The Revolution is a short story written by James ''[=Tank50us=]'' News. It tells the story of a man who lost his wife and son at the outset of his countries civil war. The writer intentionally avoided naming anyone in the story, or even the town or country of which it is set. All that is known, is that it takes place in a typical 21st Century suburb. This was meant to place the reader in the shoes of the protagonist, to make them think about what it would be like if ''they'' were in this situation.

The whole story can be read [[ here]]

For other works by this name, see {{Revolution}}.
* AnyoneCanDie: The protagonist loses his wife and oldest son. Some of his neighbors lose even more then that.
* AxeCrazy: Again, the protagonist. He loses two, and he makes the government pay for with 134 of theirs KIA... by his hands.
** The government could also count, as they are willing to turn heavy weapons onto unarmed protesters just to stamp it out.
** And don't forget the agent in charge of the unit who broke into the protagonist's home...
* BewareTheNiceOnes: The protagonist is willing to let his neighbors chants slide since he's a nice guy (both ways in this case), their kids get along well, and they have steaks at their place every now and then. But that was before the government broke into his home...
* DefiantToTheEnd: How the lead agent sees the protagonist when questioning him about his neighbor. The protagonist genuinely doesn't have the information, however.
* DisposableWoman: The protagonist's wife exists only so she can die and her death can affect the (male) protagonist; she had no development or affect on the plot herself.
* DoomedHometown: The protagonist's entire town is now in full blown lock-down, and the government is rounding up anyone they don't like... [[spoiler: just to kill them]].
* {{Epigraph}}: At the end of the story, a quote from Edmund Burke: ''"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."''
* HeWhoFightsMonsters: The protagonist isn't alone here. Many of the people from his home town are probably just as AxeCrazy as he is over what the government did. Although, to our knowledge, the protagonist is the only one keeping count...
* LaResistance: Sure, the protagonist wasn't a rebel before... but after the deaths of his wife, oldest son, AND a good chunk of his home town... he became one.
* NamelessNarrative: ''No one'' has names- the protagonist never mentions those of his family or of his neighbor, and the agents aren't in the mood to tell him theirs.
* OneSidedBattle: The resistance coming to the aid of the town, and take the agents by complete surprise.
* OvernightConquest: Averted. The destruction of the protagonist's country started ''years'' before the main story takes place.
* PapaWolf: The protagonist was powerless to stop the deaths of his wife and oldest son... But he is now NOT powerless, and is not going to let anything happens to what's left of his kids.
* StuffedInTheFridge: The government agents will the protagonist's wife and child when they think that he's refusing to give them the information they want rather than simply not having it.