''God's Demon'' is a 2007 American fantasy novel by Creator/WayneBarlowe. Inspired by Christian demonology, it tells the story of Sargatanas, a FallenAngel who participated in [[{{Satan}} Lucifer's]] rebellion but has since repented and now seeks {{God}}'s forgiveness so he can return to {{Heaven}}.
!!This book contains examples of:
* AfterActionPatchUp: [[spoiler:Hannibal Barca]] back in Adamantinarx, after getting his arm cut off by [[spoiler:Moloch]].
* BandOfBrothers: Sargatanas, Valefar and Eligor.
* BookcasePassage: The secret compartment where [[spoiler:Valefar]] keeps the [[spoiler:Above Sword]].
* ConvenientCranny: When Hani ducks into a Domicile to avoid getting stomped on by Demons.
* CurbStompBattle: [[spoiler:Sargatanas' army vs. Astaroth's army]].
* DeusExMachina: When [[spoiler:Ardat Lili]] returns to life for no reason.
* DoorOfDoom: The humongous gates scattered throughout the various cities of Hell.
* FigureItOutYourself: God and his angels make no attempt to help the fallen ones redeem themselves, or even tell them that it is possible.
* FinalBattle: [[spoiler:The absolutely epic showdown at Dis.]]
* FlamingEmblem: The Sigils used by Demons to do various things, though they are most often used to stand out on a battlefield or signify leadership.
* GloryDays: Back when Sargatanas and his crew were kickin' it in The Above, before The Fall.
* LegionsOfHell
* TheMole: [[spoiler:Baron Faraii]].
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: [[spoiler:Sargatanas]].