ''VideoGame/LostMagic'' has each of the AlchemicElementals as capturable/summonable monsters for their respective elements.
* In ''VideoGame/MonsterGirlQuest'', [[TheHero Luka]] has to find and defeat Sylph, Gnome, Undine and Salamander, the four elemental spirits, in order to [[DefeatMeansFriendship absorb]] [[FusionDance their]] [[StatusBuff power]].
* ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'': Charmander and its line of evolution appears to be based on the salamander's association with fire. Its first form is obviously named after salamanders, and it ultimately becomes a fire-breathing dragon.
* Typically, these are a special form of demon in ''Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei'', which have unusual effects when used in fusions.
* In ''VideoGame/TacticsOgre'': The Knight of Lodis, the four elemental SummonMagic spells are named for them.
** In ''VideoGame/OgreBattle64'' Salamanders are summoned by the Elem Predra of Fire.
** In ''Videogame/OgreBattle'', Salamanders are the top tier fire dragons. Sylph, mispelt Syliphs, are the improved versions of Fairy.
* ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia'' and ''VideoGame/TalesOfPhantasia'' had summon spirits of certain elements and had Gnome, Undine, and The Sylphs, and Salamander was replaced with a Djinn-like creature called Efreet. Additionally there was Maxwell who had providence over the four nature spirits, Shadow the summon spirit of Darkness, Celsius of Ice, Luna and Aska of light (The Moon and the Light specifically in Phantasia), Volt of lightning, and Origin of ''everything''.
* Multiple titles in the ''VideoGame/WorldOfMana'' series (including ''VideoGame/SwordOfMana'', ''VideoGame/SecretOfMana'', and ''VideoGame/SeikenDensetsu3'') feature Undine, Gnome, Salamander, and Sylph as spirits that you can take along to help you by casting spells of their respective elements. There are also 4 other unrelated spirits: Shade (darkness), Dryad (wood), Wisp/Lumina (light), and Luna (moon).

[[folder: Webcomics]]
* ''Webcomic/SleeplessDomain'''s protagonists have them as names (although with the exception of Undine and Tessa, the names used are deviations from the respective being). They correlate to the element of magic used (except Tessa, which uses Aether, which has no elemental) Sally uses Fire Magic, Undine uses Water, Gwen uses Earth Magic and Sylvia uses Air magic.