As the ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner'' wiki sayeth, this is the second ''Homestar Runner'' children's "book," and the first ''Homestar Runner'' web appearance [it's a flash file, but it's written in a book style]. Homestar has lost his hat, and he can't play in the big game without it! Will he find his hat in time?

This was later remade as an AnimatedAdaptation before the hiatus of the Homestar Runner Franchise.
!!Tropes featured in this "book" include:
* BigDamnHeroes: Homestar finds his hat just in time to score the winning run.
* DarkestHour: The Homestar Runner is depressed that he still hasn't found his hat.
* DrowningMySorrows: The Homestar Runner decides to mourn the seeming loss of his hat with a cold one. [[spoiler:This is how he finds his hat; specifically, he finds it between the milk and the cold ones.]]
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: The book is written in a pseudo-British style (in contrast with the pseudo-Japanese style of the Original Book). The most notable change is that Coach Z is spelled "Coach Zee"--because the normal spelling would have been pronounced "Coach Zed" in Britain.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: This book, which is aimed at children, has the first mention of cold ones which are later implied to be alcoholic beverages.
* IntentionalEngrishForFunny
* QuestioningTitle
* ViewersAreGoldfish: The title is repeated multiple times throughout the book.

!!Tropes featured in the AnimatedAdaptation include:
* BigDamnHeroes: Subverted. By the time Homestar finds his hat, [[spoiler:his team is down 94 points and it's only the second inning. Homestar's insistence on sticking to the book's script gets him suspended for the season]]. He plays this straight, however, by saving Strong Sad from a drowning death by accident.
* CallBack: Homestar kicking a soup can is a reference to his 1936 self.
* CatapultToGlory: An unintentional variant:
-->'''Homestar''': Without my hat, I won't be allowed to play in the big game!
-->'''Marzipan''': (angrily; on the couch) Well good! Then you can start mowing the lawn andó
-->'''Homestar''': [[SlapstickKnowsNoGender Let's look under the couch!]] (lifts up the chair forcefully enough to launch Marzipan)
* FakeBrit: Parodying the pseudo British nature of the original book, Homestar slips in and out of various accents.
* {{Metaphorgotten}}:
-->'''Coach Z''': A man's uniform is like a temple, wherein he keeps his uniform when he's not using it.
-->'''Homestar''': Are you suggesting my hat is inside my hat?
* LastPlaceYouLook: Homestar accidentally [[spoiler:left his hat in the fridge while he was busy leaving his hat in the fridge.]]
* NotHisSled: In the original book, [[spoiler:Homestar returns in time to score the winning run.]] Here, [[spoiler:his team ''isn't even close'' to winning, nor is the game close to over, and RealityEnsues as his running onto the field is declared illegal.]]
* RealityEnsues: As has been made clear already by now, [[spoiler:the adaptation is ''not'' favorable towards the ending]].
* TitleDrop: Enforced. Homestar refuses to understand Marzipan's question about where Homestar's hat is until she rephrases it into the title.