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A horror novel by Creator/StephenKing. The setup is rather HighConcept -- during a bondage game proposed by husband Gerald, things go south. Gerald himself ends up dead, and protagonist Jessie Burlingame finds herself in a whole heap of trouble when she's still handcuffed to the bed.

[[IReadThatAs Definitely not to be confused with]] ''[[PixarShorts Geri's Game]]''.

!!But you said these tropes sounded like ''fun'':

* AffectionateNickname: Jessie's father calls her "Punkin".
* AmplifiedAnimalAptitude: Prince's intuition is described by King in a way that doesn't feel that farfetched.
* AmoralAttorney: Gerald is slowly revealed to be one.
* AttemptedRape: Causes Jessie to kick Gerald in the groin, giving him a fatal heart attack.
* BetterThanSex: [[spoiler: When Jessie finally gets rid of the handcuffs, she feels ecstatic, and thinks that if sex was even half this good, people would be doing it on every street corner.]]
* BodyHorror
* BondageIsBad: Surprisingly averted; it's the ''motivation'' that can be bad, yes, but not the act itself. Of course, you probably won't want to run off and play with some handcuffs right after reading this.
* ChainedToABed
* CreepilyLongArms: One of the more noticable traits of The Space Cowboy.
* CreepySouvenir: The Space Cowboy's attire is littered with the bones of past victims.
* DaddysGirl: Jessie was like this... [[spoiler:until her father sexually molested her.]]
* DangerousKeyFumble: [[spoiler: Befalls Jessie when she tries to escape in her car.]]
* TheDarknessGazesBack: Jessie never is sure whether or not there is someone in the shadows, watching her at night.
* {{Determinator}}: In between increasingly unsettling and haunting flashbacks that go way back to her childhood, the book is sectioned with Jessie's various attempts at releasing herself from the handcuffs.
* GoryDiscretionShot: Due to her angle on the bed, Jessie is mostly able to only hear Prince eating Gerald's corpse. Mostly.
* HearingVoices
* HumanoidAbomination: How Jessie sees The Space Cowboy, in her dazed and near mad state.
* ILoveTheDead: [[spoiler:The creepy stranger Jessie sees is Raymond Andrew Joubert, a necrophiliac serial killer and cannibal, who regularly broke into crypts and mortuaries for years and violated male corpses.]]
* ImAManICantHelpIt: How Goody Burlingame, the more submissive voice Jessie's head, tries to rationalise Gerald's attempt at rape.
* KinkyCuffs: After a while, Gerald only finds Jessie sexually attractive if she's tied to the bed. Unfortunately, he likes to use real handcuffs. However, he could only get the type made for males; [[spoiler:this is what makes Jessie's escape possible.]]
* LifeOrLimbDecision: Not exactly, but close enough. Jessie [[spoiler:eventually breaks a glass and effectively scalps her hand, so blood would serve as a lubricant and allow her to pull her hand through the cuff.]]
* LivingShadow: How Jessie percieves The Space Cowboy
* [[spoiler:LooksLikeOrlok: The creepy stranger, mostly.]]
* MeaningfulBackgroundEvent: References to a dark barking in the woods are spread throughout the first two chapters or so.
* [[spoiler:ParentalIncest]]: And not just confined to backstory either. No, King tackles this ugliness head on.
* PsychologicalHorror: In spades.
* RoomFullOfCrazy: [[spoiler: Insane and mortally wounded woman chained to a bed, a naked, half-eaten corpse lying on the floor, a carnivorous, emotionally volatile dog, and an ominous stranger covered with human bones standing in the corner of the room? You just hit the jackpot.]]
* SignatureStyle: Stream-of-consciousness writing? Italicized, parenthetical snatches of phrases representing the main character's little brainfarts? Multiple contexts for the same phrase, all of them disturbing? Must be a Creator/StephenKing book.
* VomitingCop: Sheriff Norris Ridgewick throws up, when he finds what is in the truck of Raymond Andrew Joubert, a [[spoiler: necrophiliac cannibal (for example, a sandwich with a human tongue)]]. A character says that "the State Police would have torn him a new asshole if he'd puked on the evidence. On the other hand, I'd have wanted him removed from his job for psychological reasons if he hadn't thrown up."