->''"FARNHAM'S FREEHOLD: TRADING POST & RESTAURANT BAR -- American Vodka, Corn Liquor, Applejack, Pure Spring Water, Grade "A" Milk, Corned Beef & Potatoes, Steak & Fried Potatoes, Butter & some days Bread, Smoked Bear Meat, Jerked Quisling (by the neck), Crepes Suzettes to order. [=!!!Any BOOK Accepted as Cash!!!!=] [=DAY NURSERY=] [=!!FREE KITTENS!!=] Blacksmithing, Machine Shop, Sheet Metal Work-You Supply the Metal. [=FARNHAM SCHOOL OF CONTRACT BRIDGE=] Lessons by Arrangement. Social Evening Every Wednesday.\\
Ring bell. Wait. Advance with your Hands Up. Stay on path, avoid mines. We lost three customers last week. We can't afford to lose YOU.\\
No sales tax.''
-->--''Hugh & Barbara Farnham & Family, Freeholders"''

''Farnham's Freehold'' is a novel by Creator/RobertAHeinlein first published in 1964. Survivalist Hugh Farnham, his family, their servant Joe, and Barbara, a friend of Hugh's daughter, survive a nuclear attack only to find they have time-traveled to a distant future where Africans are the dominant social caste and Europeans are bred and raised as livestock.


!!This novel provides examples of:

* AffablyEvil: Ponse is a prime example of the trope. Hugh even acknowledges it, lamenting that Ponse is the worst kind of evil there is, simply because he's always incredibly nice, yet constantly reminding you how evil he *could* be if you cross him.
* AfterTheEnd: The novel begins with a nuclear apocalypse.
* AuthorFilibuster
* CrazyPrepared: Hugh Farnham. It is the source of much antagonism between him and his son Duke, who sees him as a CrazySurvivalist. Hugh's planning constantly paying off doesn't improve their relationship any.
* DeathByChildbirth: [[spoiler: Farnham's daughter.]]
* TheDragon: Memtok is an unusual variation.
* ImAHumanitarian: Cannibalism is used as a way of showing just how screwed up the {{dystopia}}n future his characters found themselves in AfterTheEnd was.
* NamingYourColonyWorld
* NoNeedForNames: A female slave is assigned to Hugh Farnham, and she doesn't have a name. He ends up calling her 'kitten' after the cute way she curled up in bed when she was tired.
* ParentalIncest: Farnham's daughter mentions to him that, of the three men she's been stranded with, he's the one she'd prefer to father her child (if she weren't already pregnant just now). Her dad is completely undisturbed and in fact flattered by this.
* PeopleFarms: In the post apocalyptic society, lower castes of people are often used for food.
* PersecutionFlip: The members of a white family are the slaves of cannibalistic black masters.
* TheStarscream: Duke is constantly on the verge of mutiny under Hugh's leadership.
* StrappedToAnOperatingTable: [[spoiler:Hugh Farnham and his son, Duke]] are strapped to an operating table where [[spoiler:they're about to castrate both of them]] until Ponce decides not to have them do this. Later, [[spoiler: hey actually end up doing this to Duke]].
* UsedFuture
* YourTomcatIsPregnant: Barbara is quite surprised to find that the cat, named Dr. Livingston, is pregnant, since she'd believed the cat to be male. The five other human members of the group have known the cat a lot longer than Barbara has, and consistently use male pronouns, which probably adds to the confusion.