"The Green Hills Of Earth" is a short story by Creator/RobertAHeinlein first published in 1947.

!!This short story provides examples of:
* BawdySong: Rhysling's unpublished works are alluded to, occasionally by title, and described as being "unfit for publication in a family magazine".
* CommonMeter
* HeroicRROD: The poet Rhysling makes critical repairs to a nuclear core, but sustains fatal radiation poisoning. He composes [[spoiler: the eponymous song as he dies]].
* {{Hobos}}: Old blind Rhysling, the Singer of the Spaceways, is a kind of hobo. He's an unusual example, as he's built up something of a reputation as a wandering poet and is well-regarded by pretty much everyone.
* PerilousPowerSource: Rhysling loses his sight this way - he peers past the baffles of a rocket's reactor and is then blinded by Cherenkov radiation. Ouch.
* WalkingTheEarth: Rhysling. Until the accident that blinded him, he had been a spaceship engineer; after the accident, he took advantage of the law that a spacer could have one free trip home, using it to wander at will all over the solar system.