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-->'''"Hey Marge! This guy looks like Apu."'''
--> -- Homer Simpson picking up a copy of the Kama Sutra in "Granpa vs. Sexual Inadequacy"

A couple of thousand years or so ago, a man called Vatsyayana Mullanaga got it into his head to compile a book of all the sex tips he could find in his homeland of India. This tome was called the ''Kama Sutra'' (lit: ''Pleasure Sayings'') and even today it is a byword for sexuality around the world. It is not actually a religious work, despite rumours to the contrary, although some cultures may regard sex as an act of worship.

There are a couple of other Eastern sexual wisdom texts, the ''Ananga Ranga'' and ''The Perfumed Garden'', but these are referenced far less often.

There is also a film, released in 1996, starring Indira Varma (Lucius's wife in ''Series/{{Rome}}'', Suzie in ''Series/{{Torchwood}}'') and Naveen Andrews (Sayid from ''Series/{{Lost}}''). So something for everyone there. Not to mention numerous 'ahem!' educational [=DVDs=].

Trope Namer For:
* {{Walking Kama Sutra}}
* {{Comic Sutra}}
References in Other Works;
* ''{{Hipsters}}'' - Given to a less experienced character.
* ''ShanghaiNoon'' - Roy is engrossed in the Kama Sutra at one point. Not that the Sutras are Chinese but hey ho.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' - Homer picks up a copy in "Granpa vs. Sexual Inadequency". Marge and Homer are given a copy by Apu in "The Sweetest Apu".
* ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'' - Mentioned by Raj while wooing Sheldon's sister Missy.
-->'''Raj:''' Have you ever heard of the ''Kama Sutra''?\\
'''Missy:''' The sex book.\\
'''Raj:''' The ''Indian'' sex book. In other words, [[WaxingLyrical if you ever wondered, wondered who wrote the book of love...]] it was us.
This book has examples of the following tropes;
* AnatomicallyImpossibleSex: This is usually the stereotype associated with the book, by people who never read it.
* {{Anything That Moves}} - More of a trigger to this than a philosophy it espouses.
* {{A Date With Rosie Palms}} - Although the advice usually assumes a couple.
* {{Erotic Eating}} - Plenty of advice on how different tastes in food can enhance things.
%%* {{Erotic Literature}}
* {{Hot Blooded}}
* ItsNotPornItsArt: The book is a bit more enlightened than just being a collection of "bawdy" pictures.
* {{Lotus Position}} - One positional approach (her, not him).
* {{Sex Tropes}} - Pretty much all of them on the list that don't involve cultures not found/invented yet or devices not yet imagined (although some devices are {{Older Than You Think}}).