A ''Literature/JamesBond'' novel from 1968, and the first one by someone other than Creator/IanFleming. It was written by Kingsley Amis, under the [[PenName pseudonym]] Robert Markham.

When M is kidnapped from his own house, James Bond is tasked to retrieve him. This takes him to UsefulNotes/{{Greece}}, where he is joined with the local beautiful GRU agent Ariadne Alexandrou. Eventually, he comes face to face with the master torturer of China's Liberation Army, Colonel Sun-Tang Liang, who has plans, ''painful'' plans, for both him and M.

The book is unfortunately out-of-print, at least physically, however recently an E-Book Edition was published and an audio-book adaptation has been solicited.

!!This novel has the examples of:

* AlliterativeName: Ariadne Alexandrou.
* AntagonistTitle
* ComicBookAdaptation: As with other ''Bond'' books, ''Colonel Sun'' was made into a comic strip. One notable difference is that it made Sun a member of SPECTRE.
* ContinuityNod:
** Bond's past adventures involving [[Literature/TheManWithTheGoldenGun Scaramanga]] and [[Literature/YouOnlyLiveTwice a trip to Japan]] are briefly mentioned.
** As Sun lectures about genital torture, he notes that Bond is quite familiar with it. This could be a reference to ''Literature/CasinoRoyale''.
* DespairEventHorizon: Sun is going to torture Bond up to point of ultimate despair, then kill him.
* DirtyCommunists: Colonel Sun himself is a part of the [[RedChina Chinese]] branch of this trope. An interesting subversion occurs in the fact that Bond allies with the {{GRU}} agent Ariadne to stop him.
** The head of the Greek KGB branch is a pedophile.
* EarAche: First part of Bond's torture has Sun rummaging through his ear canal with a metal spike.
* {{Expy}}: Colonel Sun, like Doctor No, is one for Fu Manchu.
* EvilPlan: Sun, as per orders from China, plans to disrupt a secret meeting hosted by Soviet Union by killing everyone in it, and framing the British for the deed.
* FauxAffablyEvil: Sun keeps up his polite demeanor even as he tortures someone horribly.
* FirstNameBasis: Sun prefers to call his subjects by their first names.
* GroinAttack: Defied. As Sun is about to to start torturing Bond, he notes that genital mutilation is effective, but too ordinary of a choice, and goes for a spike in the ear instead.
* InsaneTrollLogic: The KGB doesn't remove the head of the Greek branch despite the fact he's a pedophile because such a horrifying secret means he can't be blackmailed on the basis of his superiors already knowing something so incredibly awful. Yeah.
* InterserviceRivalry: One of the many reasons that Alexandra isn't believed when shes tries to warn about the imminent attack on the Soviet meeting is that she's reporting to a KGB representative, who doesn't take her seriously as she's a {{GRU}} agent.
* LeaveHimToMe: Litsas agrees to help Bond in his mission, but only if he gets to kill von Richter for his war crimes.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Colonel Sun and von Richter (TheVonTropeFamily and the German word for "judge").
* NotQuiteDead: Despite being fatally stabbed by Bond, Sun has enough life in him to kill those who betrayed him, and to have last attempt at Bond's life.
* RedRightHand: A powerful gun was discharged near von Richter's right ear during the war, which has left it and the area around it scarred.
* ScaryShinyGlasses: Used on the second cover of the book, seen above.
* SmugSnake: Colonel Sun turns out to be not nearly the ice-cold badass he pretends to be--see VillainousBreakdown.
** The head of the Greek KGB branch thinks he'll be able to trick James Bond into a trap which will kill him--ignoring that he's a minor functionary and he's James Bond.
* ThoseWackyNazis: von Richter is a former Nazi who took a part in the Greek side of the UsefulNotes/WorldWarII.
* TortureTechnician: Col. Sun was specially trained to be a torturer, a job he enjoys as he believes that "through cruelty one rises to heights of superhuman awareness".
* UncannyValley: In-universe, Sun's way of speaking English is described to be this, as he doesn't have a natural connection to the language which leads him to use various English dialects randomly.
* VillainousBreakdown: Colonel Sun has an unconventional one when Bond escapes. He says that he expected torturing Bond to make him feel like a god but it actually just made him feel sick and horrified at him. James Bond, antihero that he is, isn't inclined to show any mercy to the Colonel.
* WriterOnBoard: Kingsley Amis was significantly softer on Soviet communism than Ian Fleming, to say the least. Becomes HilariousInHindsight because he predicted a thawing of Soviet and Western relations as well as an escalation of Chinese-Western tensions. Cue Nixon's visit to China...
* YellowPeril: Colonel Sun is a fairly typical figure of the Inscrutable Oriental villain type.