->"''Mr Salteena was an elderly man of 42 and was fond of asking peaple to stay with him. He had quite a young girl staying with him of 17 named Ethel Monticue.''"\\
--The first two lines of the novel

''The Young [[InheritedIlliteracyTitle Visiters]]'', or Mr. Salteena's Plan, is an 1890 novel concerning Mr. Alfred Salteena's quest to woo a guest of his, a lovely young lady called Ethel Monticue. When Mr. Salteena introduces Miss Monticue to his friend, a high-class gentleman named Bernard Clark, sparks fly between the pair and a LoveTriangle is formed. Dispirited, Mr. Salteena starts taking "gentleman classes" from his socially superior friend in order to win Ethel's heart.

Written in 1890 by a nine-year-old Margaret "Daisy" Ashford, the manuscript of ''The Young Visiters'' was rediscovered by its author twenty-seven years later. She lent the manuscript to a friend who was recovering from an illness. Two years later in 1919, ''The Young Visiters'' was published as a novel with a preface written by [[PeterPan J. M. Barrie]]. It should be noted that Ashford wrote in her manuscript the title as ''The Young Vis'''e'''ters'', but it was published as ''The Young Vis'''i'''ters''.

The novel was made into a MadeForTVMovie in 2003 with Creator/HughLaurie as Bernard Clark.
!!This novel provides examples of:
* CostumePorn: Plenty of it; one plot point centres on knickerbockers.
* InheritedIlliteracyTitle: Most editions preserve the misspellings, and TheFilmOfTheBook pronounces them phonetically. [[RuleOfFunny Because it's funnier that way.]]
* MayDecemberRomance: 42-year-old Mr. Salteena pursues the 17-year-old Ethel. In the first paragraph of the novel, the author describes the former as an "elderly man" and the latter as a "young girl". [[spoiler:After Ethel marries the 29-year-old Bernard Clark, he weds an 18-year-old lady-in-waiting.]]
* OldFashionedRowboatDate: [[spoiler:Bernard proposes to Ethel]] after one of these.