''Red Planet'' is a science fiction novel by Creator/RobertAHeinlein first published in 1949.

!!This novel provides examples of:

* ABoyAndHisX: A Martian [[spoiler:Larval Form]] and [[spoiler:Her]] Boy.
* AirVentPassageway: Averted when one of the good guys proposes taking a vent grille off of a wall to get to the room on the other side. His friend points out that there will certainly be a similar grille on the other side, fastened by screws they won't be able to reach.
* ArtificialOutdoorsDisplay: A common feature of rooms in the underground Martian cities, complete with an artificial Sun in the "sky" which mimics the position of the real Sun outside.
* CoolPet: Willis, who is the low intelligence (compared to most people but more intelligent than a dog) pet of the protagonist Jim Marlowe. Later we find out that Willis is [[spoiler: a female Martian who will grow up to be male; and will become equal to or greater in intelligence than humans]].
* HighSchoolHustler: Smythe.
* NonLinearCharacter: The Martian Old Ones are so old they have trouble knowing "when" they are. At one point, a regular Martian guide shows an Old One a globe of current Mars to help the Old One locate himself temporally.
* NoMoreForMe: A low-key example; when the boys get back to the station after their first major encounter with the native Martians--with Jim, Frank, and Willis the Martian "bouncer" all quite improbably being carried by their new Martian friends--the driver of the mail scooter turns to the station master and says "We should have left that stuff alone, George. I'm seeing things."
* TheWarOfEarthlyAggression
* WorldWarIII: A long time ago, there was a WorldWarIII. No details are given except that the "eastern allies" (whether the "eastern allies" are [[HammerAndSickleRemovedForYourProtection meant as an euphemism for "Soviet Bloc"]] or allies of the Western Bloc, is not clarified) stockpiled nukes in the Egyptian pyramids and that the pyramids got destroyed in the course of the war.