An urban fantasy WebSerialNovel currently on its fourth book.

Books in the series:
* Mirrorfall (MF) - PlayfulHacker Stef is recruited by TheMenInBlack and shown the {{Masquerade}}.
* Mirrorheart (MH) - After the mirrorfall, a life hangs in the balance, as do the punishments for attempting a ressurection.
* Mirrorshades (MS) - Becoming an agent is by no means an easy process, especially when there are those that would see you fail.
* The Grey Edge (GE) - Life isn't easy when you're half-magpie, and less so when your entire family is pyschotic, and so is the man you're in love with.
** First book with the focus on Magnolia and Taylor, rather than Ryan and Stef.

Main Cast
* Stef Mimosa
* Agent Ryan
* Curt O'Connor
* Agent Jones
* Merlin
* Agent Taylor
* Magnolia Hammond

Important Members of the Secondary Cast
* Agents Parker
* Death
* Agent Grigori

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!!The series provides examples of:

* BackFromTheDead - [[spoiler: Stef, once as a child, and then again when she's stabbed by a piece of mirror at the end of Mirrorfall. It also happens throughout the later series as Agents have a 're-spawn' function and the mirror refuses to let Stef stay dead. Taylor is also an example]].
* WaistcoatOfStyle - Part of the formal uniform for the Field department, is a BadAssLongcoat.
* BloodKnight - there's a reason people are scared of Taylor.
* BottomlessMagazines - [[spoiler: Justified in MirrorShades#56 Stef uses her heart to wish for some guns and ammo, she later finds out the guns are magic and have unlimited ammo, they also give the owner ImprobableAimingSkills]]
* PlayfulHacker - how Stef makes her living before joining the Agency. Also, arguably the entire tech department.
* ColdBloodedTorture - A reoccurring theme in the series. Details are not spared. We see the effects of it on the characters [[spoiler: Stef many many times]], but also what causes people to do it [[spoiler: Curt is a reformed Torturer/Interigator]]
* DeadpanSnarker - Curt is certainly one. Very good at impromptu snarky lines.
* HalfHumanHybrid - Magnolia, who is half-magpie.
* TheGrimReaper - Death's a recurring secondary character.
* InvisibleToAdults - Members of the Lost who operate as imaginary friends are selectively visible.
* ImaginaryFriend - Stef has Captain Hook as an imaginary friend as a child.
* MamaBear - Jonesy is this for Merlin.
* {{Masquerade}}
* TheMenInBlack - The agents.
* MindRape - Agents have this ability. It can be used as torture [[spoiler: Petersen did this to Curt]] or just to find out information/intentions [[spoiler: as Ryan did to Stef at the beginning of MirrorHeart]]
* NightmareSequence - Two separate types here:
** Stef's nightmares after [[spoiler: coming back from the dead]], appear without warning or explanation, genuinely terrify her even though she cannot remember the content.
** Glitches - both induced and natural - essentially hallucinations for agents that cannot be distinguished from reality.
* ParentalSubstitute - Running theme in the series.
** Primarily with the Ryan/Stef dynamic (developed through MH, stated openly in MS, now he routinely refers to her as his daughter).
** Jones for Merlin.
** Agent Mike and his adopted son Bennefree.
** Agent "Billy" Williams and Milla.
* FreakOut - Stef, several times, most noticeably in MH where [[spoiler: after being shot the first time after coming back]] she descends into a full meltdown, externalising the voices in her head, quoting River Tam and playing with small pieces of her own brain.
* AbusiveParents - a few examples throughout the series.
** Stef's were emotionally distant and sometimes outright neglectful - prime example being they failed to notice the events of MF#01.
*** [[spoiler: Her father goes beyond emotionally distant and neglectful when he shoots her in the head in the fourth book Oubliette]]
* SmallGirlBigGun Subverted. Stef is asked to pick a gun and chooses a sensibly small "girly gun". Ryan even comments on how every recruit picks out something unsuitably large like a desert eagle, to which Stef responds "I think, she said as she handed the Desert Eagle back, Id break my damn nose if I tried to use that thing."
** Merlin's parents...as of book four, only hints have been dropped, but the consensus is "Oh boy..."
** Magnolia's mother
* SplitPersonality - Stef hears a voice in her head (which fans refer to as Boldvoice). She generally known of as the sensible one who keeps them both alive. [[spoiler: When Ryan goes into her mind he meets a two of Stef, supporting the split personalty theory for Boldvoice.]] Generally Boldvoice cannot control Stef but has spoken through Stef and even performed actions [[spoiler: specifically during her attempted suicide in Obilette]]
* EyeScream