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Science-fiction adventure by Creator/AndreNorton. Andas Kastor regains self-awareness on a barren prison planet where he has been incarcerated by unknown entities for unknown reasons. A power failure frees him and several companions. When they compare notes, they discover that they were all involved in critical time-sensitive situations - in different years. They also discover that the prison planet includes highly advanced technology which appears to be for creating [[RidiculouslyHumanRobots android duplicates of beings of various races]], and speculate that they may have been kidnapped in order to be duplicated and replaced. [[spoiler: The real explanation may be far more sinister, see WildMassGuessing.]]

The ill-assorted comrades find a ship with navigation tapes for various planets, including Andas' home world of Inyanga. After a series of planet-hopping adventures, including some double-crosses and a few losses, Andas and his companions make it, only to find that the current ruler is... Andas Kastor, decades older and with three daughters. And then things really start to get wild....

!!Tropes associated with ''Android at Arms'':

* AfterTheEnd: [[spoiler: the Inyanga on the far side of the CoolGate]]
%%* AmbiguousCloneEnding
* [[ApparentlyHumanMerfolk Apparently Humanoid Merfolk]]: Elys appears to be this, but turns out in the end to be FishPeople. [[spoiler: And a double-crossing Decoy Damsel besides.]]
%%* ArtifactOfDoom
* AuthorAppeal: Yolyos, a Salariki [[CatFolk cat-alien]].
%%* BadassNative (Andas)
* BathingBeauty (Elys, but with clothes on, the spoilsport)
%%* BecomingTheMask
* BloodBrothers (Yolyos suggests this to Andas, who accepts)
%%* CasualInterstellarTravel
%%* CoolGate
%%* CoolKey
* DarkestHour: several in relatively quick succession.
%%* DueToTheDead
%%* [[EldritchAbomination Eldritch Abominations]]: (the night crawlers)
%%* FatBastard: [[spoiler: Hison Grasty]]
%%* FeudalFuture (Inyanga)
* FireForgedFriends: Andas and Yolyos, not even of the same species, become fast friends and finally BloodBrothers as a direct result of their harrowing adventures.
%%* IGaveMyWord
%%* LostSuperweapon
%%* NoOneCouldSurviveThat
%%* NoOneGetsLeftBehind
%%* OmnicidalManiac: [[spoiler: Kidaya]]
* [[RidiculouslyHumanRobots Ridiculously Humanoid/Alien Androids]]
%%* RipVanWinkle
%%* StrangerInAFamiliarLand
%%* TheMole [[spoiler: Turpyn]]
%%* ThievesGuild ([[RecycledInSpace IN SPACE!]])
* [[TomatoInTheMirror Tomatoes in the Mirror]] [[spoiler: Or are they human after all?]]
* VainSorceress: Kidaya, when [[HiddenVillain she finally shows up]]
* AWorldHalfFull: [[spoiler: the Inyanga on the far side of the CoolGate]]
%%* YouCantGoHomeAgain