-->''I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey work of the stars.''

''Leaves of Grass'' is a collection of poetry by American author Creator/WaltWhitman.

Many editions of ''Leaves of Grass'' exist, as Whitman revised it many times before his death. The original version was published in 1855, then a revised edition in 1856, then another in 1860, [[SerialEscalation then ANOTHER in 1867, 1881,]] 1881, 1889, and [[OverlyLongGag 1891]].

'''Poems from ''Leaves of Grass'' you might recognize:'''
* "Song of Myself"
* "I Sing the Body Electric"
* "I Hear America Singing"
* "O Captain! My Captain!"
!!Tropes Include:

* InHarmonyWithNature: Large parts of "Song of Myself" are about the narrator realizing that everything is interconnected, and about him getting in tune with nature.
* MindScrew: Some of it.