A series of {{horror}} novels for young adults. They have all been written by different authors under the pen names "Damian Graves" and "Nick Shadow." Quite a few books have been published, but only eight have been published for the 2000s era. Each story revolves around the unfortunate tale of some kids who find themselves facing terrifying, supernatural threats, and each one leads up to a new ending that's bound to scar the reader's brains for quite some time. What makes the stories even more horrifying is that these are all ''kids'' suffering these fates. Eat your heart out, R.L. Stine.
!!This series includes examples of:
* AndIMustScream: The writers just love this trope. [[spoiler:One story has a boy sealed in a mural, a girl trapped inside a meat freezer (with a dead cellphone), another has people slowly turning into ''trees'', and yet another has two kids turned into ''human'' sand sculptures at a beach contest.]]
** There's also [[spoiler:a girl who gets [[MouthStitchedShut her mouth sewn shut]] because she stole some candy, a girl whose telepathy eventually overwhelms her and drives her to insanity, and a boy whose sneakers take on a life of their own and forced him to run until he literally drops dead from exhaustion.]]
* DownerEnding: Nearly every single story.
* FeatheredFiend:The parrot in "Man's Best Friend." Type A.
* PlayfulPooch: Subverted.
* WaxMuseumMorgue: "Blood and Sand."
* BodyHorror: "An Apple a Day." [[spoiler: The protagonist tries to get back at his cruel neighbour for picking on his grandma by vandalizing his apple orchard. As a souvenir, he even ''eats'' one of the apples. The remainder of the story shows him now slowly and painfully transforming into an apple tree- ''Yeesh!'']]
** Also present in "Shut Your Mouth," where a group of girls get their comeuppance for [[spoiler:stealing candy from an old man's shop. He gives them "special" candy that ends up sewing their mouths completely shut.]]
* PsychicPowers: A more terrifying example in "Voices." The Girl in the story has the power to read other people's thoughts, [[spoiler:but this backfires horribly when she begins reading too many minds at once.]]
* TheGameComeToLife: "Endgame"