The Cavaliers Series is a Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy trilogy by Georgiana Derwent. It is made up of three novels: ''Oxford Blood'', ''Screaming Spires'' and ''Ivory Terrors''.

The series resolves around the Cavaliers, a dining society at Oxford University whose members are vampires that are secretly controlling the United Kingdom. The books are predominantly told from the point of view of Harriet French, a student at Oxford University who becomes involved with the society through both romantic entanglements and family connections.

The books in the series are:

# ''Oxford Blood'' (Released October 2012)
# ''Screaming Spires'' (Released April 2013)
# ''Ivory Terrors''

!The series contains examples of the following tropes:

* AncientConspiracy: Since the seventeenth century, The Cavaliers have been keeping the United Kingdom under vampire control, by turning promising young lords, and more recently university students, then getting them all the best jobs.
* AuthorAvatar: Harriet French is a student from northern England who studies history at Oxford University. According to the book bio, "Georgiana Derwent studied History at Oxford University (as you might have guessed from the books!). Aside from the vampires, The Cavaliers is an exaggerated but fairly accurate portrayal of her time there."
* TheBeautifulElite: The Cavaliers could probably just change the name of their society to this. They are rich, stunningly attractive vampires who combine running the country with throwing great parties.
* BlackAndNerdy: In ''Oxford Blood'', Olamide is by far the hardest working of Harrietís group of friends. She dresses in a fairly dowdy manner, has an equally nerdy boyfriend and is generally more at home in the library than the bar. [[spoiler:In ''Screaming Spires'', she reacts to the trauma of her boyfriendís murder by becoming glamourous and barely working, to the extent that sheís almost kicked out of Oxford.]]
* BlackBestFriend: Olamide
* TheCavalierYears
* DecoyProtagonist: ''Oxford Blood'' opens with Stephanie French, social climber extraordinaire, attending the Cavaliers Summer Party and having Archie, the heir to a dukedom declare his love for her. And then Archie is turned into a vampire and kills her to complete his transformation. From then on, the action skips a year and focuses on Harriet, Stephanieís cousin. Although [[spoiler:Stephanie continues to have a major influence on the story, most notably by being the major motivation for Archieís murder spree]].
* EvilMatriarch: A borderline case. Adelaide seems to have few traces of human morality left, and is ruthless about interfering in Harrietís life. Looked at logically however, her matchmaking genuinely seems to have Harrietís best interests at heart.
* HistoricalDomainCharacter: Itís never made explicit, but Civil War vampire Rupert is presumably Prince Rupert of the Rhine. More obscurely, there was a Lord George Stewart who was killed in the English Civil War. The Piso are also a real family from Ancient Rome.
* IHateYouVampireDad: Augustine killed his maker, the first vampire, though whether this was out of hate or a wish for power isnít currently clear. In the present day [[spoiler:Archie is seeking revenge on George for having made him kill Stephanie to complete his transformation]]. Most of the time though, vampires seem to get on well with their makers.
* KissOfTheVampire: Most vampires feed using mesmerism, which either knocks the victim out completely or makes the experience completely blissful for them. When they donít use their mind control powers however, VampireBitesSuck.
* LoveTriangle: Harriet, George and Tom have a pretty classic take on this. Towards the end of the second book [[spoiler:it seems as though the older generation are going to get in on the act, with an Adelaide, Augustine and Sam triangle]].
* LukeIMightBeYourFather: In ''Screaming Spires'', [[spoiler:Augustine claims to Harriet that heís her father. Her mother fervently denies that this is the case. At this stage in the series, itís difficult to tell whether this is true or not, and if itís false, whether Augustine is deliberately lying or mistakenly believes this to be the case.]]
* OopNorth: Harriet French is from somewhere in Yorkshire. Sheís often conscious of her northern accent and her lack of familiarity with the posh southern traditions of the university.
* {{Oxbridge}}: As the name of the first book, ''Oxford Blood'', suggests, the series is set at Oxford University.
* ParentalAbandonment: Harrietís father died when she was a baby and her mother walked out soon afterwards. Somewhat unusually, this didnít result in a traumatic childhood. Her aunt and uncle loved her and treated her the same as their biological children.
* ReincarnationRomance: Augustine firmly believes that Adelaide is the reincarnation of his wife Amelia, whom he killed to complete his transformation 2000 years ago. Adelaide usually seems less than convinced, but is happy to go along with it.
* StrongerWithAge: played fairly straight with most of the vampires, although other factors such as their maker and the amount of blood they consume also plays a part. Adelaide is disproportionately powerful for her age, thanks to being made by Augustine and [[spoiler:both Archie and Tom gain extra power through drinking the blood of other vampires.]]
* VampiresAreRich: a defining characteristic of all members of The Cavaliers. Most of them were rich before they were turned, and since then, hundreds of years of the society getting its members all of the countries top jobs has ensured that their wealth only increases.
* VampiresAreSexGods: The Cavaliers are generally both very good looking, rich and charming, and able to mind control people into doing what they want. Unsurprisingly, this results in most of them getting a lot of sex.
* VampireMonarch: Augustine is this for the Cavaliers (though their ultimate loyalty is always to the human King or Queen of Britain). Fea seems to play a similar role to the Roundheads.