2004 book by David Hofstede celebrating the worst of television. Anything goes: individual plot points or elements, or even entire shows. Naturally, a must-read for anyone who visits the [[DarthWiki/SoBadItsHorrible So Bad It's Horrible]] or the [[DarthWiki/DethroningMomentOfSuck Dethroning Moment of Suck]] pages.

[[folder:The List]]
# ''Film/TheStarWarsHolidaySpecial''
# ''Series/{{Dallas}}''[='=] infamous "Bobby in the shower"/AllJustADream cop-out [[note]](the final scene of the Season 9 finale, which revealed that all events from Bobby's death onward didn't actually happen)[[/note]]
# ''The Creator/JerrySpringer Show'' turning from a decent talk show into a freak show for violent, sexually deviant human trash
# Jackie Gleason's flop game show ''Series/YoureInThePicture'' (1961)
# Creator/{{CNN}} tries to promote new journalist Paula Zahn as "sexy"
# The 1950s quiz show scandals [[note]](several late-1950s game shows were rigged to help contestants that execs wanted to win, bump players said execs wanted to lose, and generally fabricate "drama")[[/note]]
# The inclusion of [[TheScrappy Scrappy-Doo]][[invoked]] in the ''Franchise/ScoobyDoo'' franchise (1979-88)
# Geraldo Rivera reports on the discovery of UsefulNotes/AlCapone's vault and finds [[MockGuffin nothing]] (1986)
# ''Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?'' [[note]](2000 Creator/{{Fox}} reality one-off in which women competed to win the hand of a multi-millionaire, who turned out not to be as loaded as was previously thought; the winners never consummated and quickly annulled, making the two-hour special a wash)[[/note]]
# The Heidi Bowl [[note]](1968 football game between the New York Jets and Oakland Raiders from which Creator/{{NBC}} notoriously broke away before it was done to air the TV movie ''Heidi'', thereby missing ''two'' Oakland touchdowns scored in the final minute that flipped the outcome of the game; led to a rule requiring that TV networks '''''must''''' air sports games in their entirety)[[/note]]
# ''Series/TheBradyBunchHour'' [[note]](1976-77 ''Brady Bunch'' spinoff/revival where the actors/characters, except for Eve Plumb, star in a variety show)[[/note]]
# ''Series/MyMotherTheCar''
# Televangelist Oral Roberts announces that God will [[NeverSayDie "call him home"]] if he does not receive $8,000,000 from his flock
# ''The Anna Nicole Show'' [[note]](2002-04 E! RealityShow about the former ''Playboy'' model who became famous for marrying a wealthy old man and taking his family to court over his inheritance; Anna Nicole Smith was clearly unbalanced and/or stoned during filming and extra pressures of the show arguably hastened her death)[[/note]]
# How flawed the Emmy Awards are when it comes to picking winners
# Rampant ProductPlacement, particularly in televised sports
# Creator/WilliamShatner's notorious take on Music/EltonJohn's "Rocket Man" at the 1977 Science Fiction Film Awards
# ''Series/{{Dateline}}''[='s=] 1992 report on exploding General Motors trucks [[note]](said trucks supposedly exploded on impact due to their gas tanks, but after ''Dateline'' failed to produce an explosion, they '''rigged one''')[[/note]]
# TV movies on Amy Fisher [[note]](each of the Big Three rushed out a TV movie based on the then-17-year-old Long Island girl who shot her lover's wife in the face)[[/note]]
# ''Series/{{Supertrain}}'' [[note]](1980 NBC series about a giant nuclear-powered train, meant to be their answer to ''Series/TheLoveBoat''; most expensive pilot ever made, its flopping nearly sunk NBC for good)[[/note]]
# ''Life with Lucy'' [[note]](1986 ABC sitcom starring Creator/LucilleBall as the owner of a hardware store which, when it wasn't interminably boring, was putting Ball's safety in question every time the now-75-year-old actress had to do a stunt; its failure caused Lucy to leave television for good)[[/note]]
# ''The Goddess of Love'' [[note]](1988 NBC TV-movie that proved to the world that Vanna White should stick to her most famous role as eye candy on ''Series/WheelOfFortune'')[[/note]]
# ''FOX After Breakfast'' [[note]](failed late-1990s attempt at reviving FX's well-received but seldom-seen ''Breakfast Time'' morning chat show, only to meddle it into oblivion [Specifically, it met its end as "The Vicki Lawrence Show"]; this book's foreword is written by one of its co-hosts, Tom Bergeron)[[/note]]
# ''Series/LostInSpace'' episode "The Great Vegetable Rebellion" [[note]](the next-to-last episode from 1968, about sentient plants attacking the Robinsons)[[/note]]
# ''Turn-On'' [[note]](notoriously-awful [[DuelingShows competitor]][[invoked]] to ''Series/RowanAndMartinsLaughIn'' that aired on most Creator/{{ABC}} affiliates in 1969, either in full or partially; it was effectively canned before the first episode even finished airing)[[/note]]
# ''The Magic Hour'' [[note]](basketball legend Magic Johnson trying, and failing miserably, as a talk show host in 1998)[[/note]]
# ''Series/StElsewhere''[='s=] [[AllJustADream All Just a Vision in an Autistic Kid's Mind]] ending [[note]](the final scene of the 1988 GrandFinale)[[/note]]
# ''The $1.98 Beauty Show'' [[note]](1978-80 syndicated mock talent competition cast in the same vein as creator Creator/ChuckBarris' earlier ''Series/TheGongShow'', only with mostly-ugly women on parade instead of bizarre and marginally-talented men and women)[[/note]]
# ''Series/CopRock''
# ''Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell'' [[note]](ill-fated 1975-76 ABC VarietyShow hosted by the infamous sports broadcaster; not to be confused with the more popular ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' on NBC, though the Cosell ''SNL'' is the reason why the NBC version was officially named ''NBC's Saturday Night'' until March 1977 and is the impetus behind the show's famous line "Live from New York, it's ''Saturday Night''!")[[/note]]
# The epilogue of Music/MichaelJackson's 1991 "Black or White" music video [[note]](in which Jackson smashes up a car and engages in an absurd amount of crotch-grabbing even by his usual standards, to the shock of millions of viewers — including kids and their parents — who watched its simulcast on four American networks {FOX, MTV, VH1, and BET})[[/note]]
# ''Series/{{Dynasty}}'' re-casting Emma Samms as Fallon (beginning April 1985)
# ''Series/PinkLadyAndJeff'' [[note]](1979 Variety show whose failure is considered to be the final nail in the coffin for the VarietyShow format)[[/note]]
# ''Series/TwinPeaks''[='=] second season
# ''Drudge'' [[note]](1998-99 FoxNewsChannel show starring journalist Matt Drudge, known for his ''Drudge Report'' website; canned after the network refused to let him show a picture of a fetus)[[/note]]
# ''Series/{{Moonlighting}}''[='s=] poor handling of [[ShippingBedDeath Dave and Maddie as a couple]]
# [[ChuckCunninghamSyndrome Chuck Cunningham's disappearance]] on ''Series/HappyDays''
# Colby losing to Tina on ''Series/{{Survivor}}: Outback'' (2001)
# CBS' repeated attempts at morning shows (''Morning Show'', ''Calendar'', ''The Morning Program'')
# ''The Creator/DanaCarvey Show'' and how ABC [[ScrewedByTheNetwork screwed it over]] (1996)
# Several TV versions of films, including a ''Film/{{Casablanca}}'' adaptation (1983) with David Soul as Rick Blaine
# Burger King's "Where's Herb?" commercials [[note]](1985-86 commercial campaign prompting people to find "Herb", the only person in the world who has never eaten the chain's signature Whopper)[[/note]]
# ''Series/SmallWonder'' [[note]](infamous 1985-89 sitcom about a robotics engineer who creates a daughter named Vicki)[[/note]]
# ''Series/TheDukesOfHazzard'' [[TheOtherDarrin replacing Bo and Luke with Coy and Vance]] (1982-83)
# ''WesternAnimation/FishPolice'' [[note]](one of many early-1990s attempts by the Big Three to cash in on FOX's success with ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''; this, ''Family Dog'', and ''WesternAnimation/CapitolCritters'' all got canned due to low ratings, bad reviews, and ExecutiveMeddling)[[/note]]
# ''The Reagans'' [[note]](Creator/{{Showtime}} TV movie on UsefulNotes/RonaldReagan which was viewed as a total hatchet job — was supposed to air on corporate sibling CBS, but they decided it was too much of a hot potato)[[/note]]
# CousinOliver joins ''Series/TheBradyBunch'' for its final season
# The XFL [[note]](a TotallyRadical, UpToEleven attempt at a new football league, founded by NBC and Wrestling/VinceMcMahon...which proved to be sloppy, crude, and ham-fisted)[[/note]]
# 1960s TV rule against showing navels on women, which affected such shows as ''{{Gidget}}'', ''Series/GilligansIsland'', and ''Series/IDreamOfJeannie''.
# ''Thicke of the Night'' [[note]](heavily-promoted but poorly-received talk show starring Creator/AlanThicke)[[/note]]
# Shelley Hack taking over for Kate Jackson on ''Series/CharliesAngels''
# The 62nd Academy Awards telecast [[note]](the 1989 show featured an awkward, poorly-received ''[[Literature/SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs Snow White]]'' opening number with Rob Lowe playing the Disney-style Snow's blind date — the whole thing ultimately ruined the career of producer Allan Carr)[[/note]]
# Dan Rather [[SigningOffCatchPhrase using "Courage" as his signoff]] on the ''CBS Evening News'' [[note]](for one week in September 1985, Rather signed off this way due to problems at CBS, but it failed to have the desired effect and was seen as uncharacteristically insincere; after CBS fired him following the TANG scandal in 2004, he signed off this way for his final CBS Evening News broadcast just for the hell of it)[[/note]]
# ''Series/TheSecretDiaryOfDesmondPfeiffer'' [[note]](Creator/{{UPN}} sitcom which sounds like a fake show because ''WesternAnimation/ClerksTheAnimatedSeries'' mentioned it and it sounds so ridiculous it could only exist in fiction... [[AluminumChristmasTrees but, sadly, it's real]])[[/note]]
# NBC's Fall 1983 schedule [[note]](a huge list of flops including ''Series/{{Manimal}}'', ''Mr. Smith'', ''Boone'', ''The Bay City Blues'', ''For Love and Honor'', ''We Got It Made'', ''The Rousters'', ''The Yellow Rose'', and ''Jennifer Slept Here''; '''none''' of these were renewed for a second season)[[/note]]
# ''WesternAnimation/TheBrothersGrunt'' [[note]](MTV's replacement cartoon for ''WesternAnimation/BeavisAndButthead'' while ''B&B'' was being [[{{Bowdlerization}} edited for content]] following complaints about kids imitating the dangerous stunts {such as setting things on fire, putting dogs in washing machines, huffing oven gas, and hurling bowling balls off bridges})[[/note]]
# NBC failing to let Creator/DavidLetterman use the names of his NBC-era segments on CBS' ''Late Show''
# ''TheNewMonkees'' [[note]](An attempted revival of Franchise/TheMonkees concept during their return to popularity that didn't even come close to repeating the success or the notability of the original)[[/note]]
# ''Dusty's Trail'' [[note]](''Series/GilligansIsland'' [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: [[Recycled In Space IN THE OLD WEST! ]]
]], even down to starring Bob Denver)[[/note]]
# ''The Wilton North Report'' [[note]](failed news magazine show on FOX which replaced ''The Late Show with Creator/JoanRivers'' for a mere four weeks)[[/note]]
# ''Series/DarkShadows''[='=] "Leviathan" storyline [[note]](poorly-received 1969-70 story involving Barnabas as being under the spell of the title Leviathans and producing a mystery box)[[/note]]
# ''[[Wrestling/WWERaw WWF Raw]]''[='s=] Mark Henry/Mae Young storyline [[note]](which involved, among other things, an 80-year-old woman getting pregnant and giving birth after only three months...to a hand)[[/note]]
# ''Series/LandOfTheLost''[='s=] third season [[note]](Rick being PutOnABus)[[/note]]
# Music/{{Madonna}}'s "Like a Prayer" music video debut [[note]](drew outrage from MoralGuardians and cost her a Pepsi endorsement deal due to the video's blasphemous and racist imagery, which included burning crosses and Madonna making out with a black version of Jesus Christ)[[/note]]
# ''JoanieLovesChachi'' [[note]](failed spinoff of ''Series/HappyDays'')[[/note]]
# ''WesternAnimation/RogerRamjet'' and ''WesternAnimation/{{Underdog}}'' both getting bashed by MoralGuardians due to allegations of drug abuse
# ''Series/DaysOfOurLives'' deals with the Devil [[note]](1994-95 plot involving DemonicPossession)[[/note]]
# Attempts to [[TransAtlanticEquivalent Americanize]] ''Series/FawltyTowers'' (''Amanda's'' and ''Payne'')
# [[MissingEpisode The erasure of countless TV shows]][[invoked]]
# ''The Chevy Chase Show'' [[note]](FOX's notoriously-awful entry into the Late-Night Talk Show War of 1993, which only lasted five weeks)[[/note]]
# ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'' episode "[[Recap/StarTrekS3E1SpocksBrain Spock's Brain]]"
# Shows with talking babies (''Happy'', ''Baby Talk'', ''Baby Bob'')
# Roseanne Barr butchering the National Anthem at a San Diego Padres game in 1990
# ''NickAtNite''[='s=] NetworkDecay
# ''The Harlem Globetrotters on Series/GilligansIsland'' [[note]](from 1981, the last and least of three reunion TV movies for the ''Series/GilligansIsland'' cast)[[/note]]
# [[CampGay Paul Lynde]] as a bachelor on ''Series/TheDatingGame''
# ''Harold Robbins' The Survivors'' [[note]](high-budget ABC soap opera dud from 1969, starring George Hamilton and Lana Turner)[[/note]]
# Music/JanetJackson's WardrobeMalfunction at Super Bowl XXXVIII [[note]](freakout by MoralGuardians led to a ''massive'' crackdown by the FCC on "inappropriateness" and ever-increasing fines, which led to the FCC getting hauled before the Supreme Court)[[/note]]
# ''Series/{{Bewitched}}'' recycling scripts after TheOtherDarrin takes over
# ''Series/TheFlyingNun''
# ''Woops!'' episode "Say It Ain't So, Santa" [[note]](the bizarre Christmas episode of an already bizarre, short-lived FOX sitcom centered on apocalypse survivors)[[/note]]
# ''Battle of the Network Stars #18'' [[note]](a sports competition among stars on the Big Three's shows which, in 1985, made a disastrous move to Mexico)[[/note]]
# ''Me and the Chimp'' [[note]](Creator/{{CBS}} series where Ted Besell starred as a dentist raising a [[EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys chimpanzee]])[[/note]]
# ABC's 1974 ''Franchise/WonderWoman'' TV movie
# Connie Francis performing poorly as a celebrity partner on ''[[Series/{{Pyramid}} The $10,000 Pyramid]]''
# Music/ElvisPresley being shot only from the waist up (due to Standards and Practices rules at the time that found Elvis' swiveling hip dances to be too risqu้) on ''Series/TheEdSullivanShow''
# RecycledInSpace cartoons (''WesternAnimation/JosieAndThePussycats in Outer Space'', ''[[ThePartridgeFamily Partridge Family]] 2200 AD'', ''[[WesternAnimation/YogiBear Yogi's]] Space Race'', and ''[[GilligansIsland Gilligan's]] Planet'')
# ''Series/LaverneAndShirley'' [[PutOnABus writing Shirley out of the show]]
# QVC selling the Poopin' Moose [[note]](a novelty toy which "pooped" candy)[[/note]]
# ''Bad Ronald'' [[note]](1974 ABC made-for-TV movie which features a teen hidden in his house after killing a peer; after his mother dies, he remains hidden and a new family buys the house)[[/note]]
# ''Creator/USANetwork Up All Night'' [[note]](nine-year network block that specialized in airing titillating and gory movies — and censoring them)[[/note]]
# ''TheAldrichFamily''[='s=] [[note]](an early Creator/{{NBC}} show)[[/note]] chronic case of TheOtherDarrin
# ''Series/TheDickVanDykeShow'' episode "The Bad Old Days" [[note]](the one with an awkward and uncharacteristically misogynistic dream sequence)[[/note]]
# ''3's A Crowd'' [[note]](short-lived 1979-80 syndicated game show that asked embarrassingly probing questions of men, and sought to see whether their wives or secretaries knew them better)[[/note]]
# TheWestern saturating television with ''thirty'' shows on the schedules of the Big Three in the late 1950s
# ''Series/{{Quark}}''
# Farrah Fawcett's awkward interview on ''The Late Show with Creator/DavidLetterman'' in 1997
# The addition of Dawn on ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' and Connor on ''Series/{{Angel}}''
# Creator/{{AMC}} [[NetworkDecay "going commercial"]] [[note]](even though shows like ''Series/MadMen'', ''Series/BreakingBad'', and ''Series/TheWalkingDead'' are considered the only good things about this horrible decision, all three premiered after this book was published)[[/note]]
# Professor Price [[note]](an ugly, awkward pricing game on ''Series/ThePriceIsRight'' which was only played twice in November 1977)[[/note]]

[[folder:Honorable mentions]]
# ''Series/SaturdayNightLive''[='s=] sixth season (1980-81) produced by Jean Doumanian (and then Dick Ebersol for one episode after Doumanian and 90% of her cast were fired).
# ''Boohbah'' [[note]](very trippy kids' show from the creators of ''Series/{{Teletubbies}}'')[[/note]]
# ''Are You Hot?: The Search for America's Sexiest People'' [[note]](early-2000s reality show in which people were picked apart for their looks; cited as yet another reason why the Middle East and North Korea want to destroy America)[[/note]]
# ''The Tortellis'' [[note]](one-season ''Series/{{Cheers}}'' spinoff centered on Nick and Loretta Tortelli's family)[[/note]]
# ''Series/{{Batman}}'' often casting Batgirl as the DamselInDistress
# ''The Music/DeanMartin Celebrity Roast'' of [[Series/TheHollywoodSquares Peter Marshall]]
# Santo Gold infomercials [[note]](MindScrew jewelry infomercials featuring footage from the sci-fi and professional wrestling film ''Santo Gold's Blood Circus''; the creator of both the film and the jewelry was later jailed for mail fraud)[[/note]]
# ''WesternAnimation/{{Jabberjaw}}''
# ''Series/TheMortonDowneyJrShow'' [[note]](early "trash" talk show featuring, among other things, the host holding screaming matches with the audience and blowing cigarette smoke in guests' faces)[[/note]]
# ''Film/RevengeOfTheNerds III'' and ''IV'', and ''Film/ProblemChild III''
# ''Playing It Straight'' [[note]](2004 FOX reality show in which women spend time on a ranch with various men, and try to figure out which ones are gay or straight)[[/note]]
# ''Series/ItsAboutTime''
# ''Rudolph's Shiny New Year'' [[note]](inferior sequel to ''WesternAnimation/RudolphTheRedNosedReindeer'')[[/note]]
# {{MTV}}'s infamous NetworkDecay (and MTV2 getting the same treatment)
# ''The New Series/LeaveItToBeaver''
# CBS bleeping Janet Jackson saying "Jesus" on the ''Late Show''
# ''USA Today: The Television Show''
# James Stockdale's 1996 vice presidential debate [[note]](in which the Naval admiral, then Ross Perot's running mate, appeared extremely disoriented)[[/note]]
# Music/FrankZappa hosting ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' [[note]](which included lots of mugging and reading from cue cards)[[/note]]
# ''The Love Boat Follies'' [[note]](two-hour singing special featuring ''The Love Boat'' cast and musical stars)[[/note]]
# ''Playboy''[='s=] 50th Anniversary Celebration
# ''Series/{{Baywatch}} Nights'' [[note]](''Baywatch'' spinoff which took a turn for sci-fi in Season 2)[[/note]]
# ''She's the Sheriff'' [[note]](sitcom starring Suzanne Somers as a single mother/cop)[[/note]]
# ''AfterMASH''
# ''The Lingerie Bowl'' [[note]](bowl game for the all-women Legends Football League)[[/note]]
!!Tropes referenced in this book:
* AllJustADream: Entries 27 (''Series/StElsewhere'') and 2 (''Series/{{Dallas}}'') are derided as misuses of this trope.
* AwardSnub:[[invoked]] Entry 15 discusses how the Emmys are horribly broken.
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: Entry 37 is about the TropeNamer.
* CousinOliver: Entry 47 is on the TropeNamer himself, while Entry 98 discusses the trope in the ''Buffy''verse.
* CreatorProvincialism: Because the book focuses on American television, it does leave out some of the most infamous television events, including the British ''Series/HeilHoneyImHome'' (a sitcom about UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler) and ''Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos'' (aired on Creator/NineNetwork and primarily featured animals having sex and was pulled off the network in the middle of its only airing).
* ExecutiveMeddling:[[invoked]] Referenced in entry 23, on ''FOX After Breakfast'' — "A gaggle of new producers micromanaged every aspect of the show, certain they knew what worked on the network better than the original cast and creative team."
* JumpingTheShark:[[invoked]] ''Series/TwinPeaks''[='=] second season is cited as an example in entry 34. Interestingly, the trope-naming ''Series/HappyDays'' episode doesn't make the list.
* MissingEpisode:[[invoked]] See entry #69.
* NetworkDecay: Examples are cited for Creator/{{AMC}} and NickAtNite.
* TheOtherDarrin:[[invoked]] Entries 92, 51, and 32 are about this on ''TheAldrichFamily'', ''Series/CharliesAngels'', and ''Series/{{Dynasty}}'' respectively.
* ProductPlacement: Entry 16 laments the increased appearance of it in society as a whole.
* RashomonStyle: Entry 19 cites ABC, CBS, and NBC's rushing to create a TV movie on Amy Fisher as a RealLife example of this. Hofstede finds NBC's take sympathetic to Fisher (''Amy Fisher: My Story'', based on her autobiography) and well-acted but boring; CBS' (''Casualties of Love'') more sympathetic to Buttafuoco; and ABC's ''The Amy Fisher Story'' as the most even-handed but also most lurid. However, he shames all three networks for their shamelessness in all rushing to try and beat each other in tackling the subject.
* RecycledScript:[[invoked]] Entry 79 calls out ''Series/{{Bewitched}}'' on this.
* TheScrappy:[[invoked]] The TropeNamer is number 7.
* SelfDeprecation: The foreword was written by Tom Bergeron, who openly expresses his OldShame (''FOX After Breakfast'').
* ShippingBedDeath:[[invoked]] Entry 36 highlights the notorious example on ''Series/{{Moonlighting}}''.
* WantonCrueltyToTheCommonComma: Hofstede has a tendency to use "it's" where he should be using "its".