''Brown Girl in the Ring'' is a 1999 novel by Nalo Hopkinson. Ti-Jeanne , a [[TeenPregnancy young mother]] lives in what remains of Central Toronto after it was abandoned by the wealthy and powerful. Speaking of the wealhy and powerful, the premier of Canada needs a human heart to replace her own. She calls on Rudy, who is a powerful gangster who controls the flow of [[FantasticDrug Buff]] to procure it for her. He deputizes Tony, Ti-Jeanne's baby father, to do the killing for the organ. Frightened, Tony calls on Ti-Jeanne and her grandmother Gros-Jeanne for help. And so Ti-Jeanne's journey begins.
!! This work contains examples of:
* ChekhovsGunman - Crazy Betty [[spoiler: who is revealed to be Ti-Jeanne's mother]]
* DomesticAbuser - Rudy is depicted to have hit his wife [[spoiler: Gros-Jeanne]]
* FamilyThemeNaming - Gros-Jeanne, Mi-Jeanne and Ti-Jeanne - Big, Medium and Small Jeanne - Grandmother, mother and child.
* FlayingAlive: Rudy does this to his zombified housekeeper Mabel while a paralyzed Tony is ForcedToWatch
* LukeIAmYourFather [[spoiler: Rudy is Ti-Jeanne's grandfather]]
* NoNameGiven - Ti-Jeanne's child is named only 'Baby'
* OurZombiesAreDifferent - Type V Voodoo zombies.
* RaisedByGrandparents - Ti-Jeanne has a DisappearedDad and MissingMom and so is raised by her grandmother.
* {{Voudoun}} - Ti-Jeanne's grandmother is a practitioner. [[spoiler: Ti-Jeanne's spiritual father is Papa Legeba, and Ti-Jeanne is 'ridden' by several spirits. Baby as well]]