[[caption-width-right:180:[[TheDandy Eustace Tilley]] with butterfly.]]

'''[[http://www.newyorker.com/ The New Yorker]]''' is a weekly literary, cultural and news magazine [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin published in]] [[BigApplesauce New York City.]] Following its debut on February 21, 1925, it has produced 4000 issues. The magazine has a reputation for being both liberal and painfully highbrow, and is renowned for the collection of one-panel cartoons it includes in every issue; Creator/CharlesAddams, Creator/GahanWilson and Creator/JamesThurber are among the more famous of the artists it has employed over the decades.

It is also noted for its long nonfiction articles, such as John Hersey's 31,000-word piece on the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

!!Features examples of:

* AmericanNewspapers
* BigApplesauce: One of the major promoters of the trope.
* CaptionContest: Runs one every week with one of its cartoons.
* CausticCritic
* DadaComics
* {{Joisey}}: Like any good Manhattanite.
* PhonyArticle: House cartoonists are sometimes used to advertise products.
* SeriousBusiness: The proper rules of grammar must ''always'' be observed!