[[caption-width-right:294:The Eden imagery is your guess as much as mine.]]
In TheSeventies, Creator/TanithLee wrote two short novels entitled ''Don't Bite The Sun'' and its {{sequel}} ''Drinking Sapphire Wine.'' These novels were later collected into a single volume as ''Biting the Sun''.

The dome cities of Four BEE, Four BAA and Four BOO exist on a planet that is mostly desert. Within the cities, men and women can live forever in near-total hedonism, in the midst of luxurious surroundings with lots of bizarre, beautiful amusements. "Jang", the younger immortals, are expected to be wild, crazy, impulsive teenager/college student types, eventually graduating to become "Older People". Every morning sparkles with radiant sunshine and ends with a gorgeous sunset. Bodies are amazingly glamorous or cutely outre. Robots and androids do all the work.

The protagonist is bored senseless.

The story follows her ([[GenderBender sometimes him]]) as she tries to find something to give her life a bit more meaning. Eventually, of course, this gets her on the wrong side of the city's android authorities...
'''Tropes present in this book include:'''

* [[spoiler:BabiesEverAfter]]
* BodyBackupDrive: Everyone in the cities is promptly picked up and has their "life-spark" transferred into a new body of their choosing upon death. Some characters actually take advantage of this to get around the normal time limit for body changes.
* KindHeartedCatLover verging on CrazyCatLady: Thinta. She's a bit of a CloudCuckooLander as well. (Her name is an anagram of the author's; we're expected to draw our own conclusions.)
* CrystalSpiresAndTogas: Lots and lots and lots of crystal spires. Togas are never explicitly mentioned, but in this society anything is possible.
* DeathIsCheap: Due to the "life-spark" being rescued and placed in a new body upon death, death is ''never'' permanent. Even when someone decides they're done with life for real, their personality is simply wiped and placed in a new body.
* DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife
* DesignerBabies
* DomedHometown: The three Fours Cities.
** There are actually four of these cities. Lee had planned to write a third book about Four BII, the city she never described, but her publisher didn't want it.
--> I had wished... to write a third book in which I would try to set out an alternative life-style, adventurous and stretching to mind and heart, but still, and importantly, free of the retributions of unprotected life. I did and do think a world would be feasible which gives pleasure and safety alongside excitement and development.
* DrivenToSuicide: [[spoiler:Danor,]] though see above.
* EveryoneIsBi ''and/or'' NoBisexuals: All the relationships we see until the end of part 2 are opposite-sex, but not necessarily opposite-gender (e.g. the protagonist and Danor.) The one same-sex couple we do see is implied to be more of an IfItsYouItsOkay situation (one of the participants is male-identifying but stuck in a female body.) Basically, all the sex changes make it a little complicated.
** The author does not handle homosexuality well in this series. She specifies that people's life-sparks or essences are predominantly male or female. Some of these life-sparks should be gay and Lesbian, and she never mentions this. This was corrected and explored in a spectacular FanFic, ''[[http://archiveofourown.org/works/335663/chapters/542673 A Real Sky]]'', begun in 2004, which the author tori_siikanen (ceeainthereforthat) has slowly added to over the years and promises ''will'' be finished.
* FreeLoveFuture: And ''how!''
** ...although it is considered highly scandalous for Jang to have sex out of marriage; a typical chat-up line is 'Do you want to get married for a couple of hours?'.
* FutureSlang: A scattering of words, mainly swears.
* NoNameGiven: The protagonist.
* SuicideIsPainless: "Suiciding" is commonplace among Jang who want a new body outside of the usual time limit between changes. It's not exactly painless so much as ''consequence''-less -- the protagonist shares a fatal plane crash with a friend, and later grumbles "Why do you have to do it that way -- it ''hurts''". The friend replies "Pain is a reality."
* SufficientlyAdvancedTechnology
* TheLoinsSleepTonight: Danor, [[spoiler:at least when he/she tries to play along with the social norms.]]
* TitleDrop
* UterineReplicator: Attempting to have a kid with yourself this way is not recommended.
* WingedHumanoid: One of many options for the bodies people design themselves, appearing a couple times.