Death Comes To Pemberley is a thriller written by Phyllis Dorothy James. It is also a non-official sequel to ''PrideAndPrejudice,'' which treats themes such as [[ValuesDissonance justice in the 19th century]] and [[ValuesDissonance misogyny]] on a rather interesting way.

6 years after [[TheSnarkKnight Fitzwilliam Darcy]] [[OddCouple and]] [[SpiritedYoungLady Elizabeth Bennet]] and [[IncorruptiblePurePureness Jane Bennet]] [[BirdsOfAFeather and]] [[NiceGuy Charles Bingley]] married, Elizabeth enjoys her bliss, organizes the ball her mother-in-law created so long ago and makes sure everything will be perfect when Lydia, her younger sister, arrives panicked at Pemberley, and spoils everything.

Well, it isn't really her fault, but she heard gunshot in the woods where her husband and his friend were wandering and she is understandably worried. A rescue expedition organized by Mr. Darcy reassures everyone on the state of her husband. He was simply found drunk, cradling his friend's corpse...

In the meantime, Georgiana enjoys a BettyAndVeronica love triangle, Fitzwilliam Darcy works on his GuiltComplex and Elizabeth chronicles how so many characters TookALevelInJerkass between the events of the two books, making them all suspects.

Of course, it could still get worse. [[{{Pride}} Lady Catherine de Bourgh]] could decide to meddle in this, or [[HolierThanThou Mr Collins]] to write a letter... Then, the GodzillaThreshold would certainly be hit.

Adapted into a 2013 BBC television film starring [[TheAmericans Matthew Rhys]] as Darcy and Anna Maxwell Martin as Elizabeth.

!!Tropes present in this work :

* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation : Averted with the characters in the book, who only get HiddenDepths. Played hilariously straight in-universe, with Meryton inhabitants considering Mrs. Bennet as a DiabolicalMastermind, Mr. Darcy as a complete {{Jerkass}}, and both Lizzie and Jane as one big GoldDigger family, the first gaining a reputation of BitchInSheepsClothing. A tenant from an inn in Meryton sees Lydia as a PluckyGirl who is adept at BrutalHonesty.
* AndStarring: In the TV version: "With [[OneSceneWonder Penelope Keith]] as Lady Catherine de Bourgh"
* BabiesEverAfter: [[spoiler: For Lizzie and Darcy at the end]]
* BettyAndVeronica : Georgiana had one of these triangles with Colonel Fitzwilliam (older, known since long ago, and conservative) and [[spoiler: Henry Alveston]] (young, known since a short time ago, much more progressive) .
* CrisisCrossover : George Wickham [[{{Persuasion}} worked for Sir Walter Eliot]], and while Sir Walter flirted with his Lydia, he flirted with Sir Walter's daughter Elizabeth. Anne Eliot is described as "having made a prosperous and happy marriage", and Sir Walter's financial situation has improved so much that he threw his poor occupants out and returned to the Elliott's family home. [[{{Literature/Emma}} Harriet Martin and Emma Woodhouse]] both wrote to [[spoiler: Colonel Fitzwilliam, and finally succeeded in convincing him to let Harriet take George Wickham's son at home.]]
* TheCutie : Georgiana and Henry are both this [[ShipperOnDeck for Elizabeth]].
* DarkerAndEdgier
* [[spoiler: DefiledForever]]: [[spoiler: A variation. Though Louisa Bidwell had consensual sex with Wickham, her fiancÚ is reluctant to continue the engagement. He changes his mind]]
* HappilyAdopted: [[spoiler: Wickham's son at the end of the story]]
* HiddenDepths : In the book, George Wickham had [[DaddyIssues Mommy Issues]] [[spoiler: and was a loving brother to his illegitimate half-sister]], though he remained unfaithful and jerkish as ever. Mr. Darcy had a [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything generous but proud mother]], Lydia became a loving wife (just as in ''Literature/PrideAndPrejudice'' by Creator/JaneAusten) but was jealous of her sister Elizabeth for attracting Wickham's interest at first. Colonel Fitzwilliam [[spoiler: / Vicount Hartlep]] had a lot of consideration for class, which caused him to despise people he found beneath him once he [[spoiler: became a Viscount]].
* HonorBeforeReason : Denny, Wickham's friend.
* HystericalWoman : Lydia, understandably.
* {{Jerkass}} : George Wickham, Lydia and, Colonel Fitzwilliam are presented as this.
** [[spoiler: JerkassFacade]]: [[spoiler: Colonel Fitzwilliam turns out to have one of these.]]
* [[spoiler: KilledOffForReal: Captain Denny and Mrs. Younge, both minor characters from the original book]]
* ShipperOnDeck : Elizabeth is this for Georgiana/Henry
* SkewedPriorities : It is a part of the DeliberateValuesDissonance which gets even more stressed on for the villainous and mean characters.
** It is hard to say whether Sir Selwyn Hardcastle has this or is ironic.
** Lydia seems to want to go the ball despite her husband and her friend being lost in the woods, where someone shot something.
* SmallRoleBigImpact: Will Bidwell, who doesn't appear much in the story (in person anyways), but [[spoiler: turns out to be Captain Denny's killer, having mistaken him for Wickham, who he believed to be his sister's rapist]]
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Colonel Fitzwilliam's fate is not mentioned in the epilogue.
* YourCheatingHeart: [[spoiler: Wickham]]