''Drawing Blood'' is a 1993 horror novel by Creator/PoppyZBrite. A computer hacker named Zachary Bosch is on the run. He makes it to Missing Mile, where cartoonist Trevor [=McGee=] has come home to face his demons. Trevor's family all died in his old family home, and it seems like the house wants to claim him, too.

!!Tropes used in this novel include:

* AbusiveParents: Zach's father beat him repeatedly with his belt. Trevor's, [[ArchnemesisDad well...]]
* AcidTripDimension: Birdland, which is accessed by the characters through drug use.
* AlcoholicParent: Robert [=McGee=]'s lapse in sanity coincides with his DescentIntoAddiction.
* BiTheWay: Zach is stated to be bisexual, with a slight preference for men.
* HauntedHouse
* HopelessSuitor: Zach rejects Eddy's advances repeatedly. It's made clear that this isn't a case of IncompatibleOrientation, Zach just [[IDontWantToRuinOurFriendship "likes her too much"]] to sleep with her.
* MurderSuicide: Robert [=McGee=] kills his wife and one of his sons, then hangs himself, leaving Trevor behind.
* MustHaveCaffeine: Trevor can drink a couple of pots in one sitting.
* OrphansOrdeal: Trevor's has lasted twenty years.
* TheRunaway: Zach is The Abused Runaway, leaving home as a young teenager.
* SelfHarm: Trevor has a number of self-harm scars.
* TheStoner: Zach in particular. Brite said he rarely put down the bong while writing this book.
* [[HookerWithAHeartOfGold Stripper With a Heart of Gold]]: Eddy.
* TitleDrop:
-->I was right all along: the second you make yourself vulnerable to someone, they start drawing blood.
* YaoiGuys: Zach and Trevor.