''The Gardella Vampire Chronicles'' by Colleen Gleason are, roughly speaking, ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer''...[-[[RecycledINSPACE IN]] [[RegencyEngland REGENCY ENGLAND]]!-]

Victoria Gardella Grantworth is from the [[TheClan Gardella clan]] of [[VampireHunter Venators]], [[SuperpowerfulGenetics vampire slayers]]. She and her aunt Eustacia, current head of the family, are the last direct descendants of the original Gardella vampire slayer. She has to balance having a normal life as a society lady and running around slaying vampires, as well as finding someone to sire the next Gardella heir. The series is well known for its LoveTriangle.


[[folder: The five books in the (completed for now) series are: ]]

* ''The Rest Falls Away''
* ''Rises the Night''
* ''The Bleeding Dusk''
* ''When Twilight Burns''
* ''As Shadows Fade''
!!Examples of:
* BadassNormal: Max [[BroughtDownToNormal at times]]. At any rate, he wasn't a born Venator and TookALevelInBadass to become one.
* CombatHaircomb
* ConflictingLoyalty: Sebastian
* DeathSeeker: Max
* DemonSlaying
* TheDitz: Lady Melly and her friends.
* EvilMinions: the Tutela
* FaceHeelTurn and HeelFaceTurn: Max and Sebastian do this frequently.
* FantasyContraception: a potion Victoria takes
* GoodIsNotNice: Max in a nutshell.
* GorgeousPeriodDress
* HiddenWeapons: Victoria hides her WoodenStake in her hair when she goes to fancy events.
* LadykillerInLove: Sebastian
* LoveTriangle
* MacGuffin. Most of the plots revolve around them, including:
** ClingyMacGuffin ([[RingOfPower Rings of Jubal]])
** DismantledMacGuffin (Rings of Jubal)
** HostageForMacGuffin (done often)
** MementoMacGuffin (vis bullae)
* [[spoiler: MentorOccupationalHazard, offed by her favorite student, no less. On her orders.]]
* NoBodyLeftBehind
* OldMaster: Eustacia
* OurVampiresAreDifferent. They're pretty much AlwaysChaoticEvil. Also, OurDemonsAreDifferent and [[spoiler: OurAngelsAreDifferent]].
* [[spoiler: GrandparentalBetrayal]]
* PassingTheTorch:
* RedPillBluePill is what's offered (in the form of a hypnotic amulet) to any Gardella who doesn't want to be a slayer. It also works as RetCon.
* RivalsTeamUp
* SacrificialLion [[spoiler: Phillip]]
* StakingTheLovedOne: most of the characters at one point or another.
* SupernaturalMartialArts
* SurvivorGuilt
* SweetPollyOliver: Victoria dresses as a man frequently when she's off slaying.
* VictoriousChildhoodFriend: Phillip.
* [[RingOfPower Vis Bullae Of Power]], which give SuperStrength.
* WrongGuyFirst, twice.