->''"Can I not look anymore awesome?"''
-->-- '''Azure Martinez'''

''Arcana Magi Memorial'' is a series of five chapter WebOriginal stories by H-M Brown and is part of the ''Genbu Universe'' in ''Literature/ArcanaMagiUniverse''.

Azure Martinez drew a magic circle that caused her {{Mana}} to become unstable resulting in [[TheFourGods four mysterious creatures]] to suppress her powers with shackles. Since then she attended [[AcademyOfAdventure Memorial Academy]] so she could learn to control her powers. With her friend Sora Narutaki, they found the school enveloped in darkness and shadow creatures roaming the school grounds absorbing everyone's Mana. After Azure got injured when they tried to escape, they begin a fight for survival as they try to find help.

''Arcana Magi Memorial'' is available via [[http://www.fictionaut.com/groups/arcana-magi-universe this link]].

"'''Here there be spoilers!'''"

!!''Arcana Magi Memorial'' provides examples of:

* AcademyOfAdventure -- Memorial Academy
* BodyHorror -- This happens to Azure after she tried to escape.
* MagicalGirl
* {{Magitek}} -- Sora's Golems
* {{Mana}}