[[caption-width-right:150:The spaceship, The Silver Eagle]]
''[[http://niklas.myartsonline.com/dpast/ The Dark Past]]'' is a fanfic-of-a-fanfic written by "Jonathan" (no other name given) and published online in 2010-2011.

Most of the characters are derived from ''Webcomic/NiklasAndFriends'', a discontinued coming-of-age webcomic series with very minor GLBT themes, and from a set of short fanfic stories collectively named ''My Friend Is An Alien'', based on the Niklas universe.

The story follows a group of boys (some of whom are aliens and some are human) who fly into space just to test a new spaceship. They end up discovering an abandoned ancient starship which inexplicably has "lifesigns" as well as "a power signature".

The boys' explorations lead to some danger and to the discovery of many things; some horrifying, some fantastic and two remarkable.

!!Tropes featured:

* TouchTelepathy: The Vitalian race have a variant. Touch Empathy which is automatic whenever they touch any intelligent being. It makes disciplining their children easy and (physically) painless.