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''The Lightbringer Series'' is an unfinished series of dark fantasy books by Brent Weeks, author of ''Literature/TheNightAngelTrilogy''.

The ''Lightbringer Series'' is set in a different world than the ''Night Angel Trilogy'', this world known as ''The Seven Satrapies". The main character of the story is a young boy named Kip, an orphan from a backwater village in a war-torn country who is suddenly thrust in an increasingly dangerous series of events, upon learning that his father is actually the Prism, which is a widely famous and powerful religious leader, considered to be an Emperor of the entire world.

Like Brent Week's other series, this one introduces a cast of fascinating and unique characters and a world that, while not as dark or gritty as the ''Night Angel Trilogy'', still paints a unique picture of a fantasy world.

So far, the series consists of:
* ''The Black Prism'' (2010)
* ''The Blinding Knife'' (2012)
* ''The Broken Eye'' (forthcoming 2014)
* ''The Blood Mirror'' (forthcoming)

Interestingly the author was worried about the series, which was planned as a trilogy, becoming four books so he named it "The Lightbringer ''Series''" in order to avoid TrilogyCreep.

Not to be confused with ''The Lightbringer Trilogy" by Oliver Johnson - an older, entirely different, fantasy trilogy that consists of "The Forging of the Shadows", "The Nations of the Night" and "The Last Star at Dawn".
!!These books contain examples of:
* AboveTheInfluence: Kip [[spoiler: wins Teia in a card game but refuses to take advantage of her, knowing that she is only claiming to be okay with it because he is her master and she doesn't want him to punish her. Not that he would of course.]]
* AbusiveParents: Kip's mother, of the emotional and neglectful kind. Andross Guile of the ambitious, ruthless, controlling and domineering kind.
* ActionGirl: Karris, Liv, Teia, any female Blackguard and many female drafters.
* AntiHero: Gavin, definitely--he genuinely wants to do good by his empire, but that doesn't mean he's not manipulative and ruthless at it. Most of the other protagonists have shades of this as well.
* ArmorPiercingSlap: Karris does this to Gavin [[spoiler: the fake]] when she learns that he cheated on her while they where engaged and, as a result, has a bastard. [[spoiler: Who isn't actually his but the real Gavin's. When she later finds out Dazen's (the real one's) deception, she does it again.]]
* {{Badass}}: [[WorldOfBadass They're everywhere]]: Gavin, Ironfist, Karris, Corvan, even Kip and Liv have their badass moments.
* BigBad: The Color Prince, Lord Omnichrome, most likely. [[spoiler: May be part of a BigBadDuumvirate with Andross Guile--the exact relationship between the two is still unclear, though they're pretty clearly working together on some level]].
* BecomingTheMask: [[spoiler: Gavin]]
* BodyHorror: What happens to Drafters when their halo breaks.
** Worst part: They voluntarily do it to themselves. As in "replacing eyelids with blue glass" and "implanting solidified heat into the palms of their hands."
* BroughtDownToNormal: [[spoiler:Gavin at the end of the second book. After being stabbed by the Marrow Sucker, he is rendered incapable of drafting and becomes completely colorblind.]]
* CainAndAbel: Gavin and Dazen. [[spoiler: The series plays a great deal with which is which]].
* ChekhovsGun: [[spoiler: The gift Lina gave to Kip, specifically the case it was in.]]
* ColorCodedWizardry: Called Luxin. Where the different colors not only determine what kind of magic the drafter has but his/her personality as well. To a degree anyway.
* TheChessmaster: The White and Gavin [[spoiler: the fake one]] both have hints of this. The Color Prince and [[spoiler: Andross Guile]] have more than shades.
* DarkMessiah: The Color Prince
* TheDarkSide: Technically the multicolored side. Basically what happens when Drafters overdose and [[spoiler:go insane]]
* DarkSkinnedRedhead: Gavin. Both of them.
* DeadpanSnarker: ''Everyone''. Gavin, Karris, Ironfist and the White probably take the cake, though.
* DiscOneFinalBoss: Garadul. The Color Prince pretends to be his [[TheDragon Dragon]] [[spoiler: but was actually setting him up to become a martyr]].
* DistressedDamsel: Karris is implied to be this before she joined the Black Guard, and later [[spoiler: when she gets captured by Garadul's army.]]
** Subverted in that while several people are trying to save Karris it isn't until [[spoiler: Ironfist causes an explosion that allows Karris to escape in the confusion,]] that she's freed.
* DyingAsYourself: When a drafter breaks their halo, they tend to collapse for a moment before the madness takes them. A nearby friend will consider it their duty to kill them before they've had a chance to turn.
** Drafters who know that they are close to breaking the halo can choose to refuse drafting at all in order to preserve their sanity. Those that do not feel they can restrain themselves can be 'Freed' where they will be killed while still themselves.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: Minor example. The BigBad has several titles, and in the first book, the narration mostly refers to him by one of them, Lord Omnichrome, but the second mostly uses another, the Color Prince.
* EnergyAbsorption: Obsidian, when in perfect darkness and through an entrance to the body, can seep away luxin from a drafter when touched to the drafter's skin.
* EvilCounterpart: The Color Prince to Gavin. [[spoiler: Zymun]] to Kip.
* EvilTwin: Dazen, to Gavin.
** Subverted because Gavin [[spoiler:is actually Dazen and Dazen is actually Gavin. And DoubleSubverted in that Gavin--the real Gavin--is an insecure, vengeful, self-centred {{Jerkass}} while Dazen--the fake Gavin--is a well-meaning AntiHero (who happens to be a ManipulativeBastard) and TheAtoner for the terrible things he and his side did during the war]].
* FantasyGunControl: Mix and Match Trooper. Armies use cannons, pistols, rifles and at least one blunderbuss. The BigBad's WeaponOfChoice is essentially a primitive sniper rifle.
** They've recently invented flintlocks and have used more primitive hand cannons in the past. Of course, some drafters just make magic bullets with extreme accuracy.
* FictionalColour: Paryl, which is hard to draft and extremely weak. There are also other "invisible" colours mentioned, but never discussed further as they are considered blasphemous.
** Paryl is clearly [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terahertz_radiation Terahertz radiation]] (allowing the drafter to see metal through clothing)
* GalleySlave: [[spoiler:Gavin ends the second book as one of these.]]
* AGodAmI: The Prism supposedly has unlimited ability to draft luxin of any color.
** Also, the Color Prince, Lord Omnichrome.
* GuileHero: Gavin [[spoiler: the fake.]]. Obviously doubles as a MeaningfulName.
* FaceHeelTurn: [[spoiler: Liv joins Lord Omnichrome after being persuaded that the Chromeria is corrupt.]]
* HardLight: Pretty much all of the magic in the books is this, complete with 'sub-red' for heat.
* HeelFaceTurn: Subverted since [[spoiler: Corvan]] isn't actually going to the other side but his leader [[spoiler: Dazen]], is impersonating their leader [[spoiler: Gavin]].
* IHaveYouNowMyPretty: King Garadul to Karris.
* InTheBlood: All the Guiles have the ability to see weakness. It's not a supernatural thing, but they all can just instinctively tell how to push other people to break them or make them cave into their demands if it's at all possible.
* JerkAss: How people saw Gavin [[spoiler: the real one]] before the war "changed" him.
* LoopholeAbuse: This is actively encouraged by the Blackguards during testing as fighting smarter means you're more likely to survive and since there aren't that many Blackguards to begin with it's a bit of a priority. [[spoiler:A notable example is when Kip and Teia hire a courier to deliver their money to them so they don't have to fight an entire gauntlet of thugs after being publicly and loudly given eight danars. They're called on it and Ironfist points out that if you're charged with protecting a VIP underhandedness is preferable to having to run the gauntlet.]]
* LukeIAmYourFather: [[spoiler:Gavin]] claims to be this to [[spoiler:Kip]].
** Subverted because [[spoiler:Gavin isn't really Gavin. He's Dazen]].
* MagicAIsMagicA: Luxin and Drafting are given very specific and defined functions and rules.
* MeaningfulName: Gavin ''Guile'', for crying out loud. More like the whole Guile family, really.
** [[FictionalColour Paryl]].
* OurWightsAreDifferent: Very different indeed.
* PerfectlyArrangedMarriage: Not so much arranged as rather done for political reasons, but [[spoiler: Corvan Danavis and The Third Eye]] are certainly very happy with each other.
* PolarOppositeTwins: Gavin [[spoiler: the fake]] actually spends some time lamenting over the fact when he [[spoiler: realizes how much he has to change to successfully impersonate his brother.]] His mother helps.
* [[spoiler: RapeAsBackstory: Kip's mother, Lina was by Kip's father.]] Which is where things get complicated seeing as [[spoiler: Kip's uncle is impersonating Kip's father.]]
* ScaryBlackMan: Ironfist
** Tremblefist, to a lesser extend
* RetiredBadass: [[spoiler: Corvan Davanis.]] At least at first.
* SecretKeeper: Gavin's mother and Corvan Danavis are this about [[spoiler: the fact that Dazen switched places with Gavin during the Prisms' War]]
* ShoutOut: The card game ''Nine Kings'' (and perhaps Corvan Danavis' name) is an awesome one to ''Literature/TheChroniclesOfAmber''.
* SlaveLiberation: Happens a few times in The Blinding Knife where [[spoiler: Gavin frees his slave because he is marrying Karris and fears she will get jealous considering the [[SexSlave particular kind of service Marissa offered.]] Then Gavin's mother's will contains instructions for her personal slave to be freed. Finally it's subverted when Teia specifically asks Kip ''not'' to free her so that they can split the money that owners get when their slaves make it into the Blackguard. Of course she only does this after he makes it clear he has no intention of taking advantage of her, and because getting into the Blackguard means you are freed from slavery.]]
* TailorMadePrison: It's Dazen's [[spoiler: (the false one's)]] goal to escape one of these constructed by his brother. The prison is covered in blue luxin and the food he's given is dyed blue, which for a drafter promotes calmness and is meant to keep him sedated. There's a crisscrossing pattern of luxin in the floor that goes down several feet and blocks his drafting abilities if he tries to dig through. Dazen gets around this by slowly carving out a depression in the wall over sixteen years using his [[{{Squick}} fingernails and then covering the depression with a mixture made of his hair, skin, body oils and sweat]]. Then he [[spoiler: urinates on the bowl and uses light that leaked in during Dazen's (the real one's) visits so that the bowl turns yellow enough for him to see. He drafts a small amount of yellow luxin, turns it into the light needed to draft, and then seeps out the heat from the fever in his body to create a spark, which burns the bowl and manages to break through the wall. The hole leads to an obsidian-lined tunnel. Obsidian, when in perfect darkness and through an entrance in the body, seeps luxin away from a drafter so as he crawls through the tunnel, the cuts created by the sharp obsidian on his body allow it to drain away his left-over luxin. The tunnel leads to a similar green room and it turns out that there are seven rooms, one for each colour and presumably connected with their own obsidian-lined tunnels.]]
** [[spoiler:Of course, none of these precautions are moot when the real Dazen kills him, upon realizing even the possibility of his brother escaping is too much of a threat.]]
* ThisLoserIsYou: Kip
* TrilogyCreep: Averted. The official title of the series is ''The Lightbringer Series'', because he didn't want to be called out for calling it a trilogy if he ended up going to a fourth book.
** Which he has now decided to do.
* {{UST}}: Between Gavin and Karris [[spoiler:until book 2, where they finally marry.]]
* WellIntentionedExtremist: The Color Prince... maybe. He tells two versions of his motivation, one (for his followers in general) that he's liberating the Seven Satrapies from the tyranny of a corrupt Chromeria, and one (to [[spoiler: Liv]]) that he only cares about power (and that deep down, [[HumansAreBastards so does everyone else]]). It's unclear at this point which, if either, is his actual motivation.
* WhamLine: [[spoiler: "I am Dazen Guile, and I stole your life."]]
* WickedCultured: The Color Prince
* WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity: There's a limit to how much you can draft in your lifetime, [[spoiler:and going over that limit or "breaking the halo", drives you mad and you become a Color Wight.]]
** Except Prisms, who don't halo at all.
*** And [[spoiler: The Colour Prince seems surprisingly rational.]]
** As of the second book: [[spoiler: It is heavily implied that the teachings of the Chromeria emphasize the insanity aspects, and many wights go mad out of paranoia. However, a wight is a potential host for the gods of the luxin itself (the Blights), and a Blight induces madness and a lack of control in ALL nearby drafters of the associated color. ]]