''Brown Girl in the Ring'' is a 1999 novel by Creator/NaloHopkinson. Ti-Jeanne, a [[TeenPregnancy young mother]] lives in what remains of Central Toronto after it was abandoned by the wealthy and powerful. Speaking of the wealthy and powerful, the premier of Canada needs a human heart to replace her own. She calls on Rudy, who is a powerful gangster who controls the flow of [[FantasticDrug Buff]] to procure it for her. He deputizes Tony, Ti-Jeanne's baby father, to do the killing for the organ. Frightened, Tony calls on Ti-Jeanne and her grandmother Gros-Jeanne for help. And so Ti-Jeanne's journey begins.
!! This work contains examples of:
* ChekhovsGunman - Crazy Betty [[spoiler:who is revealed to be Ti-Jeanne's mother]]
* DomesticAbuser - Rudy is depicted to have hit his wife [[spoiler:Gros-Jeanne]]
* FamilyThemeNaming: Gros-Jeanne, Mi-Jeanne and Ti-Jeanne - Big, Medium and Small Jeanne - Grandmother, mother and child.
* FlayingAlive: Rudy does this to his zombified housekeeper Mabel while a paralyzed Tony is ForcedToWatch.
* ForcedToWatch: A paralyzed Tony is forced to watch while Rudy {{flay|ingAlive}}s Mabel alive.
* {{Hologram}}: Presumably, it's what a "deeplight projector" makes, as it creates the visuals and noise of angry kids made to scare people away from the actual kids who live in the subway.
* LandmarkingTheHiddenBase: Toronto crime lord and [[HollywoodVoodoo obeah man]] Rudy has his offices in the main pod of the CN Tower.
* LukeIAmYourFather: Rudy is [[spoiler:Ti-Jeanne's grandfather]].
* MissingMom: Ti-Jeanne's mother left her in the care of Gros-Jeanne. [[spoiler:She's actually Crazy Betty.]]
* NoNameGiven: Ti-Jeanne's child is named only 'Baby'.
* OurZombiesAreDifferent: Type V Voodoo zombies.
* TheParalyzer: Synapse Cordons and their portable version, the Dazer. Synapse Cordons uses "baseball-sized lump[s] of what looked like modelling clay" to create "stake[s] sprouting a good eight feet high" that define the cordon's borders, and kicking the cordon creates a "synapse surge of current", a.k.a a "daze charge" inside the field, that "short-circuit[s] [the] neuromuscular system".
* RaisedByGrandparents: Ti-Jeanne has a DisappearedDad and MissingMom and so is raised by her grandmother.
* TeenPregnancy: Ti-Jeanne is a teenager, pregnant with Tony's baby.
* VoodooZombie: Rudy, the gang lord, controls several zombies, [[spoiler:one of which is his own daughter, Mi-Jeanne]], using a process taught to him by a Ioa.