[[caption-width-right:300:The first issue of the original run.]]

''Weird Tales'' is a legendary PulpMagazine. Its original run lasted between 1923 and 1954; since then there have been various revivals, one of which is currently ongoing and [[http://weirdtales.com/ has a website]]. It publishes short stories in the horror and fantasy genres; as seen below, its long history includes contributions by many of the best known writers in those fields.

Scans of old ''Weird Tales'' issues can be found in [[https://archive.org/details/pulpmagazinearchive?and%5B%5D=weird%20tales the Internet Archive]].
!!Contributing authors include:
* Creator/RobertBloch: The future ''Literature/{{Psycho}}'' author broke in with Literature/CthulhuMythos fiction while he was a teenage correspondent of Lovecraft.
* Creator/RayBradbury
* Creator/RobertEHoward: The magazine was the birthplace of Franchise/ConanTheBarbarian, SolomonKane and Literature/{{Kull}}.
* Creator/HenryKuttner
* Creator/HPLovecraft: Contributed several stories, most notably [[CthulhuMythos "The Call of Cthulhu"]].
* C. L. Moore, who published her Literature/JirelOfJoiry and Literature/NorthwestSmith stories in the magazine.
* Creator/SeaburyQuinn: Not much remembered today, but actually the most popular contributor during the magazine's original run.
* Creator/ClarkAshtonSmith
* Creator/ManlyWadeWellman
* Creator/TennesseeWilliams: Believe it or not, he submitted a story to the magazine, the VeryLooselyBasedOnATrueStory [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Vengeance_of_Nitocris "The Vengeance of Nitocris"]].
** It got a ComicBookAdaptation in [[ComicBook/ConanTheBarbarian Savage Sword of Conan]] #216, which was filled with ShoutOut after ShoutOut to Williams' other works.
--->'''Conan:''' ... you will have to depend upon '''[[Theatre/AStreetcarNamedDesire the kindness of strangers!]]'''

!!Tropes associated with the magazine:
* HaveAGayOldTime: This magazine is not eccentric; weird used to mean scary.
* MagicianDetective: For a time the magazine had stories featuring Creator/HarryHoudini.
* SexyPackaging: The covers of the original run were notoriously {{fanservice}}y, featuring well-developed women scantily-clad or [[SceneryCensor nude but obscured]]. While these covers appealed to teenage boys of all ages, the most prolific artist was the female Margaret Brundage.