->''They sought it with thimbles, they sought it with care;\\
They pursued it with forks and hope;\\
They threatened its life with a railway-share;\\
They charmed it with smiles and soap.''

"The Hunting of the Snark (An Agony in 8 Fits)" is a NarrativePoem by Creator/LewisCarroll, telling the story of a group of [[NamelessNarrative unnamed]] adventurers as they search for the elusive Snark, a vaguely-described creature which lives on a remote island.

The poem may be considered a SpiritualSuccessor to "Literature/{{Jabberwocky}}" from ''Literature/ThroughTheLookingGlass'', and contains several of the same creatures that are mentioned in "Jabberwocky".

Worth noting is how the poem was constructed - the last line was the first line that Carroll thought of. The rest of the poem was made to build up to it.

Creator/DouglasAdams gave a ShoutOut to the poem in the original radio version of ''Franchise/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy'' by titling the episodes "Fit the First" etc.

You can read it [[http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Hunting_of_the_Snark on Wikisource.]].
!! This poem provides examples of:
* ArcNumber: 42 has significance at several points.
* TheAlibi: The Barrister dreams that the Snark is defending a pig against the charge of deserting its sty. The Snark argues that the pig has proved an alibi: in other words, [[InsaneTrollLogic the pig didn't leave the sty empty because it wasn't there at the time.]]
* AluminumChristmasTrees: Modern viewers are often confused as to what [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bathing_machine a bathing machine]] (something mentioned briefly in the Alice books) is, seeing as they haven't been used since locker rooms became common.
* AnthropomorphicPersonification: One illustration portrays the crew with two goddesses, who are supposed to represent Hope and Care.
* AuthorAvatar: According to Creator/MartinGardner's ''The Annotated "Hunting of the Snark"'', the Baker is an avatar of Carroll himself. One early line is "A dear uncle of mine, after whom I was named..."; Carroll's full name was Charles Luttwidge Dodgson, and he had an uncle whose first name was Luttwidge.
* BitCharacter: The Billiard Marker and Bonnet Maker really don't do much during the whole story. One member of the crew, the Boots, could well be TheGhost; he's mentioned ''once'', but doesn't even appear in any illustrations.
* BunnyEarsLawyer: All the crew, to a certain degree, but the Butcher especially. He's described as someone who "looked an incredible dunce", but is able to teach the Beaver "more in five minutes far more than all books would have taught it in seventy years."
* DownerEnding: So much so that the first edition included a pamphlet about the meaning of Easter, to serve as a counterpoint.
* EldritchAbomination:
** The Bandersnatch. We don't get much of a description, but it is stated to be wickedly fast, has snapping, sharp-toothed jaws and is capable of extending its neck. Its EldritchAbomination status is proven by the effect it has on the Banker; merely being in its presence is enough to [[spoiler:drive the poor banker insane]].
** The Snark itself, which, if a Boojum, is capable of completely erasing people from existence.
* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep: Most of the characters.
* FeatheredFiend: The Jub-Jub Bird. It's described as having a [[HellIsThatNoise "shrill and high scream" like a pencil squeaking on a slate, and significantly scares those who hear it, including the Beaver who "turned pale to the tip of its tail"]] and being desperate and in a constant state of passion. There are also some Snarks that "have feathers and bite".
* FireForgedFriends: The Butcher and the Beaver initially don't get on, but their encounter with the fearsome Jub-Jub leads to them becoming close friends for life.
* ForDoomTheBellTolls: As well as several mentions in the text, it's notable that the Bellman's bell is in almost every single illustration.
* GoMadFromTheRevelation: [[spoiler:The Banker loses his sanity after being attacked by a Bandersnatch]].
* GoodWithNumbers: The Butcher, who is able to give the Beaver a rather detailed lesson in mathematics.
* HeyYou: Played with, due to the Baker having [[NameAmnesia forgotten his own name]]:
--> He would answer to "Hi!" or to any loud cry,
--> Such as "Fry me!" or "Fritter my wig!"
--> To "What-you-may-call-um!" or "What-was-his-name!"
---> But especially "Thing-um-a-jig!"
---> His intimate friends called him "Candle-ends,"
----> And his enemies "Toasted-cheese."
* KilledMidSentence: "It's a boo--"
* LamePunReaction: The Bellman has this:
-->The Bellman perceived that their spirits were low,
--->And repeated in musical tone
-->Some jokes he had kept for a season of woeŚ
--->But the crew would do nothing but groan.
** Also, snarks look grave at them.
* TheMusical: [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hunting_of_the_Snark_%28musical%29 One was made]] of it in TheEighties.
* NameAmnesia: The Baker has "wholly forgotten his name."
* NoBodyLeftBehind: What happens to you if you find out that the Snark you're hunting ''was'' a Boojum. [[spoiler:This is the eventual fate of the Baker.]]
* NoSenseOfHumor: Snarks have a hard time understanding jokes, as the Bellman explains:
-->The third is its slowness in taking a jest.
-->Should you happen to venture on one,
-->It will sigh like a thing that is deeply distressed:
-->And it always looks grave at a pun.
* RagtagBunchOfMisfits
* RuleOfThree:
-->"Just the place for a Snark!" the Bellman cried,
--->As he landed his crew with care;
-->Supporting each man on the top of the tide
--->By a finger entwined in his hair.

-->"Just the place for a Snark! I have said it twice:
--->That alone should encourage the crew.
-->Just the place for a Snark! I have said it thrice:
--->What I tell you three times is true."
* TastesLikePurple:
-->''"Let us take them in order. The first is the taste,\\
Which is meagre and hollow, but crisp:\\
Like a coat that is rather too tight in the waist,\\
With a flavour of [[WillOTheWisp Will-o'-the-wisp]]. ''
* ThemeInitials: Everyone's [[EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep appellation]] starts with a B.
* WeaksauceWeakness: The Snark has several. The complete list is thimbles, care, forks, hope, railway shares, smiles, and soap.
* WorldOfChaos
->''For the Snark ''was'' a Boojum, you see.''