''The Faery Series'' is a series of 5 books by author Dennis L. [=McKiernan=], writer of the ''Literature/{{Mithgar}}'' series. Each book is a notable retelling/retooling of an old fairy tale, often with elements from other tales thrown in.

The setting is essentially the "normal" human world that connects to the faerie realm via a wall of twilight. And different realms within faerie are also separated by these walls of twilight.

The main protagonists of the series are Camille and her prince Alain and his three siblings, the four of which rule over the seasonal realms which are ColorCodedCharacters.

The first four books follow each of the siblings in their quests of love (the first book however is a bit inverted in that it's Alain's wife Camille who has to save him), while slowly uncovering more of the mystery surrounding the BigBad. After each one is paired off, the fifth book details their final showdown with the BigBad.

The five books are:

* ''Literature/OnceUponAWintersNight'' (Literature/EastOfTheSunAndWestOfTheMoon)
* ''Once Upon a Summer Day'' (Literature/SleepingBeauty)
* ''Once Upon an Autumn Eve'' (The Glass Mountain)
* ''Once Upon a Spring Morn'' (Le Bel Inconnu and Childe Rowland)
* ''Once Upon a Dreadful Time''
!!This series provides examples of:

* AllMythsAreTrue: [=McKiernan=] brings in myths and legends from a lot of sources, but heavily from celtic and greek roots.
* BigBad: the wizard Orbane
* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: The rulers of the four seasonal realms have colorings respective of their region. Prince Borel (winter) has white hair and grey eyes. Prince Alain (summer) has dark hair and eyes. Princess Liaze (autumn) has auburn hair and golden eyes. And princess Celeste (spring) has blonde hair and green eyes.
* CreationMyth (with LeaningOnTheFourthWall): in universe, the creation of the faery realm is said to be by gods who overheard stories being told and liked them so much that they actually manifested them.
* CreepyCrows: Default messenger minions of the evil witches
* EvilSorcerer: the BigBad Orbane is this
* TheFairFolk
* TheHecateSisters
* OnceUponATime: The titles of the first four books are plays on this phrase
* RuleOfThree
* WickedWitch: Orbane's apprentices are this
* YearOutsideHourInside: Everyone knows this is how time flows in the fae king's realm