The ''Cam Jansen'' series is a long-running series of children's mysteries, written by David A. Adler, starting in 1980.

Cam Jansen is a girl with a perfect photographic memory, which she uses to solve crimes, with the help of her friend Eric Shelton.

The books are aimed at kids around the ages of 7-9, despite Cam and Eric being in fifth grade.

There are over thirty books in the main series. There is also a ''Young Cam Jansen'' series which adds about 15 more.
!These books contains examples of:

* KidDetective: Cam and Eric both try to solve crimes wherever they go.
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Eric and most everyone else calls her Cam (short for "Camera"), except for her parents (who call her by her real name, Jennifer).
* PhotographicMemory: Cam's ability, which helps her solve the crimes.