''[=McTeague=]'' is a 1899 novel by Frank Norris, and is considered one of the best works of realism fiction. The novel centers around a simple-minded dentist simply called "[=McTeague=]", who lives in turn of the century San Fransisco. [=McTeague=]'s life changes when he offers to operate on his friend's cousin, Trina Sieppe, on her broken tooth. [=McTeague=] and Trina soon become a couple, and plan to wed. Everyone's lives are then changed forever when Trina finds she has won $5000 in the lottery...

''[=McTeague=]'' is a realist novel famous for its BlackAndGrayMorality, and how the events unfold is seen as a natural event due to the environments surrounding the characters, a staple in realist literature. Its protagonists, men and women alike, are shown as both products and victims of a debasing social order.

It was also adapted in a movie, ''{{Film/Greed}}'', in 1924 by Erich von Stronheim. Von Stroheim intended to produce a complete adaptation of the book, with none of its material left out; as a result the film's original version lasted approximately ten hours. It was drastically cut by the studio, MGM, and most of the excised footage has been lost.

!!Tropes in [=McTeague=]:
* CrapsackWorld: Oh so very much.
* DudeShesLikeInAComa: Happens after the titular character gives Trina anesthetic. It's implied that this is his compromise between doing nothing and raping her.
* TheFilmOfTheBook: ''Greed''.
* TheGayNineties
* GoldFever