'''''Dragon Raja''''' is a fantasy novel by [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Yeongdo Lee Yeongdo]]. Considered to be one of the most successful Korean fantasy novels ever, it has been credited with popularizing publication of domestic fantasy novels in Korea. The novel is also famous for its phenomenal fanbase: in 2008, the limited edition boxed sets of the 10th anniversary commemorative editions sold out within minutes. It has been published internationally in China, Taiwan, and Japan, but so far, there has not been an English release.

!!Tropes found in this series include:
* TheArchmage
* ChildhoodFriends
* HeroesWantRedHeads
* KingIncognito
* ModestRoyalty : The adventuring elder brother of the King, the princess with the gardening shears and straw hat, and an illegitimate younger brother of a countryside noble who lives in a hut at the edge of the woods reading books and brewing apple cider.
* NamingConventions : All dragon names are 5 syllables long.
* OurDragonsAreDifferent
* SpellMyNameWithAnS : No official romanizations have led to this: should he be called Hutch? Hoochi? Huchi?
* TalkingWeapon : Prim Sword just loves to talk.
* {{Tsundere}}