[[caption-width-right:350:Max and Ruby, Ruby and Max!]]

''Max and Ruby'' is a series of childrens books, written by Creator/RosemaryWells. It has been adapted into a Canadian children's cartoon (helmed by Wells), which has aired on NickJr from its 2002 debut to the present day. Production of new episodes stopped for a while around 2007, but the continued popularity of the series led to revived production of new episodes, with five official seasons of the program to date and a [[TheMerch revived merchandise line]].

Max and Ruby are a pair of young sibling rabbits who live in a fairly normal suburb. Their parents are [[InvisibleParents seemingly nonexistent,]] so it usually falls to older Ruby to look after the younger Max. Young Max, however, is a rambunctious troublemaker with a hugely one-track mind--such to the point that in every episode, his dialogue typically consists of [[PokemonSpeak only one word, repeated with a variety of different inflections]]. In over her head, the somewhat controlling Ruby often tries to bend him to her will. [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption And typically fails.]] Sometimes, she even goes so far as to drag Max into her ZanyScheme of the day. It typically works out all right in the end, however, and Max's meddling desire to get what he wants is often strangely beneficial to Ruby's scheming.
* AdaptationPersonalityChange: Ruby was a DeadpanSnarker in the original books, but became more of a CheerfulChild in the animated series.
* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: Max makes this his bread and butter. Of course, he considers Ruby to be an annoying ''older'' sibling in kind.
* AppealToAuthority: Ruby to Max in the "Max, Where Are You?" song from the ''Bunny Party'' stage show. "I'm the big sister, you're the little brother. You know I'm gonna find you, one way or the other."
* BarefootCartoonAnimals
* BritishRoyalGuard: There's episode in which Max & Ruby visit "Bunningham Palace" and Max attempts to get a smile out of one of these, or their bunny counterpart anyway.
* ChristmasEpisode / HalloweenEpisode: There are at least two Christmas episodes and at least three Halloween episodes.
* ComeOutComeOutWhereverYouAre: Ruby to Max in the "Max, Where Are You?" song in ''Bunny Party''. Her tone of voice indicates that it's SeriousBusiness - she's not in the mood for Max's games.
* CompetenceZone: Strangely, only the Bunny Scouts seem to be fully within it! Grandma is allowed a few, though.
* ControlFreak: Ruby has shades of this, as she is sometimes downright ''obsessed'' with making Max do things her way.
* ConvenienceStoreGiftShopping: In one episode, Ruby wants to buy Grandma Bunny a birthday present, and tries to talk Max out of buying her something ''he'' would want--like candy vampire fangs. However, it's subverted when we find out that Grandma has a sense of humor and likes candy vampire fangs as well as thoughtfully chosen presents.
* DeathGlare: Max often gives Ruby one when she tries to boss him around.
* DeadpanSnarker: Sometimes Max has those moments in the times where he does talk. Ruby was also like this in the original books.
* DisappearingBox: With Max as the volunteer and Ruby as the magician.
* EveryEpisodeEnding: Ruby gets her happy ending because Max ignores her and gets involved. He literally has the last word.
* ExpressiveEars: They are most likely to be seen on Max.
* FictionalCounterpart: The [[GameBoy "Game Bunny"]]
* FunnyAnimal: Max, Ruby, and all of the other rabbits.
* HiccupHijinks: Happens to Ruby in one episode. After spending the entire time trying her friends' cures while simoultaneously fending off Max's attempts to get her to help him find his monster mask... guess what happens when Max finally finds it?
* InvisibleParents: If Max and Ruby have any, they go largely unseen. However, their grandmother is a recurring character. LampShaded in a song titled "Where Are The Parents?" featured in a ''Max & Ruby'' stage show. Yes, this song is a big ParentalBonus.
** It appears as though they have parents as family photos in the backdrop reveal this. However they are never present. (According to the song, "They're on the sundeck just to relax / Not too far from Ruby and Max.")
* ITasteDelicious: Happens in one episode, where Max decides that his guacamole facial mask is tastier than being pretty.
* JustAKid: Max. He's about four and ''constantly'' outwits or outmaneuvers his sister and others; the impression given is that he's often far more clever than he acts.
* KarmaHoudini: Max in episodes that Ruby did not bother him. Given how he screws up Ruby's plans and gets away with it.
* NameAndName
* NotNowKiddo: Max gets this from Ruby quite often.
* ParentalAbandonment: Max and Ruby's parents would apparently rather be sunbathing than looking after their own kids.
* ParentalSubstitute: Ruby often is this to Max.
* PokemonSpeak: He doesn't simply say his ''name,'' but the way Max talks (often saying nothing but a ''single word'' throughout an episode, with multiple inflections to reflect his emotions) is very reminiscent of this.
* RailEnthusiast: Grandma's purchase of a toy train for Max kicks off a four-story train arc.
* RaisedByGrandparents: While never stated, Grandma Bunny ''does'' seem to be the only visible adult authority figure in Max and Ruby's lives.
* RascallyRabbit: Max is an innocent example. He's a scheming tot who regularly gets into mischief, much to his sister's dismay.
* ScoutOut: Ruby and her friends are members of the Bunny Scouts. Yes, they have MeritBadgesForEverything.
* SiblingRivalry: WordOfGod is that the show is supposed to be about the universal nature of sibling relationships, good and bad. While Max and Ruby are often at odds, they generally pull through each other in the end.
* SiblingYinYang: Ruby being the smarter, if more controlling, one; Max is the wildfire.
* ASimplePlan: Leave it to Max to muck it up. Especially if he's the ''target'' of it!
* SilentSnarker: Max, [[CaptainObvious Natch]], usually toward Ruby depending on the moment.
* SlidingScaleOfAnimalCommunication: Level 1 - only rabbits can talk.
* TagalongKid: Often Max, though at least half the time he'd actually rather ''not'', as he's not interested in whatever girly activities Ruby and her friends are doing.
* TakingTheBullet: By Ruby at a party in "Max Play Catch", when she leaps in front of a cake or flan- whatever it is to save it from a baseball. Extra points for silent BigNo
* ThemeTuneCameo: The theme song often turns up on the in-show radios and speakers.
* ZanyScheme: Ruby has plenty of them, from making fruit-based beauty products to making haunted houses.