A massively huge epic by R.A. Salvatore with a main character you may have heard of if you have ever played a tabletop RPG.

The Legend of Drizzt revolves around the titular hero Drizzt, a renegade dark elf that left his homeland to live in the world above. There are 13 books in the series, chronologically starting with Homeland and ending in Sea of Swords. There are also 2 completed sequel trilogies, and a completed tetralogy.

The 1st trilogy of the series, ''Literature/TheDarkElfTrilogy'', revolves around Drizzt's upbringing and his escape from the Underdark; it is a {{prequel}}, written after Salvatore wrote ''Literature/TheIcewindDaleTrilogy'' which took place afterwards. The Icewind Dale trilogy revolves around Drizzt's adventures with the Companions of the Hall and conquering of Mithral Hall. It is followed by the four-book ''Literature/LegacyOfTheDrowSeries''. The 3 after that are the adventures they have afterwards.

This story helped build up much of the TabletopGame/ForgottenRealms world and caused many to follow in its footsteps.

The books, in publication order, go as following:

* ''Literature/TheIcewindDaleTrilogy''
** ''The Crystal Shard'' (1988)
** ''Streams of Silver'' (1989)
** ''The Halfling's Gem'' (1990)

* Literature/TheDarkElfTrilogy
** ''Homeland'' (1990)
** ''Exile'' (1990)
** ''Sojourn'' (1991)

* Literature/LegacyOfTheDrowSeries
** ''The Legacy'' (1992)
** ''Starless Night'' (1993)
** ''Siege Of Darkness'' (1994)
** ''Passage To Dawn'' (1996)

* Paths of Darkness
** ''The Silent Blade'' (1998)
** ''The Spine of the World'' (1999)
** ''Sea of Swords'' (2001)

* The Hunter's Blades Trilogy
** ''The Thousand Orcs'' (2002)
** ''The Lone Drow'' (2003)
** ''The Two Swords'' (2004)

* Transitions
** ''The Orc King'' (2007)
** ''The Pirate King'' (2008)
** ''The Ghost King'' (2009)

* The Neverwinter Saga
** ''Gauntlgrym'' (2010)
** ''Neverwinter'' (2011)
** ''Charon's Claw'' (2012)
** ''The Last Threshold'' (2013)
Spin-offs include:

* Literature/TheSellswords: Stars Drizzt's ArchRival Artemis Entreri and the drow mercenary Jarlaxle Baenre.
** ''Servant Of The Shard'' (2000)
** ''Promise of the Witch King'' (2005)
** ''Road of the Patriarch'' (2006)

* Literature/TheClericQuintet: Stars Cadderly Bonaduce, the Chosen of Deneir.
** ''Canticle'' (1991)
** ''In Sylvan Shadows'' (1992)
** ''Night Masks'' (1992)
** ''The Fallen Fortress'' (1993)
** ''The Chaos Curse'' (1994)
!!Tropes occurring in multiple entries in the series include:
* MacGuffin: Crenshinibon for much of the series, as its abilities make it very attractive for power-hungry individuals.
* MergerOfSouls: Crenshinibon, an ArtifactOfDoom taking the form of a crystal shard (from whence the first book of ''Literature/TheIcewindDaleTrilogy'' gets its name), was formed from a ritual that merged the souls of seven liches. [[spoiler:Upon its destruction in ''[[Literature/TheSellswords Servant of the Shard]]'' the souls are apparently separated and pass on.]]