[[caption-width-right:200:That boat is WAY bigger in the one story it appears in.]]
''The Adventures of Alyx'' is a 1976 anthology of ScienceFantasy and FeministFantasy short stories and a novella by noted ScienceFiction writer and feminist literary critic Joanna Russ. The books contents were all originally published in the famous "Orbit" anthologies of Creator/DamonKnight. The book's stories are all loosely connected by the presence of Alyx, the book's heroine, but have little else in common;
even Alyx herself is given different characterization in each of the stories.
!!The stories are:
* "Bluestocking" (first published in ''Orbit 2'' in 1967 as "The Adventuress"): Alyx is a professional picklock in the city of Ourdh, who is one day hired to help a woman escaped from an ArrangedMarriage.
* "I Thought She Was Afeard Till She Stroked My Beard" (published in ''Orbit 2'' in 1967 as "I Gave Her Shack and Sherry"): The story relates Alyx's OriginStory as she escapes from her abusive marriage and becomes a pirate under the employ of the legendary Blackbeard.
* "The Barbarian" (first published in ''Orbit 3'' in 1968): The story takes place once again in Ourdh where Alyx is employed by an EvilSorcerer who claims to be able to predict the future.
* "Picnic On Paradise" (first published in 1968)" Alyx is rescued from near-death by a form of TimeTravel and has to help several members of the "Trans-Temporal Authority" cross a harsh alien planet.
* "The Second Inquisition" (first published in 1970 in ''Orbit 6''): The story follows a girl who befriends an extremely odd visitor-- the granddaughter of Alyx.

!!Tropes appearing in "The Adventures of Alyx":
* ActionGirl: Alyx (obviously)
* DeliberateValuesDissonance: In "I Thought She Was Afeard Till She Stroked My Beard" we find out that until recently, all of the women in Ourdh were essentially slaves to their husbands who could be violently beaten for so much as even '''speaking'''.
* OurDemonsAreDifferent: Alyx briefly fights with a sea demon in "Bluestocking" which is never clearly described.
* FeministFantasy
* {{Pirate}}: Alyx briefly joins a crew of them.
* PirateGirl: Alyx in "I Thought She Was Afeard Till She Stroked My Beard"
* SeaMonster: Alyx fights one in "Bluestocking" for about a paragraph before she finally kills it.
* ShoutOut: Several are in "Bluestocking" to the Literature/FafhrdAndTheGrayMouser stories of Creator/FritzLeiber.