''Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health'' is Creator/{{L Ron Hubbard}}’s self-help booklet, proverbial to Scientology and one of the most sold self-help books out there. How much of this is because of his followers buying massive quantities of it in order to artificially boost sales is an exercise left to the reader's imagination.

Very briefly, the book proposes the idea that everyone has unconsciously a physical pain or painful emotions that must be repressed in order to achieve self-fulfillment. The rest of the book gives you tips to do it.

Considering [[ChurchOfHappyology LRH and his followers’ status]], we ask you please remember the RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgment.

!!''Dianetics'' has examples of the following tropes:

* ArcWords: '''Survive!'''
* ArtisticLicenseMedicine: Let's just say that most of Hubbard's theories about mental health were first rejected by the scientific/medical community in the 1950s and, today, are rejected by them as a whole, and leave it at that.
* AuthorTract
* CureYourGays
* DoorStopper: Yes, it’s a long book.
* FlameBait: As typical for anything to do with the ChurchOfHappyology.
* FootnoteFever: Lots of them, explaining terminology. It quickly reaches ViewersAreMorons territory.
* LavaAddsAwesome: The cover and television commercials for the book usually feature an erupting volcano.
* OrwellianRetcon: Hubbard re-edited the book several times as the years passed. The book you can find today is very different from the original published in 1950.
* ViewersAreMorons: A lot of things explained in the footnotes are very obvious. On the other hands, some footnotes really don’t explain anything (e.g., when he’s talking about the Lorentz-Fitzgerald-Einstein equations, the footnote only says [[ShapedLikeItself they’re equations developed by Lorentz, Fitzgerald and Einstein]], without telling you what they’re about).