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A series of YA novels by Kelley Armstrong, set in the same universe as her adult series Literature/TheOtherworld. The series is divided into trilogies, each narrated in first person by a different character. "Darkest Powers" is the name of both the entire series, and of the first trilogy in the series.

The first trilogy, Darkest Powers, is narrated by Chloe Saunders, a fifteen-year-old girl who's diagnosed with schizophrenia when she starts seeing ghosts. She's sent to a group home for mentally disturbed teenagers but she soon starts to realize that there's more to her problems than insanity.

The second trilogy, Darkness Rising, is narrated by Maya Delaney, a sixteen-year-old girl with a birthmark in the exact shape of a cat's paw. A newcomer to her tiny town also starts to pay attention to her - and her birthmark.


!!Summary of ''The Summoning''
->After years of frequent moves following her mother's death, Chloe Saunders' life is finally settling down. She is attending art school, pursuing her dream of becoming a director, as well as making friends and (hopefully) meeting boys. Her biggest concern is that she's not developing as fast as her friends are. But when puberty does hit, it brings more than hormone surges. Chloe starts seeing ghosts--and starts seeing them ''everywhere'', demanding her attention. After she suffers a breakdown, her devoted aunt Lauren gets her into a highly recommended group home.

->At first, Lyle House seems a pretty okay place, except for Chloe's small problem of fearing she might be facing a lifetime of mental illness. But as she gradually gets to know the other kids at the home--charming Simon and his ominous, unsmiling brother Derek, obnoxious Tori, and Rae, who has a "thing" for fire--Chloe begins to realize that there is something that binds them all together, and it isn't your usual "problem kid" behaviour. And together they discover that Lyle House is not your usual group home either...


# ''The Summoning''
# ''The Awakening''
# ''The Reckoning''
# ''The Gathering''
# ''The Calling''
# ''The Rising''

!!Online Novellas
* ''[[http://www.freevampires.net/werewolves/Darkest_Powers_Bonus_Pack/ Dangerous]]''
* ''[[http://www.darkestpowers.com/Kat.pdf Kat]]''
* ''[[http://www.darkestpowers.com/Divided.pdf Divided]]''
* ''[[http://mylovingfamily.webs.com/documents/Disenchanted.pdf Disenchanted]]''
* ''[[http://badlydrawndarkestpowers.tumblr.com/belonging Belonging]]''


'''''WARNING:''''' There are unmarked spoilers for both ''The Summoning'' and ''The Awakening'' ahead; anything actually put in spoiler tags signifies big, big spoilers for ''The Reckoning''.

!!!'''This series provides examples of:'''

* AbusiveParents: Diane Enright.
* AffablyEvil: Dr. Davidoff.
* AlphaBitch: Tori.
* AlwaysChaoticEvil: How werewolves are viewed by many supernaturals.
* AngerBornOfWorry: Derek invokes this ''all the damned time'', and it's generally aimed in Chloe's direction. [[spoiler: He gets much better about it in the final book, though. And towards the end of ''The Awakening'', to a certain degree]].
* ApocalypseMaiden: Not so much in the ''literal'' sense of [[EndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt destroying the world]], but [[spoiler:Margaret]] looks at [[spoiler:Chloe]] this way after [[spoiler:Chloe ''rips open the earth'' while simply trying to summon a ghost, and raises countless zombies accidentally]]. Diriel (the demi-demon) insinuates that the Edison Group's subjects are potentially these.
* ApologeticAttacker: [[spoiler:Chloe is this when she accidentally raises the dead]].
* ArmorPiercingQuestion: [[spoiler:Chloe]] gets in four of these in about thirty seconds.
---> [[spoiler:(''after Derek asks her to come with him while he's Changing'')]]
---> [[spoiler:'''Chloe:''' How can you even ask me that? How many times did you chew me out today? Make me feel like everything's going wrong and it's all my fault?]]
---> [[spoiler:'''Derek:''' That's not what I meant. If I hurt you...]]
---> [[spoiler:'''Chloe:''' How could you ''not'' hurt me?]]
* AxCrazy: [[spoiler:Royce]].
* BeastAndBeauty: [[spoiler:Derek and Chloe, respectively]].
* BerserkButton: If he sees you threatening or harming either Chloe or Simon, Derek is going to [[UnstoppableRage make sure that you regret it]].
* BetterAsFriends: [[spoiler:Chloe and Simon]].
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Chloe. ''The Reckoning'' cements this, because when Chloe's other options are taken away from her and she's [[TheyWouldCutYouUp facing a short and painful future]], she takes the only path left to her. [[spoiler:After a guard is killed by Diane Enright (who framed her daughter for it) and Chloe is taken to a different room and imprisoned, she raises the guard from the dead and forces him to walk to her room and open the door. She releases his soul back to the afterlife as quickly as she can... But then she makes a deal with the demi-demon, Diriel, that is bound to the building. Chloe releases Diriel, and transfers her to the guard's body, so Diriel can help her escape]].
** Then, later, [[spoiler:Dr. Davidoff is holding Chloe, Derek, Lauren, Tori, and Simon at gunpoint, and is going to kill at least one of them. Diane is dead on the floor behind him, with her gun beside her. Chloe shoves Diane's soul back into her body to raise her from the dead and forces her to shoot Davidoff in the back, killing him]]. Not bad for a tiny girl who is usually dismissed as useless in a fight.
* BigBadFriend: [[spoiler:Andrew]].
* BigBrotherInstinct: Derek, toward Simon.
* BigDamnHeroes: Derek has at least one of these moments in each book. The first is when he finds Chloe locked in the basement crawlspace in ''The Summoning'', which wouldn't be ''that'' much of a Big Damn Hero moment if it weren't for the fact that she'd just raised both corpses that were in the crawlspace with her. The second is in ''The Awakening'', when he tracks Chloe down in [[JustInTime just enough time]] to [[spoiler:save her from having her face carved up]]. He gets two in ''The Reckoning'': First, when [[spoiler:Liam finally attempts to kill Chloe, Derek tackles him from the bushes, having managed to finish Changing back to human form]], and again [[spoiler:at the end of the book, when Chloe and Lauren are being held at gunpoint by Diane Enright -- Derek, in wolf form, comes out of nowhere and takes her down]].
** [[spoiler:Kit Bae]] gets an ''awesome'' one in [[spoiler:the climax of]] ''The Reckoning''.
** [[spoiler:Liz]] has two in ''The Reckoning'', when [[spoiler:she shows up again out of nowhere and distracts a vicious, [[AxCrazy psychotic]] Volo half-demon ghost from killing Chloe long enough for Chloe to banish him]], and a minor version when [[spoiler:she appears with Derek when he takes out Diane Enright, since he needed her to open doors for him]].
** Subverted with [[spoiler:Gwen]], who has a tragic example when she [[spoiler:comes back to help the kids, even though she knows it's dangerous, but dies before she can do ''anything'' to help them. Even in death, she tries to help Chloe, though once again she doesn't have the chance to do much beyond simply warning Chloe]].
* TheBigGuy: Derek fits into Class 5.
* BitPartBadguys: Liam and Ramon in ''The Awakening''. [[spoiler:Until they reappear in ''The Reckoning'' and you realize that their "chance meeting" with Derek and Chloe wasn't such an incredibly unlikely fluke after all]].
* BlessedWithSuck: Chloe, to the max.
* BlessedWithSuck / CursedWithAwesome: Derek. On one hand, he has super strength and enhanced senses, and he can turn into a wolf. On the other hand, most people generally assume that he's a monster and occasionally [[WhatMeasureIsANonHuman aren't adverse to having him killed]]. Either way, the fact that he's a werewolf [[FantasticRacism inspires immediate wariness in most supernaturals]].
* BodyHorror: Derek's attempts at Changing.
* CassandraTruth / TheCassandra: Chloe's attempt to convince Rae that the [[DevilInPlainSight Edison Group]] are actually really bad people. As is typical of this trope, Rae [[TooDumbToLive refuses to listen]].
* TheCavalry: [[spoiler:Derek and Liz, when Diane Enright is holding Chloe and Lauren hostage]]. Then, later, [[spoiler:Kit Bae, Simon and Derek's father]].
* CharacterDevelopment: Everyone, really, to varying degrees, but ''especially'' Tori.
* ClingyJealousGirl: Tori with Simon in ''The Summoning''.
* CombatPragmatist: Derek and Chloe definitely fit this trope, as does Simon. [[spoiler:And Kit, too]].
** [[spoiler:Diane]] subverts it, letting [[spoiler:her]] [[{{Pride}} pride]] get in the way of [[TooDumbToLive basic common sense]].
* CuteAndPsycho: Tori, before her CharacterDevelopment.
* DeadpanSnarker: Derek, of all people, has multiple moments of this.
* DeadPersonConversation: Happens a lot, for obvious reasons.
* DealWithTheDevil: Chloe [[spoiler:makes a deal with Diriel (the female demi-demon) in ''The Reckoning'' and ends up freeing her in exchange for her help escaping the Edison Group's facility]]. However [[spoiler:Diriel honestly seemed to like Chloe, and didn't try to find loopholes in the terms of their deal. When her Lord, a full demon, appeared, she might even have been trying to protect Chloe from him by telling him that Chloe is weak and not worthy of his notice. She also apologized to Chloe when the full demon called her back before she could complete their bargain]].
* DeathSeeker: Derek occasionally shows signs of this, to the distress of Chloe and Simon.
* DefrostingIceQueen: Tori.
* DisproportionateRetribution: In ''The Summoning'', Tori lures Chloe down into a basement crawlspace, then ''hits her over the head with a brick'', binds and gags her, and locks her in. Oh, and leaves her there, without telling anyone. And why? Because the Chloe had the gall to talk to the guy Tori liked.
* DisappearedDad: Kit Bae.
** Liz's and Rae's fathers. Justified, considering their fathers are demons.
* DoesNotKnowHisOwnStrength: Derek, in his first moment alone with Chloe, in the basement of Lyle House. It goes badly. Also, before the start of the series, Derek accidentally broke the back of [[JerkAss the guy who was]] [[AssholeVictim threatening his brother with a knife]] ''just by throwing him''.
* DontSplitUsUp: Derek and Simon.
* FantasticRacism: [[SerialKiller All werewolves]] [[MurderIsTheBestSolution are]] [[AlwaysChaoticEvil evil]]! [[MaliciousSlander No]], [[BlatantLies really]]!
* FirstKiss: Chloe's first kiss goes to [[spoiler:Simon]].
* GeneticEngineeringIsTheNewNuke: Chloe and Tori, whose [[OffTheScale power levels are]] '''''[[MemeticMutation over NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAND!!!]]''''' To get a better idea of how ridiculously strong Chloe is, in ''The Reckoning'', Chloe is taken to a graveyard for some lessons from an adult necromancer. When trying to summon a ghost, Chloe accidentally [[spoiler: rips open the earth itself, summoning several undead animals and at least one human zombie. Raising the dead isn't something a necromancer is supposed to be capable of doing until he or she has had a few years of training and even then only with the help of a ritual. Chloe just raised several dead ''accidentally.'']]
* GeniusBruiser: Derek. This surprises Chloe when she first finds out, considering Derek generally gives off the impression of being [[DumbMuscle dumb muscle]].
* GenkiGirl: Liz.
* GenreSavvy: Chloe, definitely. She wants to be a director after all.
* GetAHoldOfYourselfMan / BigNo: Chloe manages to snap Derek out of his [[UnstoppableRage berserker rage]] at the last second with a ''verbal'' slap, delivered in the form of a scream of ''"No!"'' It's lucky that Chloe's a good person, considering the girl she saved from being smashed with [[SuperStrength inhuman force]] against a brick wall (and subsequently rendered crippled or dead) had been [[AssholeVictim trying to carve up Chloe's face with a switchblade about two seconds previously]].
* GildedCage: Where Chloe, Rae, and Tori are kept after they're captured by the Edison Group.
* GiveHimANormalLife: The reason that Kit takes Derek out of the Edison Group's facility when Derek is five.
* GoodParents: Kit Bae, who is pretty much the only example in the series.
* HandsOffParenting: Er... ''every'' parent, with the notable exception of Kit Bae.
* HealingFactor: Nothing dramatic, but Derek, being a werewolf, heals faster than humans do. He can also take more of a beating.
* HeelFaceTurn: Tori, although she was never ''evil'', per se. Just... incredibly fucked up and vindictive.
* HeroicBSOD: [[spoiler:Derek]] suffers one of these after [[spoiler:he kills Liam, despite the fact that Liam was trying to kill him--and, more importantly to Derek, Chloe]].
** [[spoiler:Tori]] also suffers one, when [[spoiler:her mother is killed]].
* HiddenDepths: Derek, obviously. Chloe, too, though not to the reader, as we're in her head -- but upon first meeting her, due to her looks, other characters have dismissed her as a [[DumbBlonde dumb blonde]] at first, notably Derek and Tori.
* HoldingHands: Simon and Chloe, [[spoiler:Chloe]] and [[spoiler:Derek]].
* HugeGuyTinyGirl: [[spoiler:Derek and Chloe.]]
* HyperAwareness: Derek. Chloe, too, to a certain degree.
* {{Hypocrite}}: Derek. It's fine for him to throw himself into harm's way and nearly get himself killed, but if Chloe or Simon do anything ''remotely risky'', you can be certain that Derek is going to [[AngerBornOfWorry give them]] [[JerkAss an earful]].
* IJustWantToBeSpecial: Rae is ''very'' excited to learn that she's a half-demon, and moreover, an Exustio, which is the highest-ranking and most powerful kind of fire half-demon, thus making her special.
* ISeeDeadPeople: Chloe, obviously.
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: Derek in regards to Chloe ''and'' his brother Simon.
* IncestIsRelative: [[spoiler:Tori and Simon, though both of them unaware that they're related. Thankfully, Simon had no interest in Tori, and Tori got over her crush after having to spend a day with Simon]].
* InterspeciesRomance: [[spoiler:Derek and Chloe]].
* InvoluntaryShapeshifting: Derek, being a werewolf, although it's implied he just hasn't learned how to control his transformations yet.
* ItsAllMyFault: Derek manages to invoke this trope like crazy, and not be self-absorbed or emo about it. Probably because he doesn't whine about it, and is only ever obvious about it [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone under completely understandable circumstances]]. It generally crops up in two situations:
** First, when something bad happens to the people around him simply because he's with them, and because they're considered just collateral damage in the assailants' quest to kill/capture Derek. Unfortunately, that kind of thing happens a lot, and he often feels that his family (and Chloe) would be safer and far better off without him.
** Second, it occasionally causes him to have a HeroicBSOD if he's hurt someone with his [[SuperStrength strength]] due to his mind basically shutting down and recognizing nothing but his UpToEleven "remove the threat" instinct when anyone he cares about is threatened. It should be noted that he's only ever harmed people who were a serious and/or potentially deadly threat, but to Derek, it doesn't make a difference.
* ItsNotYouItsMyEnemies: Derek, with his family and with Chloe. He has two moments like this: Once in the ''Dangerous'' novella, and once in ''The Reckoning'' after [[spoiler:Chloe is almost raped and murdered just because she was with him]].
* JerkAss: Tori, though she starts to get better. Derek... improves.
* JerkAssWoobie: Tori, definitely. Derek takes this UpToEleven and then SerialEscalation
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Derek.
* LastMinuteHookup: [[spoiler:Chloe and Derek]], though this is [[JustifiedTrope justified]], considering they're running for their lives, which [[spoiler:sort of puts romance on the back burner]].
* LighterAndSofter: The ''Darkest Powers'' series is the young adult spinoff to ''Literature/TheOtherworld'' series and shares its universe. It is ''slightly'' toned down for a teenage audience. The sexual elements have been removed, as have profanity, but it's still rather violent.
* LightningBruiser: Derek, of the fast-moving big bruiser variety.
* LongLostSibling: [[spoiler:Tori and Simon]].
* MadOracle: Necromancers eventually go insane due to their powers.
* MasterOfTheMixedMessage: Derek may quite possibly be the TropeCodifier, or at least capable of giving the current record holder a run for her/his money.
* MeddlingParents: Aunt Lauren, in a mild sense.
* MissingMom: Chloe's mother is dead, Rae's (biological) mother is nowhere to be found, and Simon's mom is mostly a mystery, but it's implied that she left Kit and Simon voluntarily.
** Liz's mom was... er, [[UnwantedAssistance in her life]], so to speak, but she was pretty messed up and was often put into a mental institution by the court system whenever she was arrested again for some kind of petty crime.
* MomentKiller: Exactly how many times did people walk in on [[spoiler: Chole and Derek's]] almost-kissing or just-started-kissing moments? [[spoiler: Simon]] deserves a first place ribbon for cockblocking.
* MoralDilemma: Chloe has one of these every time she decides to raises a corpse or two [[spoiler:or release a demi-demon who originated from a Hell dimension]].
* MotorMouth: Liz is a good non-obnoxious example.
* MrFanservice: Derek is ''extremely'' popular with the fans, and most of the Mary Sues created for the series seem to be paired with him.
** In-canon example: Simon. He smiles, and the world practically falls at his feet.
** Played with in ''Dangerous'', when he rants to Derek with this: “So let me get this straight: You save my ass and you’re a loser. I stick up for you because of it and I’m a hero. How does that work?”
** Though, Derek also counts as an in-universe example, due to how when he Changes from his wolf form to human, he doesn't have any clothes on. He gets Chloe with this at least once on accident.
* MurderTheHypotenuse: Tori doesn't try to ''murder'' Chloe, exactly, but Chloe could have easily been killed by [[DisproportionateRetribution what Tori]] ''[[DisproportionateRetribution did]]'' [[DisproportionateRetribution do to her]].
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Derek has a minor (off-screen) freak out in ''The Summoning'', after he accidentally throws Chloe across the room instead of what he meant to do, which was [[DoesNotKnowHisOwnStrength simply tug her back]]. In the ''Dangerous'' novella, set before the series, he goes through something like this after he paralyses a kid by throwing the kid away from Simon. Although the kid [[AssholeVictim was threatening Simon]] with a ''knife'', Derek still feels horrifically guilty and [[ItsAllMyFault blames himself]] for what happened.
** [[spoiler:Derek again,]] in ''The Reckoning'', after [[spoiler:he kills Liam by breaking his neck. Again, the fact that Liam was going to kill them doesn't stop Derek from suffering a HeroicBSOD over it]].
* NaiveNewcomer: Chloe.
* {{Necromancer}}: Chloe. She's a rare example of a protagonist necromancer who is honestly ''good''.
* NervesOfSteel: Derek, no question. Chloe, too.
%%* NobleDemon: [[spoiler:Diriel]]
* NobleWolf: Derek has a instinctive need to protect his "pack".
* NoPeriodsPeriod: Averted with Chloe who has one at the start of the story.
* NoSparks: [[spoiler:Simon and Chloe, when they kiss after their date]].
* NoSympathy: Derek is really, really good at this trope sometimes. For example:
--> "Stop sulking. It's just hair."
* OfficialCouple: Chloe and [[spoiler:Derek]].
* OffingTheOffspring:
** [[spoiler:Diane frames Tori, ''her own daughter'', for murder, knowing that it will result in Tori's death]].
** [[spoiler:Dr. Todd Banks murdered his nephew, Royce.]]
* OurGhostsAreDifferent
* OurSoulsAreDifferent
* OurWerewolvesAreDifferent
* PainfulTransformation: Derek, of the physical sort. And ''how''.
* ParentalAbandonment: Chloe, with her father. Although he loves her, she admits that he probably never really wanted kids and only had Chloe because her mother wanted a child so much; even so, she says that even if he doesn't really know what to make of her, she's "like a puppy left to him by someone he loved very much, and he struggles to do right by it even if he isn't much of a dog person."
** Simon and Derek, although their father (foster father, in Derek's case) didn't leave them voluntarily. Played straight in Derek's case; he has no idea who his parents are, but then again, he doesn't really care.
** Liz and Rae.
* ParentalSubstitute: Aunt Lauren for Chloe; Liz's nana.
* PlayingWithFire: Rae, naturally.
* PluckyGirl: Chloe, definitely. And Liz to the n[[superscript:th]] degree.
* PowerIncontinence: Chloe, who is at risk of raising the dead in her sleep, or if she summons too hard. Derek can't control his Changes (yet). Liz, when she was alive, would unknowingly [[{{Telekinesis}} make things fly, and hurl them at people who angered her]]. Tori's magic occasionally lashes out when she's upset or angry, such as when she threw a lightning bolt at Chloe.
* ProperlyParanoid
* PubertySuperpower: All of them; puberty is when supernaturals first start to come into their powers.
* RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil: Derek is perfectly okay with letting Liam and Ramon pin the blame for their own [[ImAHumanitarian so-bad-the-death-penalty-is-inevitable crimes]] on him before sending him off to the Alpha of the local werewolf pack, until Liam involves Chloe in the deal and literally says, "I like them young". And then Derek [[BerserkButton just attacks]].
** Of course, you have to take into account the fact that Derek never really seems to care what people might do to him -- or, at least, it doesn't cause him to [[NervesOfSteel lose his cool]]. It's when ''other'' people are threatened that he's in danger of [[UnstoppableRage going postal]].
* RichBitch: Refreshingly averted with Chloe who just takes some things for granted. After learning about this trait she fixes it as fast as possible. Tori is much closer to this trope.
* RichInDollarsPoorInSense: Tori.
* RomanticRunnerUp: [[spoiler:Simon, although he avoids the general cliche of this trope by being a guy that ''lots'' of girls would love to date, while Derek, who ''gets'' the girl is more YMMV]].
* SavageWolves: Liam and Ramon are wolf creatures; Liam is a monster and Ramon is [[strike:practically a saint in comparison]] ''slightly'' less of a monster.
* SheIsNotMyGirlfriend: Averted. Multiple times in ''The Awakening'' and ''The Reckoning'', people talking to Derek will refer to Chloe as "your girlfriend", and while talking to Chloe and referring to Derek, "your boyfriend". They never deny it. For one thing, it's not worth it. For another thing, the first people to taunt them about it are two werewolves intent on killing Derek and raping Chloe afterwards, so neither of them bother to correct the werewolves. The second time is in a crowded restaurant, where Chloe unwittingly chats with a ghost for half an hour while Derek is in line, until finally [[{{JerkAss}} a few guys]] at another table burst out laughing. One of them tells Derek that his girlfriend's day pass from the psych ward is expired. Chloe and Derek just leave -- mostly for Chloe's sake, to just get her out of there, but about five percent because Derek clearly wanted to [[MegatonPunch deck the guy]].
* SiblingTriangle: Simon and Derek with Chloe.
* SleepCute: [[spoiler:When Derek finally Changes into a wolf, he's exhausted, and soon falls asleep. Chloe ends up falling asleep as well while using him as a pillow]].
** A half-example occurs when [[spoiler:Chloe curls up in a chair and falls asleep. She wakes up to find Derek sitting on a couch near her, making sure that she's not left vulnerable while essentially dead to the world, and she realizes that he brought her a glass of water and covered her with a blanket while she was asleep. It's a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming, especially when Chloe finally accepts how very much she ''does'' love Derek after she realizes just how good it felt to wake up and have him there with her.]]
* SmittenTeenageGirl: Tori when it comes to Simon.
** Chloe also scolds herself for acting like this whenever [[spoiler: Derek]] calls for her in ''The Reckoning''. Particularly when he [[spoiler: was about to begin his third Change]]; she had to exercise an enormous amount of control to keep from immediately leaping up and running to him because she remembered she was supposed to be mad at him at the time. She eventually gave in, though only because he was blatantly afraid of what was happening to him and she didn’t want him to go through it alone.
* SpeechImpediment: Chloe has a stutter. She can mostly keep it under control unless she's nervous or frightened. After all of the crap she's been through, she's become [[ProperlyParanoid accustomed enough]] [[NervesOfSteel to horrible situations]] that her stutter doesn't crop up as often as it used to.
* SuperpowerfulGenetics
* SuperSenses: Derek has all of them.
* TallDarkAndSnarky: The fans view Derek as this, ''for sure''. Simon in canon too, just without the "dark" part - not only is he legitimately good-looking and of a decent height, the whole reason he was attacked by those three guys in ''Dangerous'' was because his snark owned theirs. Of course, [[spoiler: all of this ''still'' wasn't enough to score the girl in the end.]]
* TheyWouldCutYouUp: What Simon, Tori, Chloe, and Derek fear will happen to them if the Edison Group gets a hold of them again.
* TooPowerfulToLive: [[spoiler:Margaret and Russell]] see the kids as this.
* WhatDoesSheSeeInHim: What a lot of people are bound to think in regards to [[spoiler:Derek and Chloe]]. Hell, even [[spoiler: ''Chloe'']] says as much when she realizes that [[spoiler: she’s fallen for the jerk and not the nice guy.]]
* TheUnfavorite: Tori; her sister, who is [[DamselInDistress tiny]], [[TheCutie cute]], blonde, and blue-eyed) gets all the attention and love, while no matter how hard Tori tries, she can't please her mother. Tori also hates Chloe for this: Not only does Chloe ''look'' like all the things that Tori's sister is ([[DamselInDistress tiny]], [[TheCutie cute]], blonde, blue-eyed, etc.), Chloe also usurped Tori's spot as Lyle House's model patient, and caught the interest of Simon, on whom Tori had a crush.
* UnderestimatingBadassery: All of the kids are underestimated at some point or another, but ''especially'' Chloe.
* UnstoppableRage: Derek is not going to be very happy with you if you [[BerserkButton threaten or harm Chloe and/or Simon in front of him]].
* WhatMeasureIsANonHuman: Derek, sadly. As a werewolf, he's automatically considered by most supernaturals to be one screw up away from pure evil -- which is, unfortunately, a stereotype that most werewolves fulfill -- or, at the very least, a dangerous animal to be avoided with great prejudice, and killed if necessary.
* WickedStepmother: Diane Enright, holy shit.
** In ''The Reckoning'', [[spoiler: Diane kills a guard in front of several guards and Edison Group members, and immediately pins the blame on Tori. Chloe calls Diane out on this, so she hits Chloe with a non-lethal, but still painful, spell, and pins that on Tori too, claiming that she's out of control. Of course, nobody wants to dispute this, lest ''they'' get zapped by the psychotic witch as well.]]
* WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity: Chloe. Not at the moment, obviously, but most necromancers go insane later in life -- and the more powerful they are, the more likely it is to happen. And the ''faster'' it will happen. Considering Chloe is very likely the most powerful necromancer in existence...
** It's likely that the 'madness' aspect of necromancy is something that the Edison Group tried to fix, but only time will tell if they succeeded. Necromancers go mad because they're constantly plagued by spirits rather than because of any genetic quirk.
* WitchSpecies
* WitchWithACapitalB: Almost averted by Tori. When talking to her mother, she calls Chloe a "B-- witch." Which is [[{{Irony}} ironic]], considering that Tori herself is unknowingly a hereditary witch.
* AWolfInSheepsClothing: Derek is assumed to be this by almost everyone he meets, when in fact, metaphorically, the opposite is true.