->''"I wasn’t going to be here long enough for anyone to care."''
-->-- '''Dru Anderson'''

->''"You may have all day, but you certainly don't have all night."''
-->-- '''Christophe'''

''Strange Angels'' is a series of Young Adult fantasy novels by Lili St. Crow (a pen name of Creator/LilithSaintcrow).

There aren't many girls like Dru. Girls who travel around the country in a beat up old pickup getting rid of poltergeists and roach spirits. Girls who can sense when something weird is about to happen. When they move to a small town in the Dakotas she assumes it's going to be like every other move. Spend a couple of months, kill some monsters, and get back on the road. It proves to be different than the rest when her dad chews off more than he can chew, bringing a host of secrets back to Dru in the form of his zombified corpse. She's been introduced to a whole new level of the Real World- one with more fur and fangs than she ever expected.

A series of five books:
# ''Strange Angels''
# ''Jealousy''
# ''Betrayals''
# ''Defiance''
# ''Reckoning''
!!Tropes featured include:
* ActionGirl: Dru [[spoiler: Also Dru's mother Elizabeth before she was killed]]
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: A frequent side-effect of Dru's FirstPersonSmartass narration. Descriptions of the resident Weres/Vamps/[[spoiler:dhampir]] tend to reflect this in particular.
* BrokenBird: It doesn't sink in until after the first hundered pages, but both [[spoiler: Dru and Graves]] have been, at best, traumatized. It's sometimes played with by making it look like ProperParanoia, but there's a lot of damage on both of them.
* OurVampiresAreDifferent: The Book of the Trope. Vampires that have potent limitations, [[spoiler: Dhampirs with none of the vampire's limitations excepting the blood-thirst(but have a nasty habit of changing sides and backstabbing]][[spoiler: Svetocha who are full-on ''toxic'' when they bloom]]. It's not enough to get a headache, as all three are well-written and defined.
* OurWerewolvesAreDifferent: Two kinds- the tradition Werewulfen, where the human takes advantage of increased abilities but must shift at the full moon; and the ''loup-garou'', a skinchanger who looks like a werewolf, smells like a werewolf, but has very few limitations of a werewolf. [[spoiler:Graves becomes a ''loup-garou'' shortly after the begining of the first book.]]