''Maia'' is a fantasy novel by Creator/RichardAdams, set in the same universe as ''Literature/{{Shardik}}''. The plot follows the eponymous heroine, as she comes of age in the Beklan Empire. Born into a poor family, Maia's mother sells her into slavery after her [[{{Squick}} stepfather has an affair with her.]] As a young and very attractive young girl, Maia is selected for sexual slavery, and sold to an obscenely wealthy fat bastard in the decadent capital city. Intrigue, danger and sex naturally follow.
!! This book provides examples of:

* AbusiveParents
* CrapsackWorld
* InformedAttractiveness
* NotIfTheyEnjoyedItRationalization: Maia's first encounter with her stepfather, and many others.
* PurpleProse: Richard Adams is a talented author, so it's bearable.
* SexSlave: Played depressingly straight.
* SoBeautifulItsACurse: Played straight, and drives the plot surprisingly often.