->''"You were drunk, high and mental when you wrote this weren't you? This story is so full of crack I might get high just reading it.

-> And. I. LOVE. IT."''

-->--A reviewer, on ''Hyper Fighting Machine Marmalade!''

''Hyper Fighting Machine Marmalade'' is what happens when [[Tropers/BrendanRizzo a bored writer]] decides to see what would happen if he combined {{Moe}} with HumongousMecha. It can be read [[http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2860788/1/Hyper-Fighting-Machine-Marmalade here]]. [[OldShame Not happy with how the novel turned out]], Rizzo adapted it into [[Webcomic/HyperFightingMachineMarmalade a comic]], available [[https://brendanrizzo.deviantart.com/gallery/64628677/Hyper-Fighting-Machine-Marmalade here]], with the first chapter [[MeaningfulReleaseDate deliberately uploaded]] to coincide with [[MilestoneCelebration the seventh anniversary of the original story]].

Moeko Paddington has a problem. She is shy. Not the ordinary form of shyness, but rather so much so that the typical ShrinkingViolet would look outgoing next to her. Of course, this means that almost nobody at her school knows she exists, especially not the boy she has a crush on, Reginald Darcy.

It also turns out that her father works for the government, and has designed a top-secret new weapon in the shape of a [[HumongousMecha gigantic, humanoid robot]], the [[TitleDrop Hyper Fighting Machine Marmalade]]. (Nobody knows why it is called that.) Moeko is so shy that she is only really able to deal with the machines in her father's workshop, and so volunteers to help him with his projects. As fate would have it, on the day that Moeko is putting the finishing touches on Marmalade, the workshop is attacked by the mysterious [[NebulousEvilOrganization Antilovers]], who also have mecha, and are opposed to all love and goodness. Their arrival causes Moeko to quite literally [[FallingIntoTheCockpit fall into the cockpit]], and so, even though she is the worst person for the job, has the responsibility to fight the Antilovers.

Also present is the mysterious man known only as Aniki, who is a walking stereotype of mecha protagonists. Just what is his secret?

And no, the writer was ''not'' [[WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs intoxicated when he wrote this]].

!!'''Provides examples of the following tropes:'''

* AdoptTheDog: Ursus spends most of the beginning sending out teenagers to do the highly dangerous work of fighting the Antilovers. But when the heroes' school gets attacked, [[spoiler: he comes to the rescue in the only unused mechs and [[BigDamnHeroes beats two Antilovers with only minimal assistance]].]]
* AmericanRobot: Peanut Butter, which even looks like Uncle Sam.
* BetterThanABareBulb
* DecoyProtagonist: Despite being the focus of the first four chapters, Moeko is not the hero of the story. [[spoiler:Reginald]] is.
* FallingIntoTheCockpit: {{Parodied}}. Moeko literally does this, which is why she is the one who must pilot the mecha.
* FiveManBand: Two different ones, depending on the situation:
** For the mecha fights:
*** TheLeader: [[spoiler:Ursus]]
*** TheLancer: Aniki [[spoiler:a.k.a. Reginald]]
*** TheBigGuy: Jamal
*** TheSmartGuy: George
*** TheChick: Moeko
** For the high school drama ([[CharacterDevelopment after a certain point]]):
*** TheLeader: Reginald
*** TheLancer: Amy
*** TheBigGuy: Primo
*** TheSmartGuy: Moeko
*** TheChick: Patricia
* GiverOfLameNames: For some reason, Moeko's father named all the mechs after culinary spreads.
* GratuitousJapanese: Parodied. Even though the work is set in ''England'', Moeko uses the Japanese words that an anime fan would be expected to know, and nobody else finds it agreeable.
* HumongousMecha
* LemonyNarrator
* SarcasmMode: The narrator engages in this trope a lot, often when lampshading the absurdity of the situation.
* ShrinkingViolet: Moeko, of course. This is {{lampshaded}} at one point.