''The Extraordinaires'' is a SteamPunk fantasy trilogy by Michael Pryor.

Kingsley Ward is in dire trouble. Instead of thrilling the audience with his death-defying escapology, his first performance ends in disaster when his hidden wolfish nature bursts free. That same night, his father is abducted and his home ransacked.

To find Dr Ward and redeem himself, Kingsley braves the Demimonde, the mysterious world that exists alongside our own. He is soon the target of two warring factions: immortal magicians whose diabolical plans will create mayhem at the 1908 Olympics, and the last Neanderthals, whose vengeance will wipe out humankind.

Kingsley needs help. The famous author Rudyard Kipling will assist, but why is he so interested in Kingsley? Evadne Stephens, juggler and weaponsmith, is a Demimonde expert - but what does her mercurial nature conceal?

Bizarre plots. Sinister magic. The extraordinary is about to happen . . .

The novels in the trilogy are:
# ''The Extinction Gambit'' (2011)
# ''The Subterranean Stratagem''
# ???

!!''The Extraordinaires'' contains examples of:

* ActionGirl: Evadne Stephens
* AncientConspiracy: The Immortals
* DyingRace: The Neanderthals
* EvilSorcerer: The Immortals
* GadgeteerGenius: Evadne Stephens
* GirlfriendInCanada: In ''The Extinction Gambit'', Evadne claims to have a fiancee named Clarence and shows Kingsley a picture of him she keeps in a locket. At the end of the book, Evadne admits that Clarence does not exist and the picture is one she cut out of a postcard.
* GogglesDoSomethingUnusual: Evadne Stephens has constructed a series of special spectacles that give her a range of vision based abilities.
* HeroicAlbino: Evadne Stephens
* HistoricalDomainCharacter: Rudyard Kipling
* ImmortalityImmorality: The Immortals maintain their immortality by transferring their souls into the bodies of children, the younger the better.
* KillAllHumans: The goal of the Neanderthals.
* LadyOfAdventure: Evadne Stephens
* LandmarkingTheHiddenBase: The Immortals lair is under the Royal Observatory at Greenwich. (Being at the prime meridian makes the Observatory a location of mystic significance.)
* MakeWrongWhatOnceWentRight: In ''The Extinction Gambit'', the last surviving Neanderthals plan to travel back in time and wipe out ''homo sapiens'' before humans become numerous and powerful enough to challenge the Neanderthals.
* RaisedByWolves: Kingsley Ward
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: The Immortals
* SteamPunk
* TimeMachine: The Neanderthals contruct a Film/TimeCop style device as part of their plan to MakeWrongWhatOnceWentRight. The machine sends people into the past with belts that allow them to return to the present.
* {{Unobtainium}}: Phlogiston
* WriteBackToTheFuture: The Retrievers leave a message with a Demimonde law firm in 1666, to be delivered to a girl matching Evadne's description in 1908.