->''"Step follows step.\\
Hope follows courage.\\
Set your face toward danger.\\
Set your heart on victory."''
-->--'''Drualt''', ''The Bamarrian epic''

Princesses Meryl and Adelina are polar opposites. Meryl, the elder, wants nothing more than to embark on a grand adventure. Addie, the younger, wants nothing more than to stay at home under Merylís watchful eye for the rest of her days, in peace and safety.

But Fate would [[YouCantFightFate have it differently]]. When Meryl is struck down by the deadly Gray Death, Addie must put aside her fears to [[FindTheCure quest for the cure]], in a [[RaceAgainstTheClock race against time]].
!!Provides examples Of:
* ActionGirl: Meryl is already one at the beginning, before falling ill. Addie becomes one reluctantly.
* BattleCouple: Rhys and Addie towards the end. They declare their love for one another just before the final battle takes place.
* BittersweetEnding: [[spoiler: Addie has grown as a person, and Meryl isn't dead, but they are still separated.]]
* BondVillainStupidity: Vollys notes that her mother could have killed Drualt many times, but she was after revenge, not outright death.
* DeathByGluttony: A flock of gryphons eat themselves to death at Addie's magically refilling tablecloth.
* DiedInYourArmsTonight: The final story of ''Drualt'' tells how the hero's LoveInterest, Freya, was mortally wounded by gryphons. Drualt fought them off, but was only able to hold her as she died.
* DisappearedDad: the king (the father of the titular princesses) is a distant, negligent man. While not bad ''per se'', he never takes action until he's spent a ridiculous amount of time consulting a book of proverbs he carts around. When his oldest daughter comes down with a deadly disease, he vows to go out and find a cure...after having a leisurely breakfast and spending several days consulting his book. [[spoiler: He ends up not even attending his younger daughter's wedding, because he thinks the proverbs advise against it!]]
* DragonHoard: Vollys' lair.
* EmergencyTransformation: [[spoiler: Meryl, too near death to survive as a human, is transformed into a fairy.]]
* EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses: [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin It is right there in the title, after all.]]
* FictionalDocument: The epic tale of ''Drualt''. [[spoiler: Subverted when Drualt himself appears towards the end.]]
* FindTheCure: The whole point of the book, with the added twist that Addie's not sure if the cure's even real[[spoiler: and when they do find it, it's too late for Meryl, who has to have an Emergency Transformation. Also played with, in that while the cure that Addie ultimately found would have worked just fine, she also inadvertantly found the "real" cure, which everyone in the kingdom had been searching for ó by being a "coward who found courage", Addie caused rain to fall all over the land. The rain came from the home of the fairies and cured everyone of the disease.]]
* FlightOfRomance: The sorcerer Rhys creates a magical scene showing him doing this with Princess Addie, and then later they do it for real.
* GlamourFailure: Spectres can't leave footprints.
* IceCreamKoan: ''Homely Truths'' is full of these.
--> '''Vollys''': "What I adore about the best of them is that they almost mean something!"
* IllGirl: Meryl, who is an ActionGirl by nature, falls ill with the Grey Death, and the rest of her plotline is about her struggling against her inevitable decline, while her sister goes questing for a cure.
* InterspeciesRomance:
** Rhys says midway through the book that his teacher Orne was married to a human and that it's common among "the best sorcerers" to have a non-sorcerer mate. [[spoiler: That Rhys was a spectre and was lying.]]
** Addie and Rhys fall in love.
** It's not clear when [[spoiler: Drualt and Meryl]] fell in love, but given that [[spoiler: Drualt]] was looking after Addie from afar, he very well may have fallen for [[spoiler: Meryl]] before her EmergencyTransformation.
* LivingEmotionalCrutch: Addie is easily frightened and depends on Meryl to protect and calm her. She grows out of it when she has to save Meryl from the Gray Death.
* MayflyDecemberRomance: Sorcerers are known to live more than two hundred years. Addie falls in love with Rhys [[spoiler: and marries him at the end of the book.]]
* MuggleMageRomance: Princess Addie develops a crush on Rhys and wonders whether the attraction might be reciprocated. [[spoiler: It is, and they marry at the end of the book. In this case, it doubles as InterspeciesRomance, because sorcerors are a different sort of being from humans.]]
* MissingMom: Addie and Meryl's mother died of the Gray Death when they were very young.
* OutOfCharacterAlert: Addie notices this in retrospect after a spectre impersonates Rhys, noting that the real Rhys would never steal, as the fake one suggested doing.
* ReminiscingAboutYourVictims: The dragon Vollys treats her prisoners as "guests" before eating them, letting them live longer with a system of giving and taking away pieces of treasure from her hoard for entertaining her. She reminisces about several of her previous victims fondly, talking about them like they were old friends and mourning the fact that she got bored and killed them. [[spoiler: In return, the protagonist Addie later regrets having to kill her to escape.]]
* ScarsAreCool: InUniverse, Rhys wants the fairies to let him keep a scar incurred in the final battle because he thinks it makes him look "dashing."
* ScheherezadeGambit: Addie knows that dragons are lonely, so when Vollys captures her, she spends her time embroidering flattering pictures of the dragon, and befriending her. It's revealed that Vollys deliberately invokes this, kidnapping a person to ease her loneliness, and enjoying their company until she inevitably grows bored with them and kills them.
* ShipTease:
** Addie develops a crush on Rhys. Rhys worries about her on the quest and [[FlightOfRomance carries her out of Mulee Forest.]] [[OfficialCouple They get married at the end.]]
** Meryl and [[spoiler: Drualt]] receives a minor tease when Meryl calls him by a nickname and brushes petals out of his hair and he calls her his "dear Meryl", minutes after mentioning his lost love.
* SiblingYinYang: Addie and Meryl
* SpontaneousGeneration: Sorcerers are born when lightning strikes marble.
* SprintShoes: Addie's SevenLeagueBoots, which go seven leagues whenever the wearer raises a foot.
* TakingYouWithMe: The dragon Yune, toward humanity in general. [[spoiler: The Gray Death was her DyingCurse.]]
* TheCallKnowsWhereYouLive: Addie resists adventure until Meryl is struck.
* ThePlague/TheBlackDeath: The Gray Death, [[spoiler: which turns out to be a MysticalPlague.]]
* TreacherousSpiritChase: Spectres are fond of appearing in friendly shapes to lure victims to their doom.
* TreasureRoom: Vollysí lair.
* WeddingDay: Addie marries [[spoiler:Rhys]]. A passage from the epic poem ''Drault'' is read (in this case, by [[spoiler:Drault himself]]), and the couple speak vows in unison and twist locks their hair together.
* VasquezAlwaysDies: Tomboyish older sister Meryl is the one who becomes ill with the Gray Death, while delicate younger sister Addie survives and must carry on Meryl's mission. [[spoiler: Meryl doesn't die, but she becomes a fairy and can't return to her old life.]]
* VoluntaryShapeshifting: Spectres. They can take the image of anyone.
* WizardsLiveLonger: Sorcerers live for 500 years unless they meet with a mishap. They are a separate species from humans with a longer lifespan.