''Distant Star'' is a 1996 novella by Chilean writer Creator/RobertoBolano about an aspiring artist, Carlos Wieder, that turns out to be an intelligence mole of the military after a military coup. To be precise, the 1973 Chilean coup d'état. Soon after, he starts doing [[TrueArtIsIncomprehensible incomprehensible art]] in the sky with his plane. The military at first is fascinated by his art, but after a while Wieder starts doing more risqué things which displeases the military government.

The story took off from a chapter from Bolaño's previous book ''Nazi Literature in the Americas'', where he considered one of the stories too undervalued, so he decided to expand the story of the character in ''Distant Star''.
!!This book provides examples of:

* AuthorAvatar: Arturo Belano, the narrator of the story.
* CanonWelding: Arturo Belano appears also in other Bolaño stories, like ''Literature/TheSavageDetectives''.
* TheMole: [[spoiler:Alberto Ruiz-Tagle]] aka Carlos Wieder.
* PrivateDetective: Abel Romero.
* SnuffFilm: What [[spoiler:Wieder]] was doing when he ran from the country.
* [[{{ThoseWackyNazis}} Those Wacky Neo-Nazis]]
* TwinThreesomeFantasy: Alberto Ruiz-Tagle only opens himself to the Garmendia twins, and at least one of them feels something for him. Then it takes a dark turn.