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->''"To be honest, [[Creator/DanielRadcliffe you]] and Creator/{{Rupert|Grint}} and Creator/{{Emma|Watson}} are all '''too''' good-looking!"''
-->-- '''Creator/JKRowling''', ''A Conversation with J.K. Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe''

You've just learned that your favorite book, ''The Life and Times of AliceAndBob'', is being made into a [[TheFilmOfTheBook movie]]. In the book, Alice is average-looking and slightly overweight, and Bob is a balding middle-aged guy. So why does it star Creator/AngelinaJolie and Creator/BradPitt?

An adaptation and biopic trope, Adaptational Attractiveness is when a someone who was originally fat, plain, or even downright ugly is played by a much more conventionally attractive actor -- or, in non-live action media, is drawn/animated in a similar manner. This also applies to clothing: characters whose attire is described as grotesque will become fashionably dressed.

Although sometimes it's who can play the part best, while finding actors who look like the way the characters are described can be problematic. Because let's face it, how many ugly actors -- and still fewer ''actresses'' -- are there?

Related to HollywoodHomely. See also RaceLift, which normally doesn't have the same effect, and ProgressivelyPrettier, when something similar happens without an adaptation. When this is done to a real life person, it's HistoricalBeautyUpdate. Frequently occurs when a character is PromotedToLoveInterest. See also BigBraToFill and BeautyInversion. If the casting directors wanted the character to be ugly but an attractive actor gave the best audition, it's AbilityOverAppearance.

The fandom version of this is SelfFanservice.

Contrast AdaptationalUgliness.
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* The painting ''[[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ulysses_and_the_Sirens Ulysses and the Sirens]]'' by Herbert James Draper, which shows a dramatic depiction of that event, portrays the Sirens as lovely temptresses, rather than the hideous bird-women they are in mythology. (The painting also shows them more aggressively trying to seduce the sailors; the ones in myth were never stated to leave the safety of their island while singing.)

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''Fanfic/ABeaconInTheDark'': Midoriya in the original manga is constantly described as plain-looking by everybody and his adorable status never translates in-universe. In this fic, Midoriya starts working out much earlier and as a result, his muscles are much more voluptuous, and, for a reason never explained, the clothes he has are much more form fitting and showcase it proudly. The art style also helps to showcase both his adorablebeness and hotness to other characters, and many people praise his looks. In fact, All Might even scoffs at [[MythologyGag Midoriya being called plain-looking]].
* One ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' fanfic has the canonically overweight Agnes and her SplitPersonality Perdita separate into two slim, beautiful women.
* A fanfic of ''VideoGame/FireEmblemFates'' titled ''FanFic/ABrighterDark'' did this for Corrin. While the canon appearance of Corrin wasn't exactly ugly, Corrin in the fanfic is much more sexually appealing to match her [[ReallyGetsAround habits.]] [[AmazonianBeauty Her stronger and more muscular build probably helped as well.]]
** [[spoiler: [[CoveredInScars Though it becomes subverted over time...]]]]
* In the ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZelda'' franchise, in general:
** Ganondorf goes from a scary-looking walking tank of a man to being much more handsome, if still imposing.
** Dark/Shadow Link goes from a shadowy featureless thing with glowing red eyes to basically Link's normal appearance but with a black tunic.
** The Gerudo lose the big pointy noses.
** Fairies go from balls of light with wings or cartoonish sprites to beautiful tiny women.
*** The Great Fairies are a partial example: In ''Ocarina of Time'' and ''Majora's Mask'' they were ''supposed'' to be beautiful women clad only in vines, but the limitations of the graphics and high-pitched voices put them squarely into the UncannyValley. No such limitations with fanart, though.
** Even ''Epona'' frequently gets softened, going from a mighty horse to something more ''Franchise/MyLittlePony''-esque.
** Wolf Link from ''Twilight Princess'' similarly becomes significantly cuter than the game's beast of war who defeats Poes by ripping the souls out of them.
* Dipper and Mabel in the ''Fanfic/ReverseFallsAU'' are inexplicably aged-up, electric blue-eyed, hot-as-heck versions of their canon selves. And dressed in sharp magician's outfits to boot!
* In [[Literature/HarryPotter canon]], Neville Longbottom's grandmother Augusta was a frail old lady ([[NeverMessWithGranny albeit one more dangerous than she appears]]). In ''Fanfic/PrincessOfTheBlacks'' she's a middle-aged blonde who's just starting to grey and has significant muscles from her hobby of making bronze statuettes. WordOfGod states that it made little sense for her to be a frail old lady when she is only in her sixties and wizards easily live twice as long as Muggles.


* Depictions of the late Music/RitchieValens have a tendency to portray him as quite a bit more conventionally handsome than he was in {{real life}}. The real Valens certainly wasn't ''unattractive'', but he had a noticeably broad face, and his plump cheeks gave him a rather babyish appearance. But if he appears on film, television or theatre, he's invariably played by a TallDarkAndHandsome Latino actor with a much slimmer face (see ''La Bamba'', the film and stage versions of ''The Buddy Holly Story'', etc.). Valens' young age may be a factor in this: since he died at the age of 17, some people seem to picture him as a classic teenage heartthrob. In actuality, of course, he had a successful career because he was a gifted musician, not because of his looks.
* Music/LindseyStirling uses this to an extent. In "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtQb2axKpuw Star Wars Medley]]" Lindsey is dressed as Leia, with the traditional long white dress and hair coils. However, her dress is fitted and she wears heels, unlike the original, making her much more attractive.
* When the English language Music/{{Vocaloid}}s (Mmost using Stock Photos as box art) were released in Taiwan, their box arts were changed to be younger and anime style, and in the case of Sweet Ann, more attractive. This move was quite baffling in the case of Big Al, who was already an attractive anime style man to begin with.

[[folder:Myths & Religion]]
* In [[Myth/ClassicalMythology Greek mythology]], the Gorgons -- Medusa and her two immortal sisters -- are described as so ugly that people turned to stone from just looking at them. None of their depictions from Greek vase paintings to modern movies lives up to that image; however, in some cases Medusa actually [[GorgeousGorgon looks classically beautiful apart from her snake-hair]]. There's normally conflicting myths about Medusa's appearance, some sources describing her as a hideous monster, others saying Aphrodite ironically made Medusa retain her mortal beauty and others offering a compromise where Medusa was both beautiful and terrible at the same time.
* Sirens in their earliest incarnations were bird women. Most stories that feature them have them as [[SirensAreMermaids beautiful mermaids]].

* [[Creator/MidwayGames Bally's]] ''[[Pinball/StarTrekBally Star Trek]]'' pinball does this to Kirk, Spock, [=McCoy=], and Uhura. Most prominent for the men, who are shown with [[HeroicBuild bulging biceps, broad shoulders, and sculpted pecs.]]

* In Lynn Rigg's play ''Green Grow the Lilacs'', Ado Annie is described as "an unattractive, stupid-looking farm girl" wearing a "very unbecoming" dress. This description was not carried over into the script of ''Theatre/{{Oklahoma}}'', the musical adaptation of ''Green Grow the Lilacs''; it certainly didn't apply to Celeste Holm of the original cast, who practically qualified as MsFanservice by the production's modest standards.
* In ''Literature/{{Wicked}}'', Elphaba is described as having a large nose and otherwise being, appearance-wise, sort of an acquired taste. In [[Theatre/{{Wicked}} the musical version]] she's HollywoodHomely. Then again, not even green skin can make most of her actresses unattractive. Of course this is the point. People focus on the fact that she has green skin and miss the fact that she actually is beautiful.
* Pretty much anything adapted by {{Takarazuka}} will do this to just about any character. For instance, their adaptation of ''Manga/RurouniKenshin'' made Kanryu and Saito much prettier than in canon, [[{{Bifauxnen}} for obvious reasons]]. Hell, they even managed to do it to UsefulNotes/AbrahamLincoln!
* In ''Phantom of the Opera'', the original book has the Phantom (Erik) wearing a full mask, and his face behind the mask extremely grotesque. He is described as deformed. In the stage musical, the deformities are limited to half his face, and the portion of his face not covered by the half-mask is handsome. This was done because full face prosthetics inhibited the actor's singing. It also often makes the deformed side actually look worse in comparison- from a skull in the book to a handsome man who appears to be ''rotting'' on one side. The fact that his hair turns out to be a wig, and that he's bald except for a few ratty, diseased-looking wisps of gray hair even on the good side, also makes the deformity makeup pretty effective in the final scene.
* In the Original Cast of ''Theatre/NotreDameDeParis'', Quasimodo was played by the wonderfully baby faced Garou.
* In the movie ''Film/TheFearlessVampireKillers'', Count von Krolock was a sharp-dressed but otherwise plain aristocrat. In ''Theatre/TanzderVampire'', the musical adaptation, he became MrFanservice extraordinaire. Getting played by a variety of handsome musical actors certainly helps.
* In ''Film/BigFish'', the Witch is depicted as a wizened old crone (played by a very heavily made-up Creator/HelenaBonhamCarter) who sees the future through her glass eye. Her counterpart in the ScreenToStageAdaptation is a much younger PerkyGoth who uses a normal crystal ball that doesn't replace any part of her body. This AgeLift was likely done [[spoiler: to enable her to outlive the protagonist and as such show up as one of the cameos at his funeral at the end]].

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* The main cast of love interests in ''VisualNovel/AstoriaFatesKiss'', excepting Hades, is made up of monsters from Myth/ClassicalMythology such as [[MultipleHeadCase Hydra, Cerberus]], and {{Medusa}}. Here, however, they are depicted as attractive men and women who look fully human, with their traditional monstrous appearances relegated to the supernatural Auras that give them their powers as godly monsters.

* In ''{{Webcomic/Prequel}}'', a webcomic based on ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIVOblivion'', Orcs, Khajiits and Argonians are [[RidiculouslyCuteCritter Ridiculously Cute Critters]]. In [[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIVOblivion the game]], unless you're playing with mods, good luck creating even a ''decent'' looking character with these races...