->''"Did we just go back in'' time''? Last I looked this was the twenty-first century, not the'' seventeenth''!''"
-->--'''Wisteria Allgood'''

''Witch & Wizard'' is a dystopian future/fantasy YA series by Creator/JamesPatterson and a number of co-writers. The eponymous first book was released in 2009; subsequent novels were published in 2010 and 2011, with the fourth novel released in 2013.

Whitford "Whit" Allgood and his younger sister Wisteria "Wisty" have been accused of being a wizard and witch. The government decides that they're "different" and sentences them to death. However, as the page quote suggests, it’s not the time of the original witch trials, but TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture, when the New Order has taken over the government and condemned art.

At first, Whit and Wisty are convinced there must have been a misunderstanding, but then their powers start to show...and all hell starts breaking loose.

The series is being given a graphic novel adaptation by Creator/YenPress and consists of four novels thus far:

# ''Witch and Wizard'' (2009)
# ''The Gift'' (2010)
# ''The Fire'' (2011)
# ''The Kiss'' (2013)

!! This series provides examples of:
* AddedAlliterativeAppeal: Both the title of the book and the names of the two protagonists.
* AdultsAreUseless: Which is why there is a secret community of kids living in an abandoned department store.
* AirVentPassageway: Justified. Wisty turns herself into a mouse before attempting this.
* AllAnimalsAreDogs: Averted. Lions and weasels act like they're supposed to, and the New Order has ordered all dogs in their Utopian city litter-box trained.
* {{Animorphism}}: Wisty turns herself into a mouse.
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: “Guns? Soldiers? In our house? In a free country? In the middle of the night? A ‘school’ night, even.”
* BadassFamily: The Allgoods, especially Whit and Wisty, are definitely this.
* BadassGrandpa: Despite the fact that he [[WouldHurtAChild kills innocent children]] for 'fun' and has made our protagonists'(and pretty much everyone else's) lives a living hell, The One Who Is The One is definitely this.
* BigBad: [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment The One Who Is The One.]]
** The Mountain King in ''The Kiss.''
* BodyHorror: A cockroach, who is really a human, gets his head bitten off by a giant rat.
** Pearce melts several people's faces in the third book. [[spoiler:When this happens - again - in book four, it finally gives away that Pearce has survived and disguised himself as Heath.]]
* BookBurning: And art burning, museum razing, artist killing.
* BurnTheWitch: Has become popular again.
* CrapsackWorld: Hoo boy, is it ever ! The [[TheEmpire New Order]] has brainwashed people, banned books, art, and music, and they are taking innocent children and either torturing them, turning them into [[ChildSoldier soldiers]], or much, much worse. Not to mention, the distrust, bombs,[[NightmareFuel Shadowland]]...
* DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment: The One Who Is The One.
* DystopiaJustifiesTheMeans: Rationale for the actions of General Bloom in Book 4.
* TheEmpire: The New Order is certainly one.
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: "''Witch and Wizard''". What do you think it’s about?
* {{Expy}}: Sasha is one of Fang from W&W's sister series, ''Literature/MaximumRide''.
* FieryRedhead: Played straight with Wisty. (Ironically, it's something she doesn't like about herself.)
--> Whit: [[PlayingWithFire 'Course, I always knew your hair was dangerous]].
* FunWithAcronyms: N.O., The New Order. Lampshaded by Whit: "NO. It seemed totally appropriate, even a touch poetic."
* GoodGirlGoneBad: Wisty starts heading down this path in book 4.
* GratuitousForeignLanguage: A prisoner in the New Order Reformatory.
* GreatBigBookOfEverything: Whit's blank journal will occasionally show them something interesting or helpful, but it's a crapshoot.
* HeelFaceRevolvingDoor: [[spoiler: Byron, between the first book and The Gift.]]
* HowWeGotHere: The prologue starts the book off at the Allgoods’ execution. The epilogue ends at the Allgoods’ execution.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: Wisty uses a [[spoiler:drumstick]] as a magic wand. Though to be fair, it was originally one, just disguised.
* ItMayHelpYouOnYourQuest: Before being taken away, Whit and Wisty are given an empty book and a drumstick, respectively.
* KaleidoscopeEyes: The One has them.
* KilledOffForReal: [[spoiler:Celia, Margo, and Sasha.]]
* LaResistance: A group of escaped kids hiding in a department store.
* LittleMissBadass: Wisty. She is fifteen years old and a truant, and yet, she is the most powerful witch in the story. Her brother is her equal, the One is greater than either of them, the Mountain King is at the One's level... and that's pretty much it. Sure, there are a few people in her weight class other than them, but only this three are actually 'stronger' or even as strong.
* LittleMissSnarker: Wisty.
* MagicWand: Although it doesn’t look like one at first…
* MeaningfulName: The protagonists’ last name is Allgood.
* MeaningfulRename: [[OnceAnEpisode Once a book]]. At the very end, Patterson lists [[{{Parody}} parodied]] books and pop stars that have been banned. One banned book is called [[Literature/MaximumRide Ultimate Armstrong]]. [[InJoke Get it?]]
* TheMole: [[spoiler:Jonathan.]] Someone certainly knows a lot about how to act around the New Order.
* ParodyNames: At the back of each book (original trilogy only), there is a list of works and artists banned by the New Order. Among them- ''[[Literature/TheCatcherInTheRye The Pitcher in the Wheat]], [[Literature/PercyJackson The Thunder Stealer]], [[Literature/HarryPotter Gary Blotter and the Guild of Rejects]], [[Literature/TheTwilightSaga The Firegirl Saga]], [[Literature/InheritanceCycle The Eldest Dragon]], [[Music/TheyMightBeGiants We Shall Be Titans]], [[Music/TalkingHeads The Walking Heads]], [[Literature/WarriorCats Brawlers]].''
* PatchworkMap: The city where most of the action takes place is said, as of book 4, to be surrounded by a wide variety of dangerous landscapes. These include the Mountain to the west, a desert in the south, and a forest to the east, beyond a river too dangerous to cross.
* PlayingWithFire: Wisty often catches on fire. "You want to see a ''real'' witch burning?"
* PlotHole: In one chapter, the protagonists are inside a supposedly magic-proof cell, held captive by the New Order. Wisty manages to magically open the cell door (which is locked) right before a prison guard enters the cell. The guard had to have seen the door open by magic, but simply leads the prisoners into a torture chamber and never mentions the would-be escape. To say the guard FailedASpotCheck would be an understatement.
** Actually, the Visitor opened the door. The chapter cut off right as the door unlocked, for effect. It only made it look like Wisty had used magic to pop open the lock. Unless the Visitor and Wisty [[LudicrousPrecision opened the lock at exactly the same time]]...Hmm...
* PortalNetwork: Leads into the Shadowland, which is basically a combo of [[Literature/TheDresdenFiles the Nevernever]] and [[Series/TheTwilightZone that creepy parallel dimension from "Little Girl Lost."]] These portals can only be accessed by "Curves;" those who cannot, called "Straight and Narrows," suffer PortalSlam instead.
* PragmaticAdaptation: The manga compresses the books while still keeping the overall plot.
* PunctuatedForEmphasis
** Nobody. Ever. ESCAPES!
* [[ShoutOut Shout-Out]]: To the author’s other series, ''Literature/MaximumRide''. To be more specific "kids with wings. That's likely."
** Also, in the list of banned books at the end of "The Gift," we have [[ParodyNames Ultimate Armstrong]], about a group of flying kids.
* StevenUlyssesPerhero: The heroes of this book are…the Allgoods.
* ToBeContinued: How the first two books end, hinting at their sequels. Averted by the third book, which was [[TrilogyCreep originally meant to be the last one anyway.]]
* TooDumbToLive: How The One Who Is The One treats any of his subordinates.
* TotallyRadical: Much like Creator/JamesPatterson’s other young adult series, ''Literature/MaximumRide''.
** However, the slang isn't so much outdated as it is offbeat, particularly in the first book, which is jam-packed with terminology like "pukka" (cool), "erlenmeyer" (flat New Order-type person), and "mingus" (dirty place).
* TrilogyCreep / PostScriptSeason: As with ''Literature/MaximumRide'' the series was originally limited to a trilogy. However, a fourth book, ''The Kiss,'' was released in February 2013.
* {{Tsundere}}: Wisty. One minute, she's joking around, and the next, [[ItMakesSenseInContext she's set herself on fire.]]
* TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture: Like ''Literature/KeysToTheKingdom,'' this might help explain the [[TotallyRadical weird slang]] and advanced technology.
* WeCanRuleTogether: [[BigBad The One]] [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment Who Is The One]] offers this to the protagonists, even teaching them how to control their magic a small bit.
* WeaselMascot: There is indeed a weasel, but he’s really a human and the protagonists are kind of forced to take him with them.
* WitchHunt: What the New Order is doing to those who go against their ideals.
* WouldHurtAChild: Virtually every villain in the series, especially {{Big Bad}}s like The One and, in book 4, the Mountain King.
* YouCantFightFate: 6 prophecies have been made about the Allgood family, and so far it looks like they're all going to come true. [[spoiler:Even the one about Whit and Wisty dying.]]