"Leaf by Niggle" is a short story by Creator/JRRTolkien. The artist main character is in some ways an allegory of Tolkien himself, and of any form of artistry.

!!"Leaf by Niggle" provides example of:

* CelestialBureaucracy: Niggle is a bit casual in preparing for his demise, so he is assigned to a sort of purgatory. After he learns to be better organized, the entities in charge send him on further.
* DescriptionPorn: He carefully describes how Niggle drew leaves better than trees, and wants to do an entire trees all of his leaves.
* TitleDrop: After most of Niggle's ''magnum opus'' is destroyed, a surviving bit is framed and displayed in a local museum, with the title "Leaf, by Niggle". [[spoiler: It is eventually lost.]]